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Former Mob Boss ‘Skinny’ Joey Merlino To Be Released From Prison

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former mob boss “Skinny” Joey Merlino is due to be released from federal prison soon.

George Anastasia covers organized crime for The Philadelphia Inquirer and has written five books about the mob over a number of years. He has also followed the life of the Merlino, whom he says is due to be released to a halfway house and supervised parole this month.

Anastasia says the word he’s getting is that 48-year-old Merlino will go to Boca Raton, Fla. where it’s believed his wife and two young daughters are waiting. And, the writer says, it may give Merlino a chance to escape his old lifestyle.

“So, he’s got a family, he’s got kids, he’s got concerns other than just being the charismatic leader of organized crime,” he said. “And, maybe sitting in prison for 10-12 years, he’s decided those things take priority over the other lifestyle. It remains to be seen if that’s the case.”

However, Anastasia says sources tell him a federal racketeering probe is nearing conclusion and Merlino’s name is coming up. If he’s indicted, Anastasia says, all bets are off.

Reported by Mark Abrams, KYW Newsradio


One Comment

  1. jack O'lean says:

    What an UGLY face ! Whew. Looks like a boozer.

  2. Joelle Marmagin says:

    I’m glad you’re out Joey!

  3. M says:

    You know… there were a lot of things that Joey might have done that could have been considered wrong as far as general American society was concerned, or depending on a person’s system of ethics, but if you look at the bigger picture as a whole his heart was in the right place… there were a lot of good things he did too, and a lot of people who thought he was a great guy. What it comes down to is it is easier to arrest him than political members of the US government who are probably involved in the same type of things they pegged on Joey.

  4. Karen Clayton says:

    Leave the man alone. Be happy with your family, Joey. You paid your dues.

  5. Byron Tarlton says:

    The man gave 10-12 years of his life in prison and the system is still taking jabs at him with mixing his name up in things! What more to you want! I swear, this system gives you no choice but to do wrong….. Even when you want to do right! I wish Joey the best! Crime or no crime…… The man paid his debt!

  6. Mike Melchiore says:

    A fellow Italian –
    You were missed. I wish you and your family good luck.

  7. Carmello says:

    Leave the man alone,he paid his debt to society!Such an injustice to the Italians,enjoy sun in the fun Cugino-

  8. foreigner says:

    Time for congress and then who knows

  9. Dave OHara says:

    Joey served his time! They should leave him alone and let him get on with his life. The city is so dysfunctional! Just read an article that said city workers owe over 1 million $ in court fees fines etc.. Why not worry about that and let Joey be Joey!!!! Good luck Joey, enjoy Boca!!!!!!

  10. Ed says:

    He paid his debt, now let him and his family alone. I just hope he’s a changed man.

  11. Carolyn says:

    I wonder if he’s got a chip on his shoulder now that he’s a convicted felon?

  12. Sam Thurston says:

    why shouldn’t these guys get away with racketeering and conspiracy our government gets away with it every day.

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