Corbett’s Next Budget Calls For 500 State Employee Layoffs, $2.6B In Cuts

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett today took the wraps off a state budget proposal that cuts spending for education and many other areas in the 2011-2012 fiscal year, which begins July 1st.

The Corbett administration says the projected deficit in next year’s budget is more than $4 billion, and that will require $2.6 billion in spending cuts since there are no proposed increases in taxes or fees.

Corbett proposes to reduce basic education funding by $550 million, and is calling for a number of concessions from the education community. That includes a one-year salary freeze by teachers and other school district personnel, something the administration acknowledges would have to be negotiated at the local school district level.

The budget proposal also includes significant cuts for state-owned and state-related colleges and universities.

The governor’s proposed budget would eliminate more than 100 lines of appropriations and reduce more than 150 others.  It would eliminate 1,500 state employee positions — about a third of those through layoffs.

Reported by KYW Harrisburg Bureau chief Tony Romeo.

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  1. washnot says:

    Where is the shared pain in this budget for corbetts staff, legislature, and corporations. One side gets all, which is the republican way. Wake up people and realize this Governor is going to bury the middle class workers both public and private, then walk away into the Marcellus Shale haven for ex big shot state employees.

  2. bob notax says:

    Come on CBS – lets cover this story straightforward….why would you have this story – summarizing Corbett’s budget as the 5th story on your website – after 4 stories each critical of the budget. We all (taxpayers and Public union members) need to tighten the belt. Civil Service laws may need to be beefed up to address concerns of public Union members, bu tthey should not have collective bargaining, since the 2 sides negotiating are not at all in the same position as a Corporation and private union negotiations.

  3. Alec says:

    Some of these comments make me ill. Ed Rendell (iggles analyst) John Street and Michael Nutter and other democrats have destroyed the economy of PA.

    You cry-baby liberals always find something to whine about, “oh education-education! Help us please, Corbett is hurting our children” Give me a break!!

    Corbett is giving your children a fighting chance at thefuture after what your dumpocrats did to them. Rendell was more concerned about the NFL than your children. Grow up PA, it’s time for a change in direction.

    1. 9circlesofhell says:

      So Alec, what schools did you attend?

    2. Spartacus says:

      I agree. Philly is beyond hope but maybe it’s not too late for the rest of the state.

  4. A. Noid says:

    I’m all for tightening the belt, but our education system is NOT the place to go. Don’t forget it’s not just the public k-12 school system affected here, but the state colleges too. How much freaking higher can tuition get??? Our undergraduates are already leaving school with student loans bigger than a lot of mortgages, and it looks like it’s about to get worse. Oh, but wait…I guess the logic is that the kids going through the K-12 system will now be exiting high school dumber than ever since they’ll have subpar educational resources, so colleges won’t be admitting them anyway. Nevermind, problem solved!

    1. Alec says:

      Dear A. Noid, your pal Fast Eddie got us here. PA isn’t exactly a scholarly state my friend (fast Eddie saw to that as well). You’re logic is what got us here to begin with, spend-spend-spend-spend-spend-spend, oh wait, we’re out of money……duh I hab no monnies, what will I do…….

      1. A. Noid says:

        Oh, Alec, please know that I was NEVER a fan of “Fast Eddie” either. I think spending has been out of control for way too long and deep cuts are long overdue. My issue is with where the cut is being made. As it is, our education system is a joke compared to most industrialized countries. A cut to the foundation of the system this deep will have serious long-term effects. Why aren’t we cutting in areas that broke us in the first place, because education wasn’t one of them. I’m not a teacher, I’m just a parent who is tired of seeing my tax money go to programs that help the lazy or uber-rich instead of supporting our kids who ARE our future.

  5. billy says:


  6. becky lozenski says:

    you people are all crazy. The last guy wiped us out and added tax upon tax and now someone wants to try to help. YOU ARE ALL NUTS. More $$ does NOT mean better educ.

    1. Warren says:

      But less money means less educ. and higher property taxes on the middle class. Don’t be so worried about a budget deficit; be worried about taking care of people.

