Plymouth Meeting Mother Testifies At FDA Hearing On Food Dye

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Over the next two days an FDA advisory committee will take a look at new studies which seem to indicate a link between food colorings and worsened symptoms in some children who have behavior disorders such as ADHD.

KYW Newsradio spoke to a local Mom who removed these dyes from her son’s diet with dramatic results.

Listen to the podcast…

Amy Yuter’s son was diagnosed while in kindergarden. He was put on medication, which helped him focus in school, but would keep him up at night, so they were working on the dose when he ate jelly beans.

“And before my eyes his symptoms increased so dramatically that it caused me to realize that there was something (wrong) with what he was eating. And that’s when I went to the internet and over the weekend I put him on the Feingold Diet — free of dyes. By Monday he was off his medication and back at school and his teachers said it was amazing to see that he wasn’t on his medication, he was able to focus.”

Stephanie Stahl reports…

Yuter will be in Washington tomorrow and she is taking her children with her.  She’s going to discuss the food label changes made in Europe, particularly the UK, because all foods there that have the dyes must have a label stating this may cause hyperactivity in children.

Because of this, Yuter said, “Many US companies that distribute foods in Europe have actually, instead of changing the label, have changed their food. So I just recently went to the UK and brought my son home bags of Starburst that are color free and my kids will eat them when they come with me to testify in Washington tomorrow at the hearing.”

Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Jane Hersey says:

    For the first few years of my daughter’s life I was sure it was my parenting that was at fault. But it didn’t make sense that a child who was wanted and loved, and was born into a stable family would have so many problems. Then I saw that my daughter was reacting to petro-chemicals like food dyes. If she was fine in the morning, and then I gave her a fruitless “fruit” drink with synthetic dyes, she would flip out. My parenting was the same in the morning as it was in the afternoon; what changed was my daughter’s behavior when she ate dyes. Sugar was a non-issue.

  2. Peter says:

    Blah Blah Blah … junk science. It’s never the parent’s fault … it’s the food coloring

  3. Pam Cubbage says:

    I am the mother of a 15 year old boy who’s life has been transformed by dietary changes, removing all petroleum based food additives from his diet. This includes not only Red #40, Yellow 5 & 6, but also the preservatives TBHQ and BHT(found in most candies and many other foods) and also BHA. It is not the sugar in candy which is a problem it is the preservatives. All these food additives have one thing in common they are derived from petroleum. In the past few months we discovered that vanillin which has for years been made from a plant base can now be made from petroleum. Any of these substances cause a central nervous system reaction in my son which predictably lasts for 3 days. The symptoms he experiences are changes in his ability to concentrate with difficulty reading, processing information or expressing himself verbally or in writing. He has changes in mood, depression, anger and sometimes self-control becomes an issue. He also can experience problems with his coordination and has sensitivity to pain and sound. These food additives also cause sleep disturbance. I am concerned that if the FDA does a study and only looks at the effects of food dyes the study will be flawed. They need to look at all food additives that are petroleum based. If you just remove the dyes it doesn’t take care of the problem. No wonder researchers say that it may only lessen the symptoms and no wonder they still suspect the sugar in candy. They are missing other petroleum based food additives! If they are going to do research they need to look at the whole picture. How can I give my input?

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