Center City Parking Lots Say They’re Not Gouging During Flower Show

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Parking near the Philadelphia Flower Show may not be cheap, but according to parking facility operators there has been no radical hike in prices.

Parking rates vary in the  vicinity of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  The highest I saw, at 12 and Arch Streets (above),  was $28  for “2 to 12 hours” — the amount of time you’d spend at the flower show.  About a block further away, the price was $25.00 for “1-24 hours.”

There is a law in Philadelphia that parking garages need to post rates in the beginning of each month and keep those prices for the entire month.

Robert Zuritsky, president of the Parkway Corporation, says it has been a real struggle in the city’s parking industry over the past three years.

“There has been a recession the last three years in Philadelphia as well as the rest of the country, and rates have held steady — or gone down in a lot of cases,” he says.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority has an online parking facility locator at which you can compare estimated parking costs.  Go to for more information.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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One Comment

  1. Andy says:

    How about taking the train or bus?

  2. Peggie Schommer says:

    These are the same outrageous rates we found when my husband and I went to the car show last month. More to park than we paid for the tickets for both of us together to get into the show. Ridiculous! We drove a couple of blocks and parked in a city lot which was FAR more reasonable. Charging $28 is gouging, plain and simple. It means fewer and fewer suburbanites will come into the city. What a shame.

  3. mike in Philly says:

    And another thing… what about the $30 dollar opening day charge that has gone up 2 dollars since last year I think..?? Let’s all just send a message and not go on opening day… they lower the rate after opening day…what a racket….as if it wasn’t already high enough at $28 they had to increase it…

  4. mike in Philly says:

    On a somewhat related note, I hate the confusing signage regarding paid parking and meters that is all over the city… I don’t live in the much hyped center city and find parking on the streets there a circus…

  5. itz says:

    And parking is the reason I refuse to go into Center City for restaurants or even theater. If and that is a big IF I come into the city it is by train. Suburban restaurants are plentiful, very good and in many cases, not as expensive as city restaurants. $25 to park, hell, that translates into appetizers and a drink.

  6. Bingbong says:

    And the mayor wonders why people don’t want to come into the city. These parking fees are simply ridiculous.

  7. A-Train says:

    Um, what? There’s been “a real struggle in the city’s parking industry over the past three years”. How exactly do they struggle? Rates have gone up every single year at virtually every lot in the city. Do you think when the economy gets good they’ll go back down? What costs are there to running a parking lot??? OK you have to pay off a loan, insurance, etc. but those are FIXED COSTS. Hell depreciation isn’t even a cash expense. What a friggin racket – and now they’re “struggling”?!? Please.

  8. Anon says:

    RE: “There has been a recession the last three years in Philadelphia as well as the rest of the country, and rates have held steady – or gone down in a lot of cases,” he says.

    Rates have been astronomical forever. Parking garages are the last people that should be crying about the economy.

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