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In Philadelphia, Critics Quickly Lambaste Gov. Corbett’s Budget Plan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Critics of Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett’s new budget plan, released today in Harrisburg, were quick to respond.

As the governor was giving his budget address (see related story), several dozen people — members of the citizens’ group “Action United” — gathered for a rally outside the center city hotel where Corbett keeps a satellite office.

Jasmine Rivera was irate about the governor’s call for big cuts in education spending.

“If anything, the first thing that we should invest in is our children’s education,” she told KYW Newsradio, “because they’re the future.  If we have an educated populace, then we can actually compete on a world level. You keep cutting education (and) we’re not going to stay the way we are.”

The protesters also took aim at Corbett’s refusal to raise corporate taxes.  They’ll be heading Harrisburg to join other groups for another protest next week.

Reported by Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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One Comment

  1. Do you guys have a facebook fan page for In Philadelphia, Critics Quickly Lambaste Gov. Corbett’s Budget Plan CBS Philly? I looked for one online but could not see one, I’d really like to become a follower!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Leave the wealthy people alone. They worked hard and deserve tax breaks like the rest of us. Don’t punish them for this. As far as these low lives who are protesting, they should get jobs and keep their big mouths shut. They all want free handouts.

  3. sgt john barker says:

    A bunch of useless jobless people with nothing better to do with there lives! Get a job

  4. kelprod says:

    Pennsylvania was just ranked 49th out of the 50 states for new businesses created per capita (only West Virginia) was worst. And these insane left wing loonies want Corbett to raise taxes on business?? If anything, PA should start a massive & aggressive business tax SLASHING to draw biz to the state and not continue to chase them away. This budget was a decent start, but there is far more cuts to be made. How about slashing the size of the legislature (PA has the largest in the land). Imagine the savings between salaries, staffs and support.

  5. Brian says:

    I think what Jasmine meant to say was “the first thing that YOU should invest in is MY children’s education”, …..yeah, that’s it……..

  6. my feet hurt from protesting says:

    WOW all four of those protester have the same union sign maker posters.

    which mean the giverment paid 4 times as much for them

  7. what happened to work says:

    the times you can have when you are section 8!!

    everyday is protest day!! WWWEEEE

    ask not what you can do for the giverment,
    but what the giverment can give to you!!!

  8. PAT ZEK says:


  9. Frank says:

    Corbett asks teachers to take no raises this year but refuses to tax gas drillers in Pa. Talk about shared sacrifice! Maybe because they gave him thousands of dollars in campaiogn contributions And they stand to make millions in profits!

    1. pat zek says:

      hey, maybe the teachers are stealing taxpayers money and the gas companies are employing people!!

    2. Alec says:

      Dear Frank, please move. I hear Massachusetts is welcoming liberals….

  10. Alec says:

    Oh pleeeeaaaassssse!! Gimme a break! You’re going to criticize Corbett after what Rendell, John Street and Michael Nutter have done. Wake up people, the democrats have ruined PA for years and years. This is a really dumb liberal argument.

    1. Heem says:

      Well said!

  11. Make Mine A Double says:

    Jasmine, education spending went up in each of the last eight years. Please research your information.

  12. Martini says:

    Sorry to miss the protest but I was busy working to pay taxes. Must be nice to have time off from work. Maybe if you had a job and paid taxes instead of a drain on the system there would be extra money to go around.

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