PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Prom season is upon us, so what are you wearing?

“Last year, most girls wore tutus and now this year I think it’s gonna be off the shoulder.”

“I’m going long, because I feel that’s the tradition for senior prom, you go long.”

Sometimes it’s not just the dress ladies are hunting for.

“I find it’s more of a dilemma on what bra and underwear you’re going to wear than what dress you’re going to wear.”

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What’s more important, the dress or the date?

“The dress because it’s you! You can’t let your date out-dress you.”

So how do you prevent that from happening”

“I usually pick my date’s whole outfit. What you’re wearing, you’re gonna match me, this is what you’re gonna wear and if you don’t than go to someone else.”

How do the guys feel about being told what to wear?

“The less work I have to do the better so whatever she wants, I’ll just do.”

(Kuznits:) “Are you guys excited about getting all dressed up?”

“No I’m not.  I do not like getting all  dressed up at all.”

But if they don’t get dressed up, “she probably wouldn’t let me go so I’ll probably wear a tux.”

Reported by Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio

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