Part 2: Organized Opposition To Unions

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pennsylvania has long been considered a strong labor state. Even though manufacturing has declined here, the state’s history as an industrial center has left a tradition of union membership.

But a national anti-union movement is trying to change that, and especially to reduce the influence of public employees unions.

Adversarial relationships are part of doing business for unions: they fight to get into a workplace, then sit across from employers in negotiations. But even unions have been flummoxed by this new kind of opposition.

“Really what we would like to see is to take the unions out at the knees, so they don’t have the resources to fight these battles,” says an official of Americans For Prosperity, a nonprofit group that receives millions of dollars from corporate funders and is considered the driving force of the Wisconsin effort to decertify state worker unions.

AFP recently opened a Pennsylvania chapter.  Spokeswoman Jennifer Stefano (holding bullhorn in top photo) says the big issue for AFP in Pennsylvania is the “closed shop” law that requires employees in a unionized workplace to join the union that negotiates for them.

Now, she says, her group is guiding legislators on how to undo some of the current pro-union legislation.

“We’re going through the bills and pieces of legislation, and we’re taking a look at them and seeing if we can help advance them,” says Stefano.

But even if they can’t get rid of the closed-shop law right away, she says, they’ll start by attacking smaller targets.

“So, for instance, the state collects dues for unions,” she says.  “We should not spend money to collect dues for private organizations.”

eiding Part 2:  Organized Opposition To Unions

Philadelphia AFL-CIO president Pat Eiding. Photo provided)

Stefano says the group is driven by the ideology of individual rights, but Philadelphia AFL-CIO president Pat Eiding (right) has a different theory — that right-wing groups are irked by the political clout of unions.

“We have a labor program that puts thousands and thousands of people on the street and we get out the vote.  And more than just knocking on the door, we get the issues heard,” Eiding points out.

Eiding says unions are the only organizations in America big enough to elevate the issues that help working people, and the large corporations that fund groups like Americans For Prosperity are trying to eliminate the competition.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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One Comment

  1. Bob19006 says:

    You pro-union people are missing the main argument, nobody is saying unions should be banned. They are saying union membership should always be voluntary. I believe that Sam Gompers, one of the AFL-CIO founders also stated that voluntary membership was required for unions to be legitimate. Unions have done a 180 flip flop on this issue, they are now in bed with politicians who are willing to sell out all of a workers individual rights for group rights as long as 20 to 60 % of union dues comes back (directly or indirectly) to those politicians.

  2. truthprevails says:

    Without unions all corporations and government entities would have you working for minnimum wage, before they try to lower that also. Wake up people and realize we are becoming a third world country and soon the only ones left with any resources will be the FORBES 400 richest people. Sorry folks if you think all state workers are rich, but some working mothers qualify for government benefits.

    1. wakeupamerica says:

      I agree! My father was a union member for years. He worked for US Steel and I grew up in a middle class household definitely not rich people!!! I have been in the union for over 11 years. In the last 10years union busting has been taking place and look at the economy. This is the only way that we have a chance as a country to continue to be a strong country. Taking away bargaining rights will make this country no different than any other third world country. With all the out sourcing, America needs to reinvent it self and trust me, it will need the help of the unions.

  3. SCOTT says:


  4. Teri says:

    I agree with Ted and Vincent. I am from a union family. I am middle class. The only reason I continue to be middle class is because of the unions. Without them my family would be on welfare and costing the state of Pa alot of money.

  5. Ted Coppola says:

    Sure lets go back to where we were 75 yrs ago. Or better yet why not see if we can find our own Hitler.

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