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New Jersey Unions Hold Unity Rally For Wisconsin Workers

TRENTON, NJ (CBS) — Thousands of union workers gathered in Trenton today to express solidarity with state employees in Wisconsin who are embroiled in a budget battle with that state’s governor — a fight that is similar in many ways to the one expected in the next few months in New Jersey.

(Chanting:) “We stay until we win! We stay until we win!”

The cheers outside the New Jersey State House became the rallying cry for hundreds of union members, who say their rights are under attack.

“I was a teacher until Governor Christie cut my job,” says Karen Buerkle, once a music teacher in Neptune, NJ. “I am a Christie casualty.”

The crowd held signs and chanted in unison to protect their own rights and support their fellow members in Wisconsin, where the governor is trying to slash union benefits.

“We are going to be stronger than them,” insisted union member Sue Blaustein. “We have to win here.”

Firefighters were wearing their gear and helmets, and laborers were wearing slickers and hardhats.

bloomingdale stephanie wisconsin afl cio trenton madden New Jersey Unions Hold Unity Rally For Wisconsin Workers

(Stephanie Bloomingdale, secretary-treasurer of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO. Photo by David Madden)

The message from Wisconsin union leaders was, our fight is yours, too. Just ask Wisconsin AFL-CIO official Stephanie Bloomingdale (right).

“The union movement is the only thing that stands between unbridled greed and economic justice. This is our last stand for the middle class,” she told the huge crowd gathered in the rain outside the New Jersey statehouse.

Bloomingdale says her state is ground zero in a nationwide attack on union workers. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker wants to end nearly all bargaining with public employee unions to help balance his state’s budget.

State police had to step in as tempers flared between unions and anti-union protesters.

The two groups, standing only feet apart, shouted at each other while state troopers stood in the middle.

Nearby, the Tea Party and Americans for Progress, a group that favors union reform, held their own rally.

“What’s happening down the street is an attack on our future,” shouted one of the speakers, which immediately drew a round of applause from the Governor Christie supporters.

adams teri tea party madden New Jersey Unions Hold Unity Rally For Wisconsin Workers

(Teri Adams, a Tea Party member, speaks with reporters. Photo by David Madden)

“We stand in solidarity with Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Governor Christie, and all those governors across our country who are standing up to the selfish interests of public sector unions,” said Teri Adams (left), who heads up the Independence Hall affiliate of the Tea Party.

But both messages went unheard by New Jersey’s governor, who was out of state today.

Earlier, the governor had said he supports “responsible” collective bargaining. He has proposed raising the retirement age and requiring public workers to pay more for benefits.

The fight for workers’ rights has become a nationwide movement. But as states face mutli-million dollar shortfalls, it is a movement facing nationwide opposition.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio; Oren Liebermann, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. tryecrot says:

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

  2. Scott Trent says:

    How does it feel to be a slave to the plantation? You people have dues taken out of your check by force and that money is given to politician – Democrats only and you have no say so on who gets your political donations! I guess since many of you union goons who are not man enough to be able to negotiate your own deal with your employer, then how can we expect you to be smart enough to decide which politician gets your campaign donations too. Good luck with the plantation!

  3. Kala says:

    Given the chance, those Union thugs would choke the life out of you to get what they want. They are the robber barons of the 21st century.

  4. Hoovdog23 says:

    National Right to Work Legal Foundation….donate and lets get every state to be a right to work state.

    1. Deez says:

      By right to work you of course me right to have corporations run your life…I’ll pass

  5. Scott Trent says:

    What do you call Democratic Legislator cowards who run away from doing their job?


    1. LibertyFirst1776 says:

      D-oucheBaggers is just as apt

  6. LibertyFirst1776 says:

    The time has come to send these bozos Taxpayer-sensitivity training. They show nothing but arrogant contempt for those who pay their salaries. Their addiction to the public teat has corrupted them, and their Democrat enablers.

    November was sweet, but 2012 is when we finish sweeping out the rats – and flushing the toilet in the White House.

  7. Scott Trent says:

    Unions helped cram ObamaCare down the throats of we the people yet these same union goons have asked for and recieved 914 waivers from ObamaCare. Here in GA, before ObamaCare with Blue Cross Blue Shield we had nice little $25 copays. After ObamaCare, the best plan we could get comes with a $3,000 deductible. Government forced these insurance companies to take on damaged goods – pre existing conditions people and just like many said before this law was passed, the rest of us will recieve less coverage and pay more.

    The Democrats killed the economy with Affordable SOCIAL Housing. Now they are attacking Americans with Affordable SOCIAL Health Care. Democrats are a trainwreck… Everything they touch turns to dog squeeze.

    1. TyrannyForAll1776 says:

      Cram down throats…where have I heard that..oh yea FauxNews! Please, don’t open with a Fox talking point, it just makes the rest of your post moot.

      Also, what would you do with the people with preexisting conditions? Let them die? I thought you teabaggers were supposed to love the Jesus, what would he say about your contempt for your fellow man.

      1. Scott Trent says:

        Listen up FleeBagger. Before ObamaCare, we had a nice little $25 copay. After Obamacare we now have a nice little $3,000 deductible that resets every Jan 1. It shouldn`t be my problem with these pre existing condition people, but thanks to Obama and his sacred unions (who typically pay NOTHING for health care) my health care insurance now seems like not even having insurance. Socialists ruin everything!

  8. Scott Trent says:

    Thank you Wisconsin teachers unions for alerting we the taxpayers that you currently pay ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA for your health care and pensions! We must now fight all across this land to put a stop to this abuse of we the people – we the tax payers! YOU supported ObamaCare and even elected Obama, Pelosi and Reid while at the same time having a free ride on our backs. Now we know. The word is out. Government union must go. They must be dismantled from Maine to California.$14 Trillion debt and you are protesting for your free ride to continue un-noticed! How greedy you people look to we the tax payers! Now this is some Change I can believe in!

    1. Patriot 1776 says:

      How come there was a budget surplus before Walker got in, and then a budget deficit after he gave all of the handouts to billionaires and corporations? You are fighting to destroy the middle class and concentrate more wealth in the hands of corporate CEOs, the Tea Party has be co-opted by corporations to increase corporate power at the expense of workers.

      Take a quick look at who funds all the tea party groups, it couldn’t be simpler…as they say…follow the money.

      1. double_TAP2011 says:

        The “surplus” disappeared because of existing debt obligations. And the tax cuts don’t equal the size of the defiict, not to mention they don’t go into effect for another 2 years.

      2. Scott Trent says:

        Welcome to the recession! These union goons who were paying NOTHING need to pay their fair share!

