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Hundreds Of Philadelphia City Workers Owe Money To City Courts

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As part of a larger effort to recover millions of dollars in money owed Philadelphia courts (see related story), more than 600 city workers are about to get dunning notices — or worse.

Most of these city workers are on the hook for less thant $1,000, but one owes $150,000.

“It is almost inconcievable to us that there are 622 city employees, who should know better, who owe the courts an estimated $1 million in fines and court fees,” says Municipal Court President, Judge Marsha Neifield.

Dave Wasson, deputy administrator for the First Judicial District, says some of these debts date back to the ’70s and it may simply be an honest mistake that they remain unpaid.

So first, city workers who owe will get a letter telling them to pay up.  If they don’t, the courts will attach their wages to the tune of $35 per month until they’re clear.

Collected funds go to a variety of uses, including victim assistance.  The overall debt to the courts tops an estimated $1 billion.

(If you want to contact the courts to pay, call 215-683-1482 from 8am-4pm, or pay online at

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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One Comment

  1. BC says:

    I doubt if ALL the city workers who owe are white. In any case, all who do owe should pay up.

  2. john says:

    Strange. I just found out that it was ALL WHITE people who owes this money.

  3. RSR says:

    the value is one one-thousandth of the estimated one billion owed in total

    I’d like to know how many non-city employees owe the city. What’s that ratio of city emploess vs non-employees? How about some apples to apples numbers here CBS?

    622 out of how many city employees?

  4. itz says:

    What a deal, owe 150K and only have to pay $35 a month. Thats over 4200 months to pay off….

  5. kate says:

    35 a month if that was a private cititzen i doubt if it would be a month more like weekly and more like 135

  6. Harold Abessellus says:

    Why bother paying, the city will just forgive the money due and raise taxes on the working class.

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