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Pennsylvania Teacher Charged, Resigns After Student Kiss

CRESSON, Pa. (AP) — A central Pennsylvania teacher has resigned and been charged with corruption of minors after a student told police he saw a 16-year-old female student kissing the teacher.

Thirty-one-year-old Carl Newfield, of Cresson, did not immediately return a call for comment Wednesday and online criminal records don’t list an attorney for him.

Cresson police charged Newfield after a 14-year-old boy reported seeing the girl sitting with her legs draped on Newfield in a dressing room following a musical rehearsal at Penn Cambria High School on March 16. Police say the girl told them she kissed Newfield—who she called her “best friend”—but that he didn’t return the kiss. Police say the girl didn’t want Newfield to get in trouble or lose his job.

Newfield was the musical director at the school, where officials say he has resigned.

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  1. ANGRY and FRUSTRATED teacher says:

    As a teacher who hasn’t been able to secure a public school job in 8 years, it angers me that so many teachers have the job and I want, and completely abuse their position. I have all my clearances. I NEVER touched a student. I have outstanding test scores. I have letters of recommendation that would make your eyes teary. I work hard. I have been a substitute all over Montgomery and Bucks counties and I can not get a full time, contracted teaching position in the public school system. I just spent 42k on a master’s degree in education. Here I am with three certs and a grad school GPA of 3.98 and can not get a job. I don’t even get a call back or an interview. When I do get a call, it’s to tell me the position has been filled.
    Please, if the only reason you want to be a teacher is to creep on students and ruin their life, do the real teachers and all the innocent students you will permanently scar a favor, leave the profession! PLEASE! Any suggestions on how I can actually get a job in the public school system? I’m willing to drive anywhere within 30 miles. Anyone ever check the PDE and see how many teachers have lost there certs because they are complete morons and abused students? OVER 500!!! Makes me sick! Please, I just want the chance to prove myself that I am worthy of teaching in a public school. I am a great teacher but no one will even give me a chance. Instead perverts get hired that harm students instead of someone who actually WANTS to teach.

    1. Marcella says:

      What are you certified to teach?

  2. dropkick says:

    Teachers today, especially secondary school teachers, need to be videotaped, for their OWN protection!

  3. john graham says:

    our guidelines from our various teacher associations are always quite clear: NEVER touch a student. By inference, if the student is touching you or trying to, give him/her a smile and say: Freddie, Sarah, you know I think the world of you, but teachers just cannot touch students. The female elem teachers do it all the time and there is never a problem, but the guy teachers? Is it worth your job?

    1. Bill O says:

      What if the kid’s name isn’t Freddie or Sarah?

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