  9. Scott Trent says:

    Pelosi strikes deal with unions – no tax on high-cost health care plans

    You knew this would happen. The unions deserve payback for support of Democrats and President Obama, so when the plan to tax “Cadillac” health care plans would obviously included those negotiated by collective bargaining teams, something had to be done. It’s change you can believe in!

    Two days after union thugs warned the Obama administration and Democrats they could loose union support in the future if they moved forward to tax the health care benefits, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made promises to union leaders.

    Unions tentatively struck a deal Tuesday to exempt collectively bargained healthcare plans from a tax on high-cost plans expected to be used to help raise revenue for the healthcare overhaul.

    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern and United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger met with House Speaker Pelosi Tuesday, a day after labor leaders met at the White House to express their opposition to the excise tax.

    You people forced ObamaCare on us while begging for your own exemptions. Do we feel sorry for you today? NO. Are we glad to see you stripped of your union collective bargaining so called rights? YES.

    So… How does it feel? How does it feel having Legislation crammed down your throats that you completely disagree with – with every fiber of your existance? How does it feel when you see smug politicians cracking jokes and smiling while telling you how you are going to live your lives…? How does it feel to feel completely powerless against the tides of Change…? Change that you do not want?

    That`s how we felt when you passed ObamaCare…

  10. LibertyFirst1776 says:

    The great Truth is before us. The Unions and their corrupt, unholy, anti-taxpayer relationship with the Democrats has been laid bare. Behold – public workers organizing against the Taxpayer. Negotiating lucrative contracts with the very same Democrats they funnel public money to (laundered via forced union dues paid with taxpayer-derived salaries) in order to keep the whole charade going.

    Witness busloads of useful idiots, ready to march and agitate at a moments notice, in order to protect the status quo. Witness the collapse of the corrupt, rotten, leftist Democrat machine.

  11. rplat says:

    As I recall the American Nazi Party also held a lot of solidarity rallies back in the 30s and 40s . . . these union thugs will ffre no better.

  12. Vince says:

    You can’t push Christie around. Figuratively and literally.

  13. DigitalBob says:

    Hard to believe someone from New Jersey could actually put together a complete sentance.

    1. Vince says:

      The word is “sentence”, not sentance.

    2. joe says:

      after trashing Vince nice spelling on ‘sentance’

    3. John says:

      We can spell sentence too….(somebody can’t)

  14. donny thomas says:

    Red….weren’t you the beat writer for the Nat. Lamp. back in the day?

  15. urmoma says:

    nothing sucks harder than NEW JERSEY .Trenton makes the world takes if you mean drugs crime gangs corrupt “government” officials graft uion thugs LIKE CHICAGO ,Detroit the list goes on and on .these states are cancerous tumors in the US.

  16. Working Steve says:

    “We stay until we win! We stay until we win!”

    Yeah, just like the senators did in Wisconsin, or did you mean stay away? By the way, the unions are a monority of the voters by 4 to 1 in this country. Time for you all to be part of the real working world, not the privilaged mochers you have been. We pay your salaries and we will make the rules. Just watch the next couple of election cycles. It is time to take back our country for the working class and that is not unions.

  17. Patrick T. says:

    Dear WI Union Worker

    You said:

    “I’m sorry Pensieve, but you don’t fund the existence of my union. I pay for that. Out of my paycheck. In the column right next to my taxes.”

    The fact is that the Wisconsin tax payer writes your paycheck, financing both you, your union, and the election of the politician who will raise the taxes on everyone to start it all over again.

    Living in New York, I suppose I pay toward only NY public workers’ salaries, benefits packages, and the election of politicians who will shake me down further. However, if the Community Organizer-in-Chief has his way, whose election our tax dollars supported via tax-payer-funded unions, perhaps the Fed will bail out New York, Wisconsin, and about forty other states, and we can each of us pay for all of us while the ruling class siphons off its share.

    What fun!

  18. Kmpk says:

    Unions are the modern day Nazi Party. Join or else. I don’t want to be in the union. I don’t believe in having to pay dues so my money can be given to politicians I do not support. Too bad, shut up. We know whats best. Hmm, sounds like Socialist democrats.

    1. irene says:

      Aucally the unions are now what are know as CULTS. the members a cults members and are so darn brain washed with propoganda and BS they dont even know it . The leadership of the Unions all want is the dues from the members to fund their political party which is the democratic party so that they can have power and then the union can get power and back and forth and who funds the whole cult the rank and file and taxyors. There needs to be FEDERAL laws agaisnt these illegal cults. I know I was a local president thatnk God he got me out of the cult.

  19. anthony says:

    I am a union member and also a republican. I think all the people wanting to see their demise is crazy. If you like your 5 day work week thank a union. Does anybody remember the triangle shirtwaist factory?? Look it up if you don’t.

    As a union member i have given up plenty. For the same job in the private sector which offered me 120,000 a year I work in the public sector for 55,000 with more job security and benefits. You get rid of my healthcare and I will either go to the private sector and get what I am worth or expect to be paid the same by taxpayers.

    why is no one talking about cops firemen and only teachers.

    WHAT ABOUT medicare recipients and welfare recipients. Cut out food stamps to save money. I mean 1/6 of the population is on them.

    1. anthony says:

      oh and for those of you wondering why i took such a pay cut for job security is because I was fired from my private sector job for missing 2 weeks of work due to cancer surgery and treatment. So I figured with a family more security was better than higher pay. did you look up the triangle shirtwaist factory yet?? do it!!

      1. Beverly says:

        I find it hard to believe that a company would fire someone with cancer. I had cancer surgery and was out for 6 weeks and was not fired. I believe it’s against the law. It could be that I was a better worker than you.

      2. anthony says:

        Beverley, its not nice to insult someone without knowing them. I am a very hard worker. Have a phD and never missed a day of work in 6 years. My boss basically said that healthcare would be to expensive and I missed 10 days of work. Then when i said it’s illegal he said just try to prove it all he needs to do is site budget cutbacks. Oh well. Be familiar with the triangle whirtwaist facotry as that is where we are headed. Thats ok with me as I am a hard worker with lots of schooling so finding a good paying job for me is easy.

      3. glj says:

        anthony, I have a job with a financial firm. You know one of those horrible places the Dems like to call Blood suckers of the economy. I am sorry you had to go through cancer surgery. I too had cancer surgery. I was out of work for about four week, but I did not loose my job.

    2. Kmpk says:

      Its all about the entitlement mentality. Government is out of money. And the answer cannot always be raise taxes. People in the private sector making 120,000 or 50,000 are contributing to fund their own retirements and healthcare. Many public sector unions in differnent parts of the country are making more than their private sector counterparts. Its the Private sector that we need to make sure is growing and by far the healthier part of this countries economy. Union members have to wake up that they work for a company, state, taxpayer and not their union.

