Philadelphia To Court Deadbeats: ‘Show Me The Money!’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Hundreds of thousands of deadbeats who owe hundreds of millions of dollars are now in the crosshairs of a new crackdown being launched this week by Philadelphia Courts.

Some 400,000 court deadbeats owe the First Judicial District in Philadelphia an estimated $1.5 billion for things like forfeited bail, courts fines and costs and restitution. Some of the money owed dates back decades.

David Wasson, chief deputy administrator, says most of those who owe will get reasonable terms.

“We’re willing to put mostly everyone on $35-a-month payment plans until they pay off their balance. So, we’re not asking really a lot,” Wasson said. “We’re just asking the defendants to get back in contact with us, let us know their address and get back on a monthly payment schedule.”

However, those who don’t get on payment plans will face a collection agency first, with new penalties assessed. If that doesn’t work, attorneys will move in to seize assets.

If you want to contact the courts to pay, call 215-683-1482 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., or pay online at

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio


One Comment

  1. Kay says:

    Please send updates on the article on dead rat fathers.

  2. anon513 says:

    This is way overdue. Go after them. If they are able to pay up, then enforce it. If they can’t, then try to make arrangements for future payments. I believe anything is possible. At least give it a try and see where it goes from there.

  3. Carolyn says:

    it’s about time that they pay up what is due!!!

  4. Nicholas Mesoraca says:

    This city makes me so sick the way they try to squeeze every cent out of taxpayers. Cell phone tickets, PPA, trash collections fees. I just got a ticket the other day for putting my trash out a day early cause I wasnt going to be home. Yea uhh. you owed us $500 from 30 years ago, but we are broke now so we’re gonna need that…

  5. Anthony Miller says:

    Please don’t seize my crack pipe….it’s the only thing I own….glad to see that the dead beats go back decades though…just shows how our society has improved.

  6. Jim Wilmer says:

    What are you going to get off a drug addict? Yea there are people you can get the money off of, but I do hope the City uses common sense.

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