Lawmaker Wants Pa. Official Punished For ‘Nazi Propaganda’ Remarks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Pennsylvania lawmaker is calling on the governor to punish a state official over comments he made equating a film against Marcellus Shale drilling to “Nazi propaganda.”

The documentary “Gasland” — filmed, in part, in the Commonwealth, says fracking is harmful to human health and to the environment.

When asked about that last week at a public forum in Lancaster County, Ted Borawski, the chief oil and gas geologist for the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said “Joseph Goebbels would have been proud. He would have given him [the filmmaker] the Nazi award.”

Democrat Josh Shapiro is a State Representative from Montgomery County.

“There’s no reason in our political discourse to ever use a Nazi reference to make a point — unless you’re talking about the mass slaughter, the mass execution of millions of people — to use it to somehow discredit people who have differing opinions than you on an issue as important as drilling in Marcellus Shale and keeping Pennsylvanians safe is just truly something that is stunningly, stunningly ignorant.”

Shapiro wants Governor Tom Corbett to condemn the comments and sanction Borawski. There’s been no comment from the governor. He opposes taxing natural gas extraction.

Reported by Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Guess Who says:

    Oy! Six tousand years of poisecution!

    That dog won’t hunt anymore.

  2. Karl G says:

    Remember the movie Braveheart? They want it all and more but there comes a time for payback. My uncle just died after gaining 70 million – I dident see an armored truck following him

  3. bottomline says:

    I wish these thin skinned people would publish a list of forbidden words and expressions. Perhaps the real problem is they don’t belong in any American public office, since America is all about free speech, unlike those Nazi’s

  4. pay your fair share says:

    lets see< tax the companies that are creating jobs so that libidiots don't have to pay taxes but can collect from the giverment!
    That makes CENTS!

  5. when will they learn? says:

    Um, has this guy watched the news lately??/ the unions have signs loaded with NAZI references against everyone who disagrees with them!!!

  6. Jim Wilmer says:

    I just can’t believe this Governor who wants to cut education and what not, doesn’t want to tax these people!!!! The Billions of dollars they have made and will make, but we can’t touch it for the states coffers.

  7. Rudy says:

    When the water is all polluted and subsidiaries of the same companies that polluted it are selling the state water treatment systems we will see who the Nazis are.

    And don’t make this about ‘energy vs the environment’. They want to pollute the water of millions of people because hydro-fracturing (fracking) is CHEAPER than other methods of drilling.

    1. Charles Shaw says:

      Anyone can make a statement to either supports the argument or just muddies the water, But what I was taught about suppositions for or against something is you must prove your statement; that is the measure of whether its propaganda or truth. So Rudy prove your statement!

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