    3. irene says:

      yes I agree Union (cult ) member I too union cult member and republican heard all the same heart tear jerk stories and yes they are true and yes the unions had their time in labor history but not now they have done zip nada nothing for labor in the last few decades except take maney from rank and file cult members and live very well off the members it a racket and I know I saw it all first hand. do yourslef a big favor go visit your headquaters and go do some research on your cult union if you are with AFSCME MR Gerald takes from rank and file over almost one million dollars a year and that doesnt count the rest of the officer s so yeah hows that for yeah cult member?

    4. Todd Clemmer says:

      You must be a very confused individual. Do us all a favor. Go be with your people (unions). Because you will now find zero friends here that support the destruction of a state via union gangs. Leftist progs are destroying us. They use unions as their weapons.

  20. rational says:

    The outrageous behavior of these “entitled” union hacks and “useful idiots” is why I quit the NEA, after thirty-five years. I am ashamed that I was ever a member of the union that now honors Saul Alinsky as its spiritual advisor.

    1. irene says:

      oh yes I can relate to you on that. I was a former local president and woke up to discover the union was just a cult. the international president in my union is taking oclose to one milion a year not counting other officer . it sicking and what they believe is unamerican and socilist . They have all these poor hard working brain washed. and once they pay so much money it so late those workers feel sunk into the cilt and obligated. SAD I tell you.

  21. ouldbollix says:

    Public sector and teachers unions are so used to being handed everything they ask for by corrupt liberal politicians they just kick and scream when a conservative governor comes along and tells them, NO MORE!
    No unions for public sector workers or teachers. You want to be in a union then get a private sector job.
    Governor Walker (Wisconsin Ranger) should fire every single teacher. Theres plenty of time between now and September to re stock the classrooms with non union teachers that would appreciate the opportunity to get a job.

  22. dubyawon says:

    Um, sorry protesters but this is just the beginning of taking back our country. No more. No more with the pyramid schemes and democrat politicians.
    Taxpayers unite!

  23. NotSoGreen says:

    I’m still waiting for all the “lavish” benefits that everyone thinks state employees get. I get paid less than the private sector, pay for my insurance, pay into my pension and do not get “unending” leave time. I encourage any one of you, regardless of political affiliation, in the private sector to take a state job (union or not) and see for yourself that we are not living high on the hog like most people seem to think we are. Yes, there are overcompensated managers in some departments, but the rank-and-file are not under-worked and over-paid.

    This issue just further proves that the sheeple blindly follow what the talking heads say. Come over to our side and see the not-so-green grass before blindly assuming that state employees are the root of all evil.

    I have no need for a union, as I agree that they protect the stupid and some of their tactics are questionable…but that’s the unions, not the employees. The employees get shafted by the unions all the time, and shafted by the employer the rest of the time. It is a lose-lose scenario.

    1. John says:

      >>> I’m still waiting for all the “lavish” benefits that everyone thinks state employees get. I get paid less than the private sector, pay for my insurance, pay into my pension and do not get “unending” leave time

      So quit. I dare you. Join us here in the real world if it sucks so bad in unionland.

      No? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

      1. NotSoGreen says:

        Why would I quit? I like my job and do well at it. What does quitting serve to prove in your mind? That all my “lavish” provisions would be gone in your world? I would get paid more, probably contribute less towards everything and get bonuses. Sounds better, not worse, to me. Why don’t I? Because I like my job. It has nothing to do with job security, unions, politics or any other cause that the far left or far right come up with in their mind. I know this is hard for people to understand, but I actually like my job and it happens to be for the state. Whooptie-friggin-do. Go bark up the tree that has the losers that are sucking us all dry by collecting welfare and the like when they are perfectly capable of working.

        Every one can stop the “I pay your salary” comments as well. Did any of you sheeple ever stop to think that I pay the same fees and taxes that you do? In effect, I pay into my own salary and benefits. My wages leave the state, go into the bank, and some of that goes right back to the state for taxes and fees. I’m truly confused how every one thinks we are some different class of citizen than the rest of you.

        Finally, do you think that the non-represented “at-will” state employees are evil too, or just those that happen to be in a union?

    2. FloridaJoe55 says:

      Obviously none of us can really comment specifically on your particular job situation because we don’t know the details. All that can be said is, that just about every report, study, and statistical analysis says that for comparable jobs, union employee compensation is significantly higher than in the private sector.

      Also, can you explain how you think we the taxpayers get the best negotiated deals for our tax dollars when the ones negotiating on our behalf are bought and paid for by the same unions they are negotiating with?

    3. Dave says:

      Can’t find lavish? Visit the and search out school districts in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess or Orange counties. You’ll find 1000’s of teachers making $90k- $280k. My tax bill for these outrageous salaries and pensions are $9.6k for school and $4.3k for county for a modest 1800 sqft home with a small piece of land. Every year these people add 4%-12% just to keep this Union scam going while firing janitors, removing programs and claiming the money is for the kids. We have k-5 dodgeball teachers making $130k and music teachers at $125k in my town. Jersey, CT and much of the Notheast has this Union made problem. We are literally being taxed out of our homes to make sure these people retire healthy and wealthy. This has to end.

  24. rational says:

    The Democrates, teachers, and the labor unions have done themselves irreparable damage by their disgraceful behavior in the last days. And they don’t even get it. That’s why I quit my union.

  25. HardWorkingAvgJoe says:

    Here is the U.S. News and World Report Study Ranking Wisconsin High Schools as 44th out of 50 states.

    I would say the those democrats generally only have support from the hard core rank and file union members. Most regular people can see what these Democrats are doing is wrong and intolerable. The truth of the matter is if the unions lose power and some of their guaranteed union dues that fund those same campaigns of the democrats that fled the state are in jeopardy. That’s what this is all about. They are concerned about their own selfish interests.. Scott Walker is standing for EVERYONE in Wisonson.

  26. Union man says:

    Giving our tax dollars to bail out the rich is perfectly fine. But a teacher who wants to keep her pension is evil.

    1. Spiza says:

      Or both are evil?

    2. Patrick T. says:

      Talk to Obama about the bailout. He’s in YOUR union’s pocket. The teacher can retire on Social Security and take pain killers.

    3. Heywood says:

      Honestly Union man, go pound sand. Unions are a blight on our economy.

    4. nightwriter999 says:

      Wait, wait, wait… your guy, you know the communist??? spent trillions of dollars bailing out the unions and wall street… how did this become a Rebpublican bailout? We know who is paying for the communist in the white house, communists just like you!

