Bucks County Mother Battles Discrimination Against Child

A single mom was thrown out of her apartment because of her child. Discrimination against those who have kids happens more often than one might think.

Robin Link decided to fight back and won thousands of dollars from her landlord.

“I wanted to make sure she never did this to anyone else again,” that’s what robin said after her landlord kicked her out of her Bucks County apartment after she adopted a 9-year-old boy.

Robin says, “I couldn’t believe that people that I knew would do something like that, not so much to me, but to my child. That’s the part that hurt the most.”

She filed a complaint and a judge with the Department of Housing and Urban Development ruled that she was a victim of discrimination.

Not because she was white and her son was African-American, but because she had a child.

That’s against federal law.

“This region has a very high level of housing discrimination,” said Jim Berry who is with the Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia. He says one in five families in our area will face this type of discrimination.

It’s not just current tenants, but also people looking for apartments.

Within minutes, Megan Bolin of the council pulled up more than three dozen rental property ads on craigslist that say families need not apply.

“No smokers, children or pets,” read the ads on the computer.

In Robin’s case, she won a $40,000 judgment.

She used the money to become a homeowner and send a message to her former landlord.

“If you’re going to break the law you need to be held accountable for it,” said Robin.

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Reported by Dave Huddleston, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Donna Blackburn says:

    LVMOM,- Thanks for your love and support LVmom, I get your frustration and concern for my family and all the damage this has created for so many people on so many levels. I feel your love and I thank you!! But please back down. Her going after you would only cause more pain and heartache. We want this behind us!!

    I too could get on the band wagon and tell you all the nasty comments and rumors that have been buzzing around town about Robin but what good would come from that? Our family is strong: we are united and full of love and compassion for each other. Her family is strong too and she has two wonderful sisters that are and will always be a very big part of my family.

    A lot of GOOD has come in the past six months to a year for some people and in time the wounds will heal. So let’s get rid of the poison and the poisonous thoughts in our lives and please let’s put this behind us!!!

    Donna Blackburn

  2. LVMom says:

    This woman is “sue” happy. She tried to sue a landlord once before. She tried to sue her employer too. Since she adopted this boy she has cried discrimination 3 times in the past two years. Most likely looking for a lawsuit. If this boy had been hit or injured while playing unsupervised in the driveway,- she would have definitely sued then!!!!! She’s just looking for a meal ticket.

    Neighbors beware – she will sue again!!

    1. Rose D says:

      Really LVMom? How do you know this information? I work with Ms. Link and as far as I know she hasn’t tried to sue our employer. What does that have to do with her having her son? What is the name of the other landlord she sued and what was the suit about? Was it having her son too? You seem to be throwing out a bunch of accusation without any facts. What is your motivation for doing so? I wonder if Ms. Link can sue you for slander? Can you post your real name? Are you related to Trucksess maybe? By the way, since you seem to “know” so much, did Ms. Link sue the people who’s dog bit her son? Maybe you should be careful what you post. Maybe you can be sued for slander and libel–you’re identity isn’t as “secret” as you think. LOL!

  3. JEP says:

    I live next door to this property.There is a continuous flow of truck traffic(TRACTOR TRAILERS,CONCRETE TRUCKS,SEPTIC TRUCKS AND NUMEROUS PERSONAL VEHICLES)in and out of that commercial property.What kind of parent would let a child play in such a driveway?This lady even put a basketball net in the main driveway.
    I would constantly see this boy playing in that driveway unsupervised.Thank god that landlord asked them to move before that boy was injured or killed.Somebody should be taking a real good look at this woman’s parenting skills.

  4. DKveragas says:

    Why shouldn’t people be allowed to say no children when renting? As long as it’s a totally private transaction and no public money involved? There are hundreds of senior citizen based places where kids are legally disallowed from living.

    Also, why is the boy “african american while she is white?
    The boy is black, having never been to Africa, which I doubt any of his ancestors for several generations can claim either.

    He is no more African American than I am European American. We are all Americans, period.
    We need to stop the PC BS ASAP>

  5. Alexandra says:

    Sadly this woman thinks she’s above the law. The ad said “no children.” Duh!

    What was that about being held accountable for breaking the law…?

    And you should be able to rent to/not rent to anyone for whatever reason.

    1. Kate says:

      It’s illegal for the ad to say “no children,” so your argument is invalid.

      1. Alexandra says:

        Baloney. You have the right to rent to whoever you want. Unless you’re against the notion of “private property”….

        Not all laws are legal.

      2. Alexandra says:

        I might add that 20 years ago I lived in a mobile home park in Michigan that had a FAMILY section and an ADULTS ONLY section. No one had any issues with that!

        This woman just played the lottery.

    2. FLOnEDDIE says:

      Its seems your philosophies are in conflict. On the one hand you espouse that no one is above the law, on the other, absolute property rights that allow a landlord to rent only to person of their choosing, no matter the basis for the choice. The problem is: except if you operate housing that qualifies as housing for older persons, it is illegal in every corner of the nation to refuse to rent to a family because it includes minor children.

  6. Ann H. says:

    A warm and heartfelt story with a good resolution.

  7. Cory Trucksess says:

    Warning to all landlords. If your tenant files a complaint through a “nonprofit” housing association, by prepared to write a large check. You can choose to write it to your tenant/housing association, of to your attorney. Understand that it will cost about $30,000 in attorney fees to get this compaint to a courtroom outside the HUD judical process. The Housing Associations know this, and will ask for a payment from you in the 30,000 to 50,000 range during the opening consilatory meeting facilitated by, guess who…………HUD. Just for the record, HUD directly funds hundreds of “Fair Housing Associations” through out the country. If you don’t pay up at the first consilatory meeting, HUD will then come to your office/home, and spend 3 to 5 days examing you files. If HUD determines that the tenant/FA ASS. may have a case, then you go to court. Not just any court mind you. A HUD court precided over by a HUD judge. When you are found guilty there, you then can appeal the verdict and have your day in front of an impartial court. Cost to get to the inpartial court = $30,000 minimum. In this particular case, the landlord was not foung guilty of any discrimination. They settled because it would have financially crippled them to get this to a court outside of HUD. The fact is that this woman lived in the apartment for over a year after she adopted her son, and was asked to leave because she continually allowed her young child to play unsupervised in dangerous situations. At one point her son wandered over to another property and was bitten by a dog. The alarmed dog owner took the child home to find mom sleeping on the couch. The landlords are guilty only of being good people. In retrospect they should have called social services to investigate the problem.

  8. Jim Wilmer says:

    If you have a small apt., 1 occupancy, how are to place the add?If you have an effeciancy, on the 3rd floor, do you need to put child proof netting around the windows? Child proof the landings? Just telling the seekers this is for adults, is only saving them time. But thats why lawyers are so rich. Mayor says no to smoking in resturants, bars and Septa Landings etc. You can’t say to a tennant, no smoking!!!!

    1. Zzbar says:

      And just what are you trying to say?

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