  7. Make Mine a Double says:

    The state stores bring in $600M/yr, but they are only worth $2B. Keep ’em.

  8. Jen says:

    I moved here from Tennessee so that my kids would have an actual shot at a decent education, K-12 and beyond.

    Pretty soon I won’t even be able to tell I left.

    Perhaps I’m alone in my principles, but I would rather pay more taxes and have a quality education system.

    1. kay says:

      @ Jen – agree. What’s a couple extra dollars. I would rather pay that then see 500 people lose jobs and education cuts.

    2. 9circlesofhell says:

      I’m with you in your principles, Jan. I certainly would be willing to pay more taxes for improved services in many realms -including education.

      Im not quite sure why so many Americans adhere to the provincialism espoused by politicians regarding taxes … after all, some of the better educated, well-managed, and civil societies on this earth are found in the nations with the highest taxes.

      At the same time, politicians -shrewd a-holes that they are- have long known [and worked at] keeping the populace “less educated” so that when they spew their fear, rhetoric, and illogical propositions before the public, they not only get little resistance, they actually get yahoos to go out and vote for them and their ridiculous ideas.

  9. grumpier says:

    Lets Reduce the Governor’s Salary to $1000 per week, the state legislature’s Salary to $750 per week. Limit the number of aides to each elected official to 2 at a slary of $600 per week. Reassign the State troopers who drive the guv around back to patrol duty. Do away with pensions for elected officials and put a 2-term limit on all elected officials within the commonwealth. This way the upper-crust businessmen won’t want the job just to protect their assets and the lower and middle class will see as thier chance for true representation and a way to earn their way.

    While you’re at Mr Governor lets rework the State income tax . Earn under $30000, pay no tax. Earn $30000 to 100000 pay 3%, earn $100001 to $20000 pay 4.5%, earn over $200000 pay 7%. No Deductions, No Credits—Pay it.

    Instead of personal appearnces, save us money by streaming your comments over the internet.

    Try leading by example!!!

    1. Redebaron75 says:

      That’s would a novel idea and it would save money left and right, and reduce the budget big time. I would say cut back on Gov’s stuff, and take more from them, and give back to the state that way, take their luxury cars to something more economical vice high dollar cars. Let’s do this for 2 years and see how these folks live for a period on what the middle class do. Get more for less.

    2. 9circlesofhell says:

      Amen to that, Grumpler!

      It would be historic -and soundly beneficial for “we the people” to finally see politicians and their crony capitalist, lackey yes-men actually walk the talk.

  10. onestep0416 says:

    when will these people wake up . put a penny a gallon tax on the oil companies. then they wouldnt have to attack , the poor working class. and i like to see corbet give 25% of his pay and benifits back to the state of pennslynvaina.

  11. Kat says:

    I say eliminate the state stores and save money, but then again that’s been tried time and time again – as usual, nothing happened and they’re still around. Why in the world is Pennsylvania in the liquor business?

  12. Spartacus says:

    Actually, this looks like a good start. Give Gov. Christie a call for more pointers. Wisconsin’s good some good ideas too. Times are tough.

  13. Bob M says:

    Way to go Gov. Just what the state and country need is to cut education so that we can drop further in the world ranking on education. But I’m sure the gas drillers will personaly thank you for the support. Who votes for these guys??

    1. 9circlesofhell says:

      Who votes for these guys?
      The uneducated who believe that they too will someday be invited to the same banquet table ….
      The Shale-drilling recipients
      Anyone associated with a lobbyist
      Fellow Plutocrats

  14. Hank York says:

    The state stores gotta go. Wendel Young all all his over payed staff need to go.
    The sooner the better. Sestak is gone, Young is next.

  15. Warren says:

    Sure, let’s reduce basic education funding so our property taxes go even higher and school programs get cut, just to make sure our children know what’s going on as well…… Way to go Gov!

  16. george says:

    still waiting for you to get rid of the state stores…. remember you promised

  17. grumpy says:

    Freeze the middle class, cut education, and let the GAS drillers take our resources for FREE ……………. Way to go Gov!

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