    5. Me says:

      wow, you’re something else. these are two completely separate issues. besides that, in both cases, the support for spending the money in both cases was largely liberal-supported policies (yes, i know TARP was bush, but it was hardly a conservative move and very unsupported within the party).

  27. awill says:

    I’m looking forward to the candle light vigils. In requiem for the end of the union chokehold on the middle class.

  28. HardWorkingAvgJoe says:

    Elections do have consequences in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin legislature are standing up for all taxpayers of Wisconsin. God Bless them. I have never seen such a cowardly act as what the Democrats Senators that have done to flee the state to paralyze the government. They should all be fired. I know if I did that on my job I would be! What a disgrace they are. Hopefully their constituents are taking note so as to fire them in the next election. Wisconsin is broke and can no longer affort to pay these lavish benefits to the state government workers. Wisconsin union member pay on average a fraction of a penny on the dollar to their pensions and less than one quarter the private sector average towards their health care. This is unsustainable. Furthermore, the collective bargained protections for teachers based on seniority and not on performance is causing many of the best teachers to be lost, hurting the children of Wisconsin in the process. Wisconsin ranks 44th out of 50 states in Education. I respect the people of Wisconsin wanting positive change and improvements for their children. Thank you Governor Scott Walker for having the courage to provide the leadership necessary to fix our broken government !

    1. WI Union Worker says:

      Where are you getting that number 44, Joe? Because actually, Wisconsin’s ranked above average.

      And those democrats have a ton of support.

      1. FloridaJoe55 says:

        I have to agree with WI Union Worker ! ! !

        Everyone supporting public sector unions, but most especially teachers’ unions needs to visit that web link. The stats do show WI students do place above the national averae academically. However, they also show that only 33% and 45% of WI 4th graders are proficient in reading and math respectiveily. And, for 8th graders — 34% and 39% respectively. Guess you could argue that the longer you leave your kids with the folks doing all the yelling on the floor of the WI state house, the worse off they are. Worse news — it’s about the same all over the nation. But, hey, teachers unions say it’s all about the kids.

      2. HardWorkingAvgJoe says:

        Here is the U.S. News and World Report Study Ranking Wisconsin High Schools as 44th out of 50 states.

  29. John says:

    >>> Union officials paint the issue as an assault on the middle class

    No, just an assault on unions BY the middle class. We are sick of paying for your gold-plated retirements that start at 50 and your bloated benefits package and your endless paid time-off.

    The gravy train is gone! Time for the union vampires to come live in the real world!

  30. Mark says:

    Crony-ism is bad medicine in all its forms.

    Would you agree that we should not allow criminals to give a share of their take to the police?

    It’s the same thing with public employee unions and politicians. How can you expect honest laws and contracts when both sides are allowed to grease each other? Human nature ensures that this will be taken advantage of and thus should be prohibited.

    1. WI Union Worker says:

      Mark, if you’re saying you’d like to see a world in which nobody can endorse political candidates (meaning private companies and private interests can’t pay for their campaigns, and neither can unions), I think you’re right– that would eliminate the whole problem. We’d have a lot less corruption in general. The second anyone can be “paid off” to vote one way or another, we’ve lost the integrity of our entire political system.

      1. Mark says:

        Exactly, corny-ism is bad no matter who does it and that includes business and individuals. It distorts everything and we all loose. That is the basis for the principle of the Rule of Law, “When the precise effects of government policy on particular people are known, where the government aims directly at such particular effects, in cannot help knowing these effects, and therefore it cannot be impartial. It must, of necessity, take sides, impose its valuations upon people and, instead of assisting them in the advancement of their own ends, choose the ends for them.”
        The Road to Sefdom, F.A. Hyek

  31. John says:

    Bargining rights are a basic right that every American gets according to the constition–read it before you call youself an expert! Unions are the victims of greddy companys and those republicans and tea baggers. Union workers work very hard to make this country great others are always trying to destroy unions and workers. I had teachers in school that were in the teachers unions and they were the best teachers. Because of the great union teachers and unions, I was able to get a good paying job.

    1. Mark says:

      More like you were able to get a good job in spite of the unionized teachers.

      Until teachers work on the merit system and each student has a choice of schools to go to the schools are a monopoly that needs to be broken.

    2. FloridaJoe55 says:

      It’s been awhile since I read it, but where exactly does it mention “bargining rights” in the U.S. Constitution? And, I don’t think anyone is saying union workers don’t work hard. They probably don’t have to work as hard as some others who’s jobs and any bonuses depend on their performance and merit versus just showing up and seniority.

      Can you explain how you think we the taxpayer get the best negotiated deals for our dollars when the folks making the deals with the unions are bought and paid for by the unions? That’s the whole problem.

      I assume you’re against monoplies which we’ve outlawed or strictly control so they don’t gouge the consumer. How’s a public sector union any different threatening essential public services and disruption to our society?

      Finally, as far as teachers’ unions — just look at how those folks. It’s really not a wonder our kids aren’t learning to read, much less the values that made America great.

    3. SJM says:

      after reading your post, apparently those great union teachers failed you

    4. awill says:

      Well, given your grammar and spelling abilities, I’m able to believe that you were in fact taught by Union member teachers.

    5. Patrick T. says:

      Clearly, you have made your union teachers proud.

    6. Sandy says:

      Obviously, your spelling teacher was not the best. Unions and their bosses are out for themselves, and they are sucking the economy dry.
      The constitution says nothing about collective bargaining rights. I have a copy right here.
      I have a good paying job because I worked hard in school, in college and on the job. We no longer want to pay for your inflated salaries and gold-plated benefits. The public unions have been exposed, and there is no going back.

    7. Robert says:

      Really, exactly where in the Constitution do you find this “Mythical” right? Please cite the Article and Section……

    8. Joe says:

      Obviously you had the best teachers in school. I mean, look at the spelling and the structure of your response. I would like to know exactly where in the Constitution does it cite collective union bargaining rights as a basic human rights of every American.

    9. irene says:

      show me where in the US Consititution where you get a “right ” to have a union or collective bargaining . you make me laff. hehehehehehheh. I sure hope you are not a school teacher. Union are cults bottom line kool aid drinker. go get some fresh air and educate yourself with some new knowledge.

  32. 908Patriot says:

    Labor unions are leaches on society. Show me one industry where the labor union has made it better. Sure, the union members get a better salary and working conditions but then, the company gets tired of paying for the slackers and the jobs move someplace else. Then, the union member starts sucking off the teat of the taxpayer. Good riddance!

    1. Union Worker says:

      If you look at education, the states with the lowest SAT/ACT scores are also the states where there are no collective bargaining rights for teachers.

