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Police Round Up Philadelphia Traffic Court Scofflaws

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Philadelphia police department’s warrant unit conducted an overnight sweep throughout the city for offenders who owe the city thousands of dollars in traffic fines.

Warrant officers went door to door throughout the city rounding up suspects as part of a scofflaw sweep.

The offenders had skipped out on numerous hearings and had been no shows.

“These aren’t people who have just missed yesterday. These are people who have just blatantly decided that they’re not going to follow through with the tickets that they received while operating the vehicles that they were driving,” Lt. Sam Turner of the warrant unit explained.

Officers said 32 suspects were taken into custody and are being held at the Traffic Court headquarters in Spring Garden pending hearings.

Lt. Turner said there are more raids planned following Monday’s sweep.

Reported By Nicole Brewer, CBS 3; Al Novack, KYW Newsradio; Steve Beck,


One Comment

  1. William N> Leiber says:

    If they still had constables in Philadelphia, they could do the work and save the city the money. I as a working constables in Allegheny County, see the advantage of having constables. Philadelphia County is so far behind because they use private process servers.

  2. John says:

    Liberal ? Really Al ? Get your terminology right and try again.

  3. Jeff says:

    Phila does waste resources, I have reported many drug dealers on my block and nothing happens to them. The Gov. needs to get their ducks in a row and spend their time going after real criminals

  4. NS says:

    About time they locked up these criminals and forced them to pay their fines.

  5. fran wright says:

    listen to all you cry babies, they broke the law by not showing up forthere hearings, they should be account able for there actions, plain and simple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!francis wrigh

    1. terry says:

      Fran, English 101 is available at C.C.P/ for roughly $400, please take the course. No one is whining or crying. The point being made is that the city will continue to ignore quality of life crimes because there is no money to be made, The C.J.C. turns criminals back out on the street at a startling rate. I don’t care about people who owe traffic fines. Seriously I watch city employees commit more traffic violations behind the wheel than most people.

      And if you want to discuss accountablity, ask the police comissioner why the same drug houses remain in operation, why the same prostitutes walk the streets and ask the Mayor why our tax dollars are flooded to welfare and the arts, I have nothing against the arts but when there are rolling black outs at the fire stations I cannot help but question the decisions.

  6. John says:

    Why have traffic laws if we aren’t going to enforce it Terry ?

    1. Albert More Disgusted Now says:

      Gee John, what a insightful comment “why have traffic laws if we aren’t going to enforce it….?” Your logic is sooo typical of the Philly liberal dolts running around. Maybe next we should send out a task force to round up anyone who skipped jury duty, that’s illegal. Ooooh how about litter bugs or jay walkers? Those are illegal too. Well if someone jay-walks he might be a rapist right John.

      You are the exact reason Philly wastes money, time and resources, because democratic lovers like you keep electing dopey politicians who catch parking ticket criminals. Sleep well John, you’re a real hero!!

  7. John says:

    Albert, did you ever consider the same people who simply disregard traffic tickets are the same who are out committing other crimes? If you show the ability to blow off the laws of the land, albeit the little ones, I don’t want you roaming the street waiting for a crime of opportunity to present itself. Maybe the warrant unit just saved your car from being stolen. Good job guys.

    1. Terry says:

      John, please tell me you are not serious?

  8. Albert Disgusted says:

    Excellent! Great use of taxpayer money. I’m so proud of Mayor Nutter and the brilliant police work to get these dangerous parking criminals off the street. Meanwhile…..back in town, drug trafficking, grand theft, bank robberies, mugging, larceny and murder go on as normal. Thank you leadership of Philadelphia, thank you democratic liberals, thank you voters, you’ve done a brilliant job for us all….

    1. political Schnitzel says:

      You cant use the police force or the warrant unit to capture real criminals, that cost money….. parking tickets generate money, the only way you will see the city crack down on drug dealers, rapist, and car theives, is if they attatch heavy fines to the crimes, then dont let them out untill they pay off the fine…weather they work it off, or someone pays it for them….

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