Philadelphia Man Gets Jail Time For Setting His Puppy On Fire

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A 33-year-old Philadelphia man pled no contest and was sentenced to two to seven years in prison for burning his pit bull puppy to punish it. The defendant admitted in court that he took out his troubles — including a custody battle — on the dog.

John Fleet conceded he burned the dog, a blue nose pit bull puppy named Baby, with a cigarette and then poured rubbing alcohol on the dog’s face and set it on fire to punish it because it had nipped at his son.

The dog, screaming and crying, jumped on a couch, actually setting fire to the couch, but survived, according to prosecutor Erin O’Brien.

“He’s fine. He’s in a very loving foster family. He’s not adopted yet because they were waiting for the outcome of this case, but that he does have a family that is waiting to adopt him is my understanding from the SPCA,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien also said the dog is almost all better. “He’s made an almost complete recovery. I think he still has some scarring, but he is healthy and happy and doing very well.”

The defense says Fleet had been drinking heavily, and Fleet says he took out his troubles on the dog.

Reported By Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio.

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One Comment

  1. KarenO says:

    You are as worthless as your comment. If you would read up on things, or have any kind of education, people who abuse animals also abuse people. Just think what he may be doing to his children and wife behind closed doors. Animals react to their environment. If the dog ‘nipped’ at a child, perhaps the child had tormented the dog first. Animals react in the same way people do; if you hurt them, they will strike back; if you love them, they will love you back.
    You are as ignorant to nature and life and you are in your comment.

    1. RoastPuppy says:

      There is no proof whatsoever that people who abuse animals also abuse people. This was something started by someone who did not know what he/she was talking about and has been perpetuated by those who feel there SHOULD be a connection between the two. Having worked in criminal law for the past 30 years, I have known many men (and some women) who have abused spouses or children, but were staunch animal lovers. I have also known people who abused animals who would NEVER abuse a human. The fact is, this erroneous information about a connection between abuse of animals and humans has been repeated so often that no one knows how it started.

      YOU are the one who needs to “read up” on things because if you did, you would know animals (particularly pit bull-type dogs) often attack without warning or provocation. Furthermore, animals do NOT react in the same manner as humans, animals do not have the ability to reason and do not realize nipping a child is not the same as nipping another dog. Nevertheless, if this dog had been outside — where dogs belong — this incident would likely not have occurred. People like YOU who attempt to humanize dogs and make them “a part of the family,” etc. are the reason dogs killed 37 people in the US last year and seriously more than 100,000.

  2. maroon says:

    You’d do the same thing to the dog? You deserve to be with him you pig. Let someone who will love the dog take it. No need to set it on FIRE… that’s disgusting, inhumane and there’s something wrong in the heads of the people that think this is ‘okay’ punishment. Look at this picture! Chewbaca got it right.

    1. RoastPuppy says:

      Before Maddie’s comment was deleted (and I’m sure my comments will be deleted also because I am not on the side of the pit bull) I read what he said and he did NOT say he would “do the same thing.” What he said was that if a dog nipped one of his children that he would kill the dog. He did not say he would set it on fire. No dog that nips, or even growls at a human should be tolerated. The dog should be put down immediately. The reason pit bull-type dogs are no longer safe to keep as pets is because people have allowed human-aggressive animals to procreate and contaminate the breed.

      1. bill says:

        You are “FLAT-OUT” Stupid. Try reading You’re comments before posting them. glad you were never my parent.

  3. Laura says:

    You are disgusting and I hope you rot. Animals are innocent and love people unconditionally. It is horrific that someone would do this to an animal. This man should not have been allowed to breed at all. Loser.

    1. RoastPuppy says:

      Tell me, Laura: Was the woman in Middleburg, Florida, who was torn apart by what she called her two “bully babies” loved to death? She raised those dogs from puppies, never mistreated them and was always Johnny-on-the-spot any time a pit bull attacked someone, claiming it was the owner’s fault, that dogs love unconditionally and singing the praises of her “bully babies” that slept in the bed with her. I have always wondered what she was thinking the morning they ripped her face off and when the EMTs arrived, she wasn’t even recognizable as a human being.

      It is people like you who attempt to humanize dogs that are responsible for all these attacks because you have repeated so often that dogs are “innocent and love people unconditionally” and should be a “part of the family” to the point that ignorant Americans actually believe this hogwash. If dogs were treated like the ANIMALS they are, we wouldn’t be reading about them killing or badly injuring someone (usually a child) every day.

    2. Bill says:

      An eye for an Eye. just like that creep that threw the dog into on-coming traffic. the same fate should do them in.

  4. Kelly Ann says:

    I am glad he is going to prison. hopefully he becomes somebodies %itch and they will torture him. ofcourse puppies nip, they are teething. Common sense you dont leave children and animals alone. This guy is a full fledge idiot. He probably beats his wife/girlfriend and hits his children too. He is no role model for his children. Madeline you are as much as an ignorant person as this creep. This guy also with the custody battle was on the road to rage anyway, so thankfully he is going to have time to enjoy prison life and be tortured by a fellow inmate.

  5. John Sebastion says:

    That guy should be tortured

  6. sean says:

    2 to 7 years what a joke, people who do horrible things like this need stiffer punishments. I hope someone in jail shows him how it feels to be tortured!

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