  33. Capt Renault says:

    More of these taxeaters still protesting? Do these people ever have to go to work? How do I get a deal like that?

    Oh, that’s right. I’m just a taxpayer. All I get to do is work — to pay this crowd so they can afford to mill around and squawk about their “right” to demand more and more days off.

    Clearly they’re not needed at work. Lay them all off. No, dock their pay, THEN lay them all off.

  34. Votersofny says:

    I’m tired of paying for union workers’ health insurance and pensions as my own as well. Why should they get to retire at an early age when I have to work until I’m 70? That’s what a two-class system is morons. Who do you people think you are just because you belong to a union? I’m not paying anymore. I’ve quit my job and will work off the books from now on. You union thugs will nto get any more of my money, start paying your own way for a change.

  35. Tom W says:

    Socialism around the world has died. It’s inevitable that it will die in the US, too.

    Can’t wait for PA to deal with these parasites just like WI is….

  36. Tom says:

    How many of the useful union idiots are wearing UNION MADE by US worker clothing in this picture? How many really stop to think what this thuggery does to their image and to their fellow Americans., Unless they are actually Commie plants and NOT Americans at all.

    Union my ass. The leadership will sacrifice the rank and file for their own pleasures.

  37. Jason says:

    Hey Union Worker from Wisonconsin. What do you mean you are not affliliated? If you are a public union member, what party do you think your dues support????

    One fact everyone should be able to admit: The lavish beneifits and bargaining “rights” these union types are so outraged about losing, are far better than anything most of the taxpayers get. To claim this is some kind of victimization is ridiculous. The people don’t have those “rights”, so why do the govt employees have to have them?

    1. Public Union Worker From Wisconsin says:

      I know perfectly well what party my union dues support, and I don’t get to choose that.

      And I’m sorry, but the lavish benefits? Our salaries are lower than the private sector, and most of us only can afford these jobs BECAUSE we have benefits. What do you live on, Jason? I live on $10,300 a year. (See this chart: We don’t deserve more than anyone else, but we do deserve the right to defend ourselves. This bill strips our ability to bargain for everything but our SALARIES. Benefits aside- call them “lavish” or whatever you want- this also strips us of our ability to bargain for WORKPLACE SAFETY, HOURS and PROPER TRAINING.

      1. John says:

        Save it for the news cameras. Maybe they’ll believe it.

        Union workers are overpaid vampires draining the public dry. If it sucks so much, come get a job here in the real world. I dare you.

      2. WI Union Worker says:

        I’m looking for one, John. And it doesn’t change my feelings on the subject.

      3. Erin says:

        SO WHAT? There are millions of us out here who cannot bargain for our salaries OR or benefits. What does that say about us? Why should you have more rights that the other American workers? What makes you so special? We are sick and tired of paying more so that you can have your increases and your benefits. Jealous, you bet! But it doesn’t change the fact that your work is no more important or better than mine. Either every American is given union rights and benefits, or no one on is! Equality for all, right?

  38. A Union Worker from Wisconsin says:

    I’m a public worker in Wisconsin, and do not affiliate with either party. This isn’t about our budget up here. This is about one party silencing the other. The unions in Wisconsin are the only organizations who routinely fund the Democratic candidates- out of the top ten PACs in Wisconsin, seven fund Republican candidates. If our governor can eliminate the unions here, he has NO competition.

    You can pound or fists and complain about taxes all you want, but here’s a HUGE chomping point for all of you: the labor unions have ALREADY AGREED to pay the additional amounts into their pensions and health benefits. They’re not arguing that– they’re arguing for their right to exist. Look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 23.4.

    Get your facts, people. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I don’t want this to happen to your citizens too. Otherwise, it’ll be “Welcome to One-Party Wisconsin” for all of you.

    1. John says:

      I agree. I have been a union worker for many many years now. The union has protected me from the greddy corportion i’ve been a slave to. I have saw several times when a greddy compenys has tried to stick it to us workers who are only trying to provide for our familys. Some people out their thinks that we are overpaid but they need to try doing a union job to realy see what its like. If it wasn’t for the unions, you non union workers would not make two much either. Remember this you’re pay is higher because of unions even if you is not in a union.

      1. Erin says:

        Horse pucky!

    2. nightwriter999 says:

      Sorry, union worker. You lost the American taxpayer when you started holding us hostage for better salaries and benefits than we get. You are nothing but thugs now. If you PRODUCED, maybe the taxpayer would reconsider, but the union schools are failing, the only garbage collectors that actually work are private, the only snow plows that are efficient are private, ad naseum. Tell me, what exactly is it you bring to the table besides bureaucracy and mediocity?

      1. Union Worker from Wisconsin says:

        Nightwriter999, I pay taxes too. I pay a buttload of taxes.

        And I’m a teacher. I’m a teacher with teaching awards, whose student ratings were a 3.8 out of 4. If that’s mediocrity for you, let’s compare resumes.

    3. Pat says:

      I think labor unions in the private sector are a good and healthy thing. Government unions just don’t make sense. Yes, I’ve heard the arguments for and against, and I’m 100% in agreement with the reasons to oppose it and don’t agree with a single reason to support it. There are far too many people in the public sector and far too many of those take employment for granted. Time for government workers to work a fair share and pay a fair share. I’m sick and tired of being their slave.

    4. James says:

      If Democrats have nothing but Unions to lean on to get elected then they are afflicted by their own overall weakness as candidates.

      The Union programs have already put most states in a dire economic state. It’s too late now to decide to chip in and contribute. This is not about a state becoming one party. It’s about removing an unnecessary entitlement program created by Unions and Democrats. One that should force Unions to participate in their own pensions and health care completely without tax payer assistance.

    5. Patrick T. says:

      I haven’t heard the Governor of Wisconsin, or any other politician, propose eliminating unions or even collective bargaining. That talk comes from union leaders who cannot win an argument with the truth.

      And you can keep your UN declarations, thank you. This happens to be the United States. Our Constitution may be unpopular with you, but the sad fact (for your bosses) is that the United States leads the world — and has always lead the world — in support of human rights. Your UN is a joke and, like your government unions, is just another hand in the pockets of productive Americans.

      You are free in this country to support any political party or candidate you choose.

      1. Union Worker says:

        You haven’t heard the Governor of Wisconsin propose eliminating collective bargaining? No, you haven’t. You’ve heard the Governor of Wisconsin propose eliminating collective bargaining rights on every issue but salary (workplace safety, hours, benefits, training) for the unions who didn’t pay him into office.

        Also, collective bargaining is only our right to ASK for these things, let alone get them. Salary is the only thing we’re allowed to ask for. And that can’t be above the rate of inflation.

