Philadelphia School Officials Want ‘Rubber Room’ Teacher Fired

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia school officials have recommended that a teacher — who for weeks has been disciplined in the district’s so-called “rubber room” for her outspokenness — be fired.

Hope Moffett railed against the plan to turn Audenried High School into a charter school, and students staged a short walkout in protest.  The district accused her of encouraging her students to walk out.

She denies the charge, but has been kept in what is basically a basement “teacher’s jail” while officials mull the case (see previous story).

Now, she says, the district is urging the School Reform Commission to fire her.

“I absolutely feel that I did the right thing.  How they think that the appropriate consequence is removing me from the classroom and firing me from my job, I… I don’t know.  I couldn’t say.”

Schools officials have no comment outside of a statement in which they cite district policy and state public school code on employee responsibility to protect the health and welfare of students.

Moffett will be kept in that “rubber room” until the SRC decides what to do.

Reported by Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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One Comment

  1. Anonymous Teacher says:

    I thought that we were supposed to encourage our kids to read and understand the constitution. Clearly free speech does not extend to criticism of the school district. Fire her and win one for ignorance!

  2. Jules says:

    Ms. Moffett is under threat of being fired because she’s “outspoken?” Yet we have a teacher who degrades, demeans, and basically bashes her students under a thin veil of anonymity because she didn’t name names and she gets put on paid leave, It doesn’t make sense to me. At least what Ms. Moffet is doing is positive and while her students protested the events going on by staging a walk-out, how can the district prove she provoked it? Keep your head up Ms. Moffett, I hope this comes out in your favor.

  3. Guess Who says:

    She used her kids as pawns without permission to promote her agenda. Fire her fat a$$ and take back her rubber room pay.

  4. sgt john barker says:

    Just bring her to the 2nd district ill take care of her!!!

  5. NS says:

    When is Queen Arlene going to get fired for all the waste, fraud, and abuse in her administration?

  6. Ocean Brrze says:


  7. Zzbar says:

    Fire her so she can get out of that rubber room. She will go bonkers no matter what. In the rubber room or losing her job. Sometimes we have to suffer the consequences for what we do. This is a whacky-whacky world.

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