New Jersey Governor Christie Calls Ill. Gov ‘A Disaster’

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Gov. Chris Christie said Friday that he’s not worried about businesses leaving for Illinois because Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is “a disaster.”

Christie’s comments come as ads are set to appear in three New Jersey business publications on Monday criticizing the state’s business climate. They were paid for by the advocacy group For a Better Chicago and are in retaliation for an ad campaign Christie launched to encourage businesses in Illinois to relocate to New Jersey.

“Let me tell you something: We won’t lose any business to Illinois as long as Pat Quinn’s the governor,” Christie, a Republican, said during a news conference Thursday. “He’s a disaster.”

The Chicago group said it’s taking out the ads to set the record straight on which state has the best business climate.

“We understand that governors have to be cheerleaders for their states, but the claims Gov. Christie is making are so far from the truth,” said Jake Braun, For a Better Chicago spokesman.

The Chicago ads, which say “Rhetoric is nice, reality matters,” focus on New Jersey’s high property taxes and cost of living.

Christie launched his campaign after Quinn, a Democrat, raised personal income taxes to 5 percent from 3 percent and corporate business taxes to 9.5 percent from 7.3 percent to help balance his budget.

In print and radio ads, Christie reiterated his commitment not to raise taxes. Christie also took a trip last month to Chicago to meet with business leaders.

Quinn spokeswoman Brie Callahan said Quinn has more important things to do than worry about Christie.

“Instead of making personal attacks on other governors, Gov. Quinn is focused on getting our state’s fiscal house in order and continuing to make Illinois an even stronger economic competitor,” she said.

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One Comment

  1. itz says:

    All hot air this one term governor. Just like the school yard bully. He huffs and puffs, but taxes in Jersey are still high, property taxes are up this year and services down. like police, fire… lifes little essentials.

    ALl this talk about if taxes are increased on the millionaires and billionaires in this state, they are going to move out. Bye Bye…. just pay your bridge toll on the way out.

  2. Johan says:

    I would rather have an increase in income tax rather than increasing property taxes.
    Income taxes are based on real money and the ability to pay , property taxes are based on perceived value whether you can afford to pay them or not.

    1. Tisosy says:

      So true Johan. Im a NJ resident and while Christie loves to brag about not raising taxes, my real estate taxes went up the max allowable because of Christies education cuts. Oh, and my income has gone down.

  3. Chris Smith says:

    Yes, because Governor Christie is running a state of absolute efficiency. Worry about your State instead of making a National name for yourself, Christie. You’re as transparent as you are ineffective.

    1. ppn512 says:


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