        You’re kidding yourself, Patrick.

    6. FloridaJoe55 says:

      It’s not just about the concession the unions just made, which still doesn’t bring their compensation packages anywhere near in line with the private sector. It’s about future negotiations and the county and city governments as well. Once the state sends them less money, each local government will have to battle its unions.

      Also, you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! Lessening the power of a labor union should not spell the end of a politicla party. Can you explain how you think we the taxpayer get the best negotiated deals for our dollars when the folks making the deals with the unions are bought and paid for by the unions? That’s the whole problem.

      I assume you’re against monoplies which we’ve outlawed or strictly control so they don’t gouge the consumer. How’s a public sector union any different threatening essential public services and disruption to our society?

      Finally, as far as teachers’ unions — just look at how those folks. It’s really not a wonder our kids aren’t learning to read, much less the values that made America great.

    7. Mark says:

      It’s about stopping the politicians from funneling buckets of money to unions who then funnel a percentage right back to the people who provided the money in the first place.

      There is a word for that, corruption i think.

    8. Pensieve says:

      I get it, “Union Worker.” It’s like we’re in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, and all of us are Elmer Fudd and you’re Bugs, right?

      Bugs tells Elmer something like: “Now I want you to back the public-employee unions, see? After all, they take as much money from you as they can – and who needs money?” (Elmer nods yes, and then gets wary and starts shaking his head – he knows something is wrong.) “Now listen Doc,” persists Bugs, lowering his voice in that confiding way of his, “if you support those unions, those unions can support the Democrats, see? And after that – the Democrats will support the unions. And then you can have higher taxes!”

      When the befuddled Elmer Taxpayer somehow finds himself vigorously shaking hands on the deal with Bugs, Bugs turns to the camera and leers, “What a maroon!”

      That’s all, folks!”

      1. WI Union Worker says:

        I’m sorry Pensieve, but you don’t fund the existence of my union. I pay for that. Out of my paycheck. In the column right next to my taxes.

    9. Beth in NJ says:

      Thanks for your concern, but we’ll be just fine taking care of ourselves- so will you (or maybe not if you’re not a man and you need daddy union to take care of your family for you….)

      1. WI Union Worker says:

        Sexism aside, I’m sorry Beth, I didn’t know we’d been acquainted! How else could you claim to know so much about my gender, marital status, and family life? Jeez, if I’da known I’d say we should catch up some time!

    10. double_TAP2011 says:

      Nonsense. Gov. Walker’s bill won’t destroy the unions in Wisconsin; it limits what they can and can’t bargain over. And the unions would still be paying less than half of the national average towards their health care and pensions.

  39. Sandy says:

    Buh bye, union thugs. There are more of us than there are of you–and now we are on to you. Get those fake sick notes ready–you will need them!

    1. Pappione says:

      Love your last sentence Sandy! So true :D

  40. Pensieve says:

    “Union officials paint the issue as an assault on the middle class.” That’s rich. They’ll have to come up with something better than that!

    Who are the ones assaulting the middle class? The unions, who are demanding that the taxpayers foot the bill for cushy pensions the rest of the middle class don’t have themselves.

    By the way, who lost all the industry and manufacturing from our shores, which were traditionally sources of wage-earning for the middle class? Yep, the unions.

  41. Pappione says:

    Goodbye unions! We won’t miss you! And once your sheep wake up, they won’t either!

  42. R Lewis says:

    There is a reason FDR was adamently against public employee unions. Americans cannot afford to get snookered by Trumpka and his thugs by allowing private and public worker unions to be lumped together….apples and oranges. In the private sector….there are 3 players at the bargaining table: the company, the unions and indirectly, the marketplace (consumers of that company’s goods or services)….If the prices are too high, the consumer says ouch, and keeps them half-ass honest. Not so with public workers and collective bargaining. The taxpayor (the consumer who should keep them honest) has no seat at the table. There are no pressure points where the taxpayer can say Ouch….taxes just go up until the union side is satisfied. This entire debate is not union busting…it is a taxpayor revolt against taxation without representation….Ever heard that phrase before? Limit that public union so that it has a newsletter and can “REQUEST” pay and benefit increases…not demand them.

  43. Markangelo says:

    The Articles of Confederation did not work;
    so a Union of American States was formed
    with a constitution providing collective
    bargaining for the protection of the
    smaller states from the bigger.
    One Civil War was enough for this country.
    The Tea Party are Rebels
    The strong protect the weak !!

    1. Dan says:

      This may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. And yes, I’ve read FDR’s second bill of rights.

  44. Haydn says:

    NJ has the highest taxes in the country. Get rid of these unions!

  45. Rocco Henderson says:

    Out tax dollars shouldn’t go into the pockets of greedy union-leader fat cats.

    Public employees in states having right-to-work laws seem to be doing just fine.

  46. sailingStu says:

    I guess you missed the story about the NJTP toll collector who made over 300k last year. He REALLY made a diffence (in the turnpike toll rates).

  47. nightwriter999 says:

    These are our public “servants?” Our tax dollars pay their salaries and now they hold their employers hostage. They refuse to work, they picket, they complain, they get much, much better salaries and benefits than the rest of us! When did the American taxpayer become the surfs, working to support the liberal elite ruling class? Why are we putting up with this? When is it going to stop?

  48. SamIanTwo says:

    Regan directed the force to contract out the lower grades and services back in the day.

    In 1995 or so a data call came in asking for metrics. The goal was to contract out 50%.

    NO ONE was asking and watching the contracting out activity. I have no ideal what it was but was told virtually everything had been contracted out. The gov’t as far as contracting out the “contracting officer’s position” and later determined that the position was directly tied to president. The contracting officer in the federal gov’t is the only one who can “OBLIGATE” appropriated and approved.funds.

    This is why you see the average salary being as high as they state. No analysis given but now you know that the federal managers were doing less and less till they were doing everything with no one.

    IT IS SPENDING for the feds and the states are JUST NOW getting a clue. The FEDs told the states back in the 80’s they need to control their costs. You can tell them the location, but you can’t direct them to the water.

  49. Patrick T. says:

    Unions are largely responsible for the trouble this country is in. It is almost a cliche how unions are tied to organized crime and communists, and it is finally becoming clear that the cliches are appropriate. With their international affiliations, unions have no loyalty to the US, no concern for maintaining liberty and freedom, and will not rest until they have sucked the life out of the producers of this country. Then the Obamas of the world will come to “rescue” us. No, thanks. It’s time for the unions to go away and for union members to start working for a living.

    1. James says:

      i agreed with you.

      Union is a blame for US.

  50. Jody from NYC says:

    Welcome to the recession Union Thugs!

