Stigall Show Log 3.28.11

Chris_Stigall Chris Stigall
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5:42 Kansas, President Obama’s pick to win the National Championship, lost to VCU yesterday.

5:43 When Chris came into work this morning, his building was on fire.

6:11 Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates made the tour of the Sunday shows together.

gates and clinton Stigall Show Log 3.28.11

6:42 Parents at one Philadelphia school are keeping guard over what the students eat and buy.

7:10 Chris talks to Jeff Roe about communicating the message in regards to Libya.

7:41 Chris talks to CBS News Military Consultant Mike Lyons about the President’s leadership of the mission against Libya.

8:10 Chris gets ready for baseball season to start on Friday by chatting to Charlie Manuel.

charlie manuel1 Stigall Show Log 3.28.11


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