Stigall Show Log 4.1.11

5:41 The Philles say they will accept a statue of Harry Kalas.

harry kalas Stigall Show Log 4.1.11

5:54 John McCain charged the President with walking away from the mission in Libya.

6:11 Harry Reid attacked the Tea Party and called them radical.

6:41 NBC 10 sent out an email and text message yesterday announcing the Yankees won the 2011 World Series.

yankees win world series Stigall Show Log 4.1.11

7:11 On Finance Friday, Chris talks to Steve Cordasco about the possibility of serious inflation.

7:41 Chris talks to Milton Street live in studio about his campaign for mayor.

milton street Stigall Show Log 4.1.11

8:11 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Beasley Reece about Phillies Opening Day.

8:41 Chris ends the week with Iowa Representative Steve King discussing the battle over the budget.

rep steve king Stigall Show Log 4.1.11

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  • Irene Lennon

    Hi Chris, you just get better and better each day. I can’t wait to hear you every morning. I started listening to 1210 in the a.m. again because of you.
    Please stay in Philadelphia

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