  51. Joey says:

    Radio ad up in North Jersey this morning by some angry Union thug “promoting unity with WI unions” goes on to say… nay yell over the radio “If we have to work until we’re 65 then you [everyone non union] have to work until you’re 85!!!”

    Its just to bad that the rest of us non-union schmoes have to work so hard to pay for their benefits and retirements… otherwise we could call in sick and protest their destruction of our states

    1. Patrick T. says:

      I heard that ad, too, in New York. It was some clown who sounded like an indignant crackhead welfare recipient having his check stopped. It was a response to Bloomberg’s budget cuts. Just another case of some people thinking they are owed a living by the rest of us. I think they should fire half of all unionized government workers right now — fire, not lay off — and if the other half can’t get the job done, fire them, too. There are plenty of people out there who want to work, and all of them are probably twice as qualified and ten times as motivated as any current government employee.

  52. SamIanTwo says:

    It is funny to see the fat-cats protest. Guaranteed health and retirement…federal gov’t is happy to be in a public type of retirement and a family of 4 contribute 30% to their health benefits.

    FERS kicked in back in 1986. The feds killed this one years ago and not a whisper was herd.

    I can’t wait till the real tax payers kick it. Unions trying to drive up membership. ROtFLMAO

  53. JJ says:

    It’s not surprising that 21st century welfare queens attract union backing. Have they lined up their sick notes yet ?

  54. astralweeks says:

    There was a union rally in Atlanta the other day. Union members were going around passing out Communist Party of America propaganda. Not surprised at all.

  55. astralweeks says:

    Was Snooki there to show her support for the IBTBE, The International Brotherhood of Tanning Bed Employees?

  56. Scully says:

    Has anyone noticed how much time union members have to protest? Who has that kind of time….oh yeah, public union workers.

  57. sean patriot says:

    Oh THATS RIGHT ShOW your unity for your mafia masters.

  58. David Hines says:

    Wow. This is a good thing. I really think they should model this gathering after the Jim Jones get together event…… aid anyone?

  59. Crotte says:

    This is better known by its real name MORONS CONVENTION.

  60. Bill says:

    the sooner union contributions to political parties are made illegal the better; right now the unions are little more than a cash machine for the democrats and they return the favor by expanding public sector jobs ad infinitum. it needs to stop as soon as possible because as a previous poster pointed out the tail is indeed wagging the dog…

  61. jim says:

    Gee whiz, apparently it never occurred to the greedy union thugs robbing the hard working taxpayers blind that one day said taxpayers would wake up and throw a fit and demand accountability from their elected representatives to stop the insanity.

  62. Willy Brown says:

    The days of thug greed is over. Buh bye union dinosaurs

    1. JB says:

      As a former private sector worker who gave up a very good career to take a job with the State of New Jersey (and join a union) I can tell you the view from both sides.
      Despite the governor’s claim of “union rich contracts”, I can tell you that I make less now then I did 10 years ago. But what I took this job for was not the money, but for the reward of the difference I make in a life.
      To quote a news report from this morning, the average resident of New Jersey makes $45,000 a year, while the average union worker makes $47,000 a year (far less then the $50 an hour a previous poster mentioned). Which is not a very large gap especially when you consider that the unions are comprised of teachers, police officers, fire fighters, public transportation workers, social workers and so on. These are the people educating our children, keeping us safe, shuttling us to and from work, relatives homes and Dr’s appointments and providing help to those who are so very much in need.
      Most of us work long hours, in sometimes unpleasant conditions and are rarely recognized for what we do. There are no employee of the month luncheons, no top performer vacations, no team building days off. Just an enormous amount of public (and internal) scrutiny when things aren’t 100% perfect.
      And remember, most of us are residents of New Jersey too. We pay the property taxes and the income taxes as well. But unlike a lot of my fellow residents, we also work in New Jersey, keeping our money here. Supportiing the economy. We don’t drive over the bridge to work in Philadelphia or the suburbs or hop the train to New York. Everything we do at work, even on our lunch break, supports the Great State of New Jersey.
      We work hard for New Jersey and we appreciate your support for us.

      1. Ron says:

        gosh, I can feel tears welling up in my eyes…

      2. RufusVonDufus says:


        You took the tears right out of my ducts!

      3. publiccrybabiessuk says:

        That is not both sides. You also cannot compare pay, you must compare pay + benefits. People in the private sector make a difference also. Public sector does not equal public service. This is a myth perpetrated by unions and left wing media.

        You took an easier job with less hours more benefits and greater job security. You are no martyr or saint. If you don’t like you pay package quit. We can replace you in a hearbeat.

      4. CW says:

        The difference is a union employee brings home that 47k where as a private sector employee pays for their own HC and gets 1/2 the time off. Your statement proves the point.

      5. JB says:

        I fail to see where I complained about my pay. I stated that the gap was not as wide as most believe. Additionally my health insurance was roughly 20 dollars extra every two weeks compared to what I pay now. Again, not exactly a big difference. And as for time off, I get less time off now then at any other profdessional job I ever worked at.
        My job is far from easier and comes with far more hours, but the benefit of making a difference to those who couldn’t afford it outweigh the negative aspects.
        The assumptions that have been made show that few are aware of the facts but are quick to recite retoric.
        The only thing that may be true is that their is more job security. And that is what a union is for. To support you. They don’t provide you with some free pass to act as you please, but they make sure you are treated fairly. Far too many people in the private sector are “at will” employees and far too many companies abuse that loophole to practice descrimination of varying degrees. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came to your defense when your boss tries to force you out the door because he thinks you are too old? Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen.
        And certainly there are aspects of the private sector that make a difference, I never said there weren’t. But do you want to make all police and fire departments private? All schools private? All social work for the elderly private? All road work private? Let me know who is left that can afford to pay for each of these things on their own. Until then, we work together as a state and provide our residents with some of the best programs in the country.

      6. Alien5 says:

        You want me to feel bad for you? Are you friggin serious?
        I do exatly what you do and pay for health care and retirement
        Blow it out your ass

      7. Pensieve says:

        Where to begin? You are paying taxes into the pot, “Willy,” because you have to like the rest of us, but unlike most of us, you are taking out much more than you take in.

        Yada, yada, we are supposed to believe you took this job merely because you wanted to make a difference in life, but unless that selfless “reward” is coupled with benefits that the rest of us don’t get, you’re up in arms. So, what’s it all about – helping others or keeping the cushy benefits at our expense?

        Oh the pity of it – no top performer vacations and special luncheons??? Are you serious? How widespread is THAT in the private sector?

        Can you give me ONE reason why we should kick in 94% of your health care costs???

