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Corrupt Philadelphia Cop Testifies Against Ex-Partner

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Corruption in the Philadelphia Police Department is laid bare, as an admittedly corrupt former officer takes the witness stand to testify against his former partner. Former officer James Venziale is now cooperating with the government.

Testimony ended yesterday and closing arguments are scheduled for today.

Venziale testified they were thieves in uniform. During questioning by prosecutor Anthony Wzorek, Venziale described how he and partner Mark Williams, in their patrol car, met with a bagman named “Matt” to collect their share of what they believed to be stolen drug proceeds.

According to Venziale, Williams actually made the pick up.

(Wzorek:) “Did you get out of the car?”
(Venziale:) “I did not.”
(Wzorek:) “Who did?”
(Venziale:) “Mr. Williams did.”
(Wzorek:) “What did you see happen?”
(Venziale:) “He spoke to Matt briefly and got back into the patrol car with a bag of money.”

Venziale says they split $6,000 in cash. But “Matt” was an undercover DEA agent and this was a sting.

Williams has pleaded not guilty.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio


One Comment

  1. OldSchoolUrchin says:

    @SamJackson Minorities??? Venziale is of Italian Decent and Snyder is as Lily white as they come! I’ve known then both since they were kids….You can put the race card back in your pocket now!

  2. state engineer says:


  3. SamJackson says:

    These cops are less corrupt than most. They are whipping boys who were targeted because they are minorities. The feds and DA should pursue cops who are beating, robbing, are framing innocent people. Then go after the bribe extorters.

  4. Blackrob says:

    Venziale, is talking , because he probably was the mastermind, (snitch now) get less time..punk! mark wasn’t raised that way just at the wrong place wrong time.. money is the root of all evil. there’s no honor amongest theives!!!!!! Mark much love stay strong!!! old head B..

  5. Guess Who says:

    Another triumph for diversity.

  6. rc says:

    They aren’t police officers, they are criminals, and when they were in uniform they were police officers, not pigs.
    Do you have the ability to understand that, or are you just an angry man blaming the world for your problems?

    1. KPR says:


      They are cops. By divorcing their job and status from their crimes, you possess the mindset that allows institutionalized crime to continue.

      They wore uniforms. Carried guns. Swore an oath. They were Cops who were Cons. Or cons who were cops.

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