Theatre Review: ”Superior Donuts” At The Arden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Arden Theatre has raised the curtain on another play by multi-award-winning playwright Tracy Letts.

This creation, titled “Superior Donuts,” while impressive, may be too involved for some theatregoers.

Our play takes place in a rundown Chicago donut stand operated by a man whose past has worn him out and who, reluctantly, hires a black man who carries a past of his own.

It’s not just donuts that are featured here but customers and passersby, constantly reminding us
that our lives are a mixture of the past and promise.

There’s no clearcut narrative in “Superior Donuts” so much as a rather surprising mix of reality and fantasy —  and many whose lives are a mixture of both.

And while each character is well drawn, if only for a brief moment there may be those in the audience who feel that “Superior Donuts” is not as direct and clearly drawn as might be preferred.

The play is set to run through April 3rd at the Arden Theatre, 40 North Second Street, in Old City.

Reviewed by Bob Nelson, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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  1. Mark says:

    And don’t forget the donuts and coffee served during intermission were fantastic. I am looking forward to get over to Frangelli’s bakery in South Philly. Also Brian Anthony Wilson ( male cop) is appearing in the newly released Limitless.

  2. Ralph says:

    Did you forget to actually see the play? The night my wife and I had the privelege of watching this fantastic piece of drama, with its dynamic script and superb acting, no one in the audience looked the least bit confused. Anyone who was mixed up somehow managed to unmix themselves in time to give the cast an enthiuiastic standing ovation.

    What we saw at the Arden was a beautiful, moving production of a most impressive play.

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