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PHL Baggage Handler Arrested For Alleged Theft From Luggage, Additional Charges Pending

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One baggage handler at Philadelphia International Airport has been arrested and charges are pending against his co-worker after they were allegedly discovered stealing from passengers luggage, according to an exclusive CBS 3 I-Team investigation.

Police say U.S. Airways employee Waheed Hosein and a second worker, who Eyewitness News is not identifying because he’s not yet charged, are suspected of stealing from baggage being moved beneath Terminals B and C at the airport.

The pair, sources say, allegedly stole iPads, cameras, jewelry, GPS systems and liquor from luggage, selling the items on the internet. Sources say items recovered in police searches now indicate the thefts may go back to 2009.

Sources say the pair allegedly stole from baggage being moved from one flight to another so the alleged thefts would not be discovered by victims until hours later when they arrived at other airports.

Flyers expressed frustration that security regulations prevent them from locking baggage, making thefts easier.

U.S. Airways did not respond to repeated requests for comment by Eyewitness News.

In November 2010, four American Airlines baggage handlers were charged with stealing from luggage at Philadelphia International Airport.

Reported by Walt Hunter, CBS 3

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One Comment


    I am a frequent travler and also a baggage handler @ da port. Stealing ia an unhealthy morale. People steal? YES! and those are the same selfish people who do not care about others and they should be punished in great extent for their crimes. I do not steal because it is illegal, against company policies, and because it is not right. I’m a frequent flyer once again and I would hate to have arrive at my destination and find out that some of my personal items were stolen, which is another reason why I do not steal from passengers. I extend my apologies to the victims and hopefully folks will learn to keep important items in their carry-on. In the mean time, i will be doing my job which is not stealing, but getting the bags on the plane for an on time departure.

  2. jeff pont says:

    i also had items removed from my checked bag. when I reported it to usair, after numerous attempts to get someone to talk to, they made me feel like I did something wrong. they originally declined my claim saying I waited too long to report it yet they never responded to my emails of the complaint.

  3. Mel Bakersfeld says:

    To you creeps that know this is going on and don’t report… you are as guilty as the ones doing it.
    My statement stands you are all theives.
    Fire every last one of you and start over rehiring and doing an extensive background check.
    Oh yea and dont forget those darn cameras. If Penndot came waste all their money on traffic cameras, maybe they can spend a couple of bucks watching you thieves at the airport.

  4. Kathy Kilcoyne says:

    Southwest is the way to go people, reasonable fairs, free baggage and the biggest
    plus is THEY ALWAYS ARRIVE AND DEPART ON TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Love the staff, love the boarding arrangements and love the money and aggravation saved. Yes I have flown United, US Air and American – LATE LATE And experienced less than happy staff. I never had a thing stolen from my luggage either when flying Southwest

    1. Safety First says:

      They always leave and arrive on time because they are constantly doing UNSAFE procedures on the ramp. From no wing walkers to fast taxing! Just think of your landings and compare them to the other airlines that you have taken and I bet you will notice a huge difference. If paying a few extra dollars for safety is important to you and your family …….. enjoy your flight!

  5. A Good Worker. says:

    Smh… I will say only this…… It’s not ALL of us doing the stealing, so don’t knock us all…… Don’t fault me or anyone else that busts their a** everyday to get those flights out on time and get your bags to their proper destinations safely… One rotten apple does NOT spoil the bunch.. I understand how angry you are (especially if you were one of the unfortunate people who has gotten your things stolen/damaged).. and I’m not saying that you cant get mad because you have every right to be.. But please, do not judge us all because of one idiots f**k-up.

  6. Guess Who says:

    TSA should stop hiring those thieving gray people.

  7. Anon says:

    One more reason not to fly.

  8. Bob says:

    I hope they are the one’s that took suff out of my luggage

  9. Mel Bakerfeld says:

    This goes on down there all the time They are all theives. I have a hint for you jokers running that disgrace of an airport.
    Security cameras…. Install the darn things and watch these clowns instead of harassing old people. You are all a bunch of creeps and should all be locked up. ( yes stuff was stolen from me too )

    1. steve says:

      We are not all thieves idiot and some of us can even spell

      1. Mary Jones says:

        No you are not all thieves, from the latest reports you are child molesters too!

  10. Angel Santiago Jr says:

    What was he stealing? Cheeseburgers and cream puffs?

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