Ackerman Discusses ‘Rubber Room’ Teacher

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For the first time, Philadelphia schools chief Arlene Ackerman is publicly weighing in on the case of the teacher in the district’s so-called “rubber room.”

Hope Moffett is the eleventh-grade English teacher at Audenried High School who was forced to report to a basement disciplinary room for the last two weeks (see related story).  The district says she put students at risk by giving them SEPTA tokens and encouraging them to join a school walkout to protest plans to convert Audenried to a charter.

The district is taking steps to fire Moffett. Superintendent Arlene Ackerman says it’s not about  free speech — it’s about kids being out of school without permission.

“For me, it’s not about Miss Moffett,” Ackerman said. “It could have been anybody. It could have been any teacher. The minute you endanger the welfare of these young people, my job is to step in and say, ‘No, that’s not going to happen.'”

About a dozen of Moffett’s students joined her at yesterday’s School Reform Commission meeting, some of them wearing T-shirts reading, “Free Hope.”

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. xtrees130 says:

    Everyone who is supporting this teacher are missing the very simple point – the reason she was ‘discipled’ was not because of her ‘stand’ about the possible conversion of the school.

    She, on her own, without getting permission or at least notifying the principal, encouraged and then allowed her students to leave school!!!! She even bought them tokens (according to so many – I thought teachers are so poor due to the next to nothing salaries they claim they make)!!!

    What if on the way to the ‘protest’ a student was injured in some way??? How would the teacher have felt then???

    Her JOB is to teach her students, while they are ON SCHOOL TIME the topic she was hired to do – period.

    I find the reporting done by CBS very poor – did they contact – interview any of the parents of these students??

  2. Ocean Brrze says:

    -Hope Stings Eternal-

    Little Miss Moffett
    Hang in there and tuff-it
    Ackerman fears the truth that you say
    Media coverage grows wider
    Public opinion will deride her
    Hope will frighten Queen Arleen away

  3. Thomas says:

    she told the kids to skip class – fire her yesterday

  4. s74 says:

    Smash Crasher,

    #1. I am cynical and sarcastic. You are disrespectful.

    #2 This country was founded on dissension. We broke away from a totalitarian authority.

    #3 You know nothing about me, but you are willing to throw insults based on your own assumptions.

    Have a nice day in your obviously unhappy place.

  5. Smash Crasher says:

    s74: It’s snot-rags like you who continue to bring down this country. Disrespectful idiots that think there should be no rules, no authority, no respect for anybody but yourself. Bet you’re the kind of person who cuts through other people’s lawns, then rants and raves like the spoiled little brat you are when they cut through yours.. Opps! That’s right. I guess you have to have a real job that pays money in order to afford decent housing.

  6. NS says:

    When is Queen Arlene going to get fired for all the waste, fraud,and abuse in her administration?

  7. Guess Who says:

    The union hog used the kids as pawns without permisssion to further her agenda. Fire her now! No rubber room pay!

  8. s74 says:

    Yes, that’s right! Let’s teach the children that we do not have the right to be against something. Let’s teach them to shut up and tow the line. DO NOT question authority. —- Now that’s EDUCATION!!!

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