PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Is the high price at the gas pump giving you sticker shock? Despite economic concerns, SUV sales are thriving. So what’s a penny-wise driver to do? 3-On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has some advice on how to find models with the best mileage.

The Energy Information Administration predicts that over the next year, gas prices will increase by 50 cents. While rising prices are putting the squeeze on SUV drivers, it’s not putting the brakes on their driving habits.

So what can SUV drivers expect down the road?

Brian Cooley of CNET says manufacturers are “Putting more efficient, less macho engines that have technology that wrings out more power out of a smaller engine than we did years ago.”

Current SUV’s offering good mpg include the Ford Escape Hybrid, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Toyota Highlander Hybrid and Hyundai Tucson.

Buyers concerned with gas prices should look at several things:

According to Cooley, “There’s no getting around the fact that a small SUV is pushing less of a brick through the air, as a result it’s going to use less gas to do that.”

Also, consider crossover models, SUV’s built on car platforms, not heavier trucks.

In addition, Cooley says, “You also have to look at the new vehicles coming from the Korean car makers because they are trying to one-up the Japanese and American companies that have traditionally owned this realm.”

Finally, you may also want to opt for two wheel drive over four wheel drive. All wheel drive vehicles tend to get fewer miles per gallon.

Reported By Jim Donovan, CBS 3

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