Philadelphia Making Up For Lost Time With Property Tax Assessments

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The opening day of City Council’s review of Mayor Michael Nutter’s new budget included questions about where Philadelphia is headed with property assessments. The answer: upward.

The nearly 10 percent property tax hike approved last year expires next year, so at the hearing, Councilman Bill Green questioned the mayor’s finance director, Rob Dubow, about what happens then.

Dubow said by that point, the city will have completed a full reassessment of all properties, and that will likely reflect higher values.

“We’re saying if you go to actual value and you get good assessments that we will actually capture the last decade of changes in values, and that will result in a 20-percent increase.”

“20 percent?” Green asked.

“Yea,” Dubow replied. “I know that the market’s come down, but we really missed the run up in the market, too. So we’re projecting that the net impact of the years we’ve missed is a substantial increase in values.”

And that 20 percent increase in values could make it break even for the city when last year’s tax hike gets rolled back, as planned.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. kate says:

    come join us
    you have a single home — 1200 is probably a row house in mayfair
    your trash is pickedup on schedule and your streets are not dirty (perhaps from your own labor)
    i lived in jersey paid 6200 and didn’t care due to less crime, and had a nice neighborhood to reside in, like a fool i came over the bridge again thinking nutter would make it better. now i pay 2900 for nothing somebody kick me in the ass

  2. Come Join Us says:

    Oh Please!!!!!!!!!. Move over the bridge. We pay $6,500.00 a year in property taxes here in NJ. Some people I know in Philly pay $1,200.00 or less in property taxes.

  3. Terri says:

    Will the residents of north and west philadelphia be required to pay as well? I doubt it….it’ll fall on the shoulders of the people who live in the northeast.

  4. A-Train says:

    Jack up my taxes 20% and I will leave the city along with a LOT of other good taxpaying people. How about making the deadbeats pay? Or cutting the bloated city government by 20%? The city will be surprised how quickly the taxpayers will leave. I for one will be registering as a Republican this year and I’ll be encouraging every single person I know to do the same.

  5. Robert says:

    I am hoping for some change. Some hope, and change. Buhhahahahaha!!!!

  6. kate says:

    the value of ALL homes are decreasing by the day, it doesn’t matter if the City “missed the boat” in the past years with increasing taxes you can’t expect citizens to sit here with mouths shut with an 20% increase in taxes. and who does the mayor and the council think will pay the increases tax let alone regular taxes?? certainly not the ones who haven’t paid taxes in years some even the “fine” city workers themselves. this city will become Detroit in an heartbeat if this continues. i had alot of confidence in Nutter when elected now i just don’t know.
    the streets are dirty, crime everywhere, fear of fire and slow response due to brownouts, maybe we need a Middle income person who knows to run for mayor. god forbid another Street makes the office but of course he would be able to tell us how NOT to pay taxes.

  7. john says:

    How about a tax decrease, idiots

  8. john says:

    How about a tac decrease, idiots

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