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Pennsylvania Air Test Shows Slight Radiation Elevation

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Tests of air in Pennsylvania show an elevated level of radiation, but a state spokeswoman says it is far below levels of concern and is not considered a threat to public health or safety.

Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman Katy Gresh said the air sampling was collected in Harrisburg over the eight days that ended Monday. The radiation is apparently from the damaged nuclear plant in Japan.

Gresh could not immediately provide the amount of radioactivity detected in the air. Officials are also awaiting lab results from the latest tests of rain water.

Pennsylvania government officials learned last week that tests of rain water registered elevated concentrations of radiation, but not at levels of concern. Gov. Tom Corbett says follow-up testing showed normal levels of radioactivity in public drinking water.

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  1. Jenna says:

    I actually live in Japan. Right now I am in PA visiting family. Three Mile Island is closer to the Harrisburg area then Japan. I live 205 miles from the plants in Japan and our air is tested every hour. We have very little radiation in our air and water. We were issued iodine tablets, but we don’t have to take them yet. This is just another artical that will scare people and cause panic in the U.S. The real problem is Japan, not the U.S..

    1. vlad says:

      I am from Ukraine, i would say Chernobyl survivor and what you say about radiation in PA does not make any sense because problem in Japan is not contained yet, plus there is no such thing as safe radiation level. We all different and law level of radiation can be huge health problem for me but not for you.

  2. bottomline says:

    If there is no danger why was this article published in the first place?
    I don’t think most people even considered a local radiation problem until articles like this contaminated the mass media outlets.

    Not to worry, but Jim is right, radiation stays in the body for years. It could take as much as 35 years before radiation caused illness surfaces.
    Lung cancer was almost non-existent until years after the first A-bombs were dropped in 1945.

  3. Allepisodes says: for the TRUTH

  4. Otto says:

    worry more about the Radon that is probably in your house, basement, and workplace, and don’t worry about the trace amount of radiation in the air. You get much more radioactive contamination from a Banana!

  5. jim says:

    you’re a liar, these are isotopes, alpha and beta emitters, they stay in the body and cause havock years from now! the liver,splean and bones. it just sits there doing its dirty work. if they were not concerned why are they getting the iodine tabs ready to distribute.

    1. Naima says:

      Thank You Jim! Important info! I have kids and this is important to know! GOD help us in JESUS name!

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