CBS News Poll: Americans Oppose Cutting Pay, Benefits To Balance Budgets

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A brand new CBS survey suggests there may be implications for governors trying to cut employee benefits and collective bargaining for unions.

The survey says that 56% of the American people oppose cutting public employees’ pay and benefits to reduce budget deficits. Thirty-seven percent say it’s okay.

On the subject of ending collective bargaining for public employees, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin gets disappointing results: 60% of the people oppose cutting collective bargaining rights for public employees including teachers.

And here’s the most interesting figure: of all the options to cut deficits in the states the largest percentage, 40%, would rather raise taxes.

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio 1060


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  1. glenn says:

    Please share the details, i.e., question wording, who questioned, employment status, etc. As is, nothing but hype.

  2. Stephen says:

    I do not agree with completely stripping collective bargaining rights, but the Unions need to wise up with their demands. Wisconsin’s unions did, but only once the governor put this bill forward. Public funds are not un-ending. If they are not willing to lose some of the perks gaining during the economic upswing, its only a matter of time before the public turns against them.

  3. Kathleen Wells says:

    I know government employees and what a great deal they have as opposed to private sector employees. Something has to be done to even the playing field because taxpayers pay their salaries and enormous benefits. Then they get to retire on a generous pension for about 30 years. Most private sector employees don’t get a pension. I had a few blocks of my sidewalk in Tampa repaired and replaced by the county and the work crew consisted of about six people – two to work and four to sit and watch the concrete cure. I couldn’t believe there were so many people on such a small job especially since I grew up very close to a concrete business in Philly and the two guys who owned it worked very fast as they did all the concrete work in the neighborhood! Why six people?

  4. Guess Who says:

    You get the opposite result if “public employees” are called “government workers” in the poll, especially if the people polled are informed of the wages and benefits gubmint workers really recieve.

  5. The voice of reason says:

    Ok, so they want a balanced budget, but do not want pay cuts, benefit cuts, they also do not want any public funding cut, no welfare programs cut. I am just curious, where are they supposed to make the cuts in order to balance the budget? I know it is not a popular decision, but everyone has to sacrifice during these thin times. I work with many union workers, and had no problem with the lack of enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and work ethic I found among them. I had no problem with the fact that they earned more for less production than myself and my coworkers. However, after watching them hold my city hostage over having to pay a $15 co-pay for doctor visits, and had no problem keeping hard working people from getting to jobs they desperately needed, JUST to prove a point. I lost all respect for the unions. Welcome to the real world, nothing is guaranteed.

  6. jim conway says:

    Where the 56% who were against having there pay and benifits cut union workers?

  7. salesman says:

    Obviously they didnt ask me! of course we need to bring public employee pay and benefits into line with the private sector! Why, because we pay for them! How insane is that? Imagine these details…They make more money, they get better benefits, they get guaranteed employment, better retirement and health plans, and the American public HAS to pay for it. Plus through collective bargaining, they get to tell their employer what breaks they want, how much time off, how many vacations, and what they will make for pay!!! Yeah, me thinks this needs to change. Oh I forgot to add that everyone of these employees does not add one penny to our national gross domestic profit..they only add to cost!

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