PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Declaration of Independence was written in longhand; but here’s the question— is handwriting still important in this age of computers, texting, and instant communication?

Cursive writing, sometimes called script, is not a required subject in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. School districts decide whether or not to include cursive writing for which there is no standard.

As schools spent more time on reading and math, handwriting was dropped.

With finals time soon coming up, college students often must write in the famous “blue books,”and if my handwriting is an example, there’s no question it would lower my grades.

The important thing is for kids to write and keep writing whatever the tool. When employers list necessary skills, written communication is usually among them, so penmanship still counts and MetroKids suggests as a resource.

Despite all our instant ways of communicating, many authors still start their books in longhand — Dan Brown and Margaret Atwood among them. Great role models!

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio

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