        If your career is really about making a difference, demand to your union leaders that you pay your fair share. We may even then end up having enough money to pay for teachers to reduce those class sizes, thus helping the kiddies you guys claim it’s all about – and – bonus! More people can keep their teaching jobs! How generous would that be?

        Oh, by the way – public sector people “make a difference” too. That’s what all work is about – making a difference – otherwise, no one would pay anything for it.

  63. Dennis D says:

    How did these unions get permission from the Gambino Family to protest?

  64. betsp says:

    Do your thing Democrats….scream, yell, organize all the homeless people, punch people, cuss at people, disrupt everything….the bills will still be passed and the budgets will still be balanced. Obama and crew are laughing because their dream of chaos is at hand. They didn’t expect the US people to stand against them. We outnumber the radical left and we pay the salaries of these ‘workers’. So, do your thing, then either go back to work or quit.

  65. Andrew Turner says:

    Sorry union workers we can’t afford the generous benefit packages AND equally generous salaries. I lost 77% of my retirement in 2007with the stockmarket. In the real world if you are salary you are not entitled to overtime. Unions however seem to abuse the overtime thing, ask any public official that deals with police budgets

    1. Ant says:

      Finally someone brought up my biggest complaint. There is no such thing as overtime when you work on salary. Some of these cops are doubling their income with OT. You want the benefits, fine. You want the pension, fine. But, you cant sit here and make 100+ thousand a year and ask for the civilian’s sympathy. ridiculous.

  66. bobmac says:

    Gee,I hope they don’t get pnemonia.

  67. Born in the USA says:

    How come nobody is working. Great job if you have a union job

  68. wake up people says:

    In Nj it is a legal obligation of state workers to pay into the pension system. It is also a legal obligation for the state even though it has not been done in approx 11 of the last 13 years. This state relies on the pension system as we have seen when past Governors took the money out of it to pay other obligations. Yes years ago the state workers bailed us out, and it was never replaced. That is why the pension system is in trouble. Not because of union workers, they have consistently made payments, Nj would be in even worse shape if they didn’t. Ask the governor to require new employees to go into a private 401k plan, see what his response to that is! As far as health insurance, in the process of negotiations many union workers did not take high raises to keep their benefits. This governor would like you to believe that teachers make so much money, he tends to give the public salaries of north jersey districts! Look at your schools in south jersey, these districts do not make near what they do up there. When contracts are negotiated and you sign up for certain perks in a job, they should not be ripped away in the middle of the game! You want to change the rules, you change it for new hires, not those who now are going to lose money. We had some of the best schools in the country and they are being torn apart. People pay for education, its what makes us a better country. Again come down to South Jersey this summer and when you go to a seasonal restaurant ask your server or bartender what they do and dont be surprised if they are teachers, they need to work to make ends meet. My brother in law in the private sector will have made by the end of February what a teacher down here makes “for the 10 months they work.” Union workers are taxpayers too. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc. average more an hour than some state workers. No one complains about that. Governor Christie hides the facts and only gives the worst situations in Nj. Only 10% of schools are failing. We were one of the top in the country. He is not trying to cut the fat from the top, he is going after the little people! There are so many ways to help in this situation if he decided to listen. County wide superintendents and school boards. New hires go to private pensions to name a few, but you don’t change the rules of the game because you don’t like the players!

    1. bustdaunions says:

      The rules were written by democrats who basically worked for the unions. F^^k the rules. Rip away all the racketeered graft that is public employee pensions. Tell the public employees to get in the failed Democrat-planned SSI line like the rest of us. And give states the right to file Bankruptcy.

      Trumpka is an anti-American Marxist prick.

  69. BobNY says:

    Ah yes. Let the Union gang leaders gather the sheep to do their bidding.

  70. RC says:

    Tom, you sound very unhappy with that miserable 60-something an hour work week with 1 vacation every 2 years,,,,Happy Friday!

  71. Adheeb M. says:

    I’m a recently retired New Jersey state employee and I do agree that modifications to the benefit package will require adjustment. However, the public for the most part, is unaware that state employees do contribute into the pension fund their entire career. They do not have an option to ‘opt out’. For many, many years the state government DID NOT contribute into the fund as agreed to in the contract. In fact, during Christie Whitman’s administration, the state government TOOK MONEY OUT of the pension fund… money that was not theirs.

    State pensions aren’t REALLY the gravy train they’re portrayed to be … state workers contribute money they’ve earned into the pot. Too bad state government hasn’t.

    1. RufusVonDufus says:


      Why don’t the NJ state workers insist that their state rep’s pass a law disallowing the governor to use those funds for other things and if they don’t, vote them out as that is all they understand anyway. The biggest abusers of state money are the politicians. Vote them out!

    2. alien5 says:

      So why do you keep voting the democrats into office?
      So trumpka and your elected democrats can continue to fundTHEIR Gravy Train
      Wake up you lemmings

  72. Misty Wolfe says:

    These protesters are probably made up of the army of the millions of unemployed that Obama created. The union workers are working, the unions always pay homeless and unemployed $10/hr to protest so the workers will not miss work at $50/hr.

  73. tom says:

    Teacher unions are not our kings, queens or bosses. They are hired by the taxpayers. So for whatever jobs they are taking that they do not happy with it then find other jobs that they like. Don’t ever let these people demand their meals, drinks, healthcares and vacations by you, the taxpayer, Many places and so many students that gorvement spend so much time and money in return almost nothing, Now it is time for you, taxpayers to stand firm and fight for at least your children and your nation and against such bad behaviors of these people. I myself have worked many years 64 hours a week, take one vacation in every two years then why I have to use my money for these people who did really poorly jobs. And I warantee you if you fire all these teachers you are going to find very fine new. loving, responsible teachers not these kinds of day time thieves cahood with democrat politicians thugs and the media pimps everyday. It is sick and sad. You taxpayers hire them to do the jobs if they wanted and you, taxpayer can fire those who are not do their jobs well. They are not your kings, queens, or bosses

  74. Uncle Sam says:

    The taxpayers need to form a union and make their own demands. If we don’t like the offer then we go on strike. We withhold our tax payments until our demands are met.


    1. Born in the USA says:

      we have its called the Tea Party

  75. RC says:

    And if you get your way, ( which you will not ) – it is you who will be next. And stop splitting hairs, they are called sick days, and you get’em too. I notice you are posting your comment during work hours. Seriously , you trust government over unions who fight for job safety and decent livings? I say the idiots are next.

    1. Uncle Sam says:

      My wife is a member of a union of government workers. She has seen minimal improvement since the union appeared on the scene but pays more than $800.00 annual dues. When she went to the union to request help from the union in dealing with management on a handicap ADA issue the union rep said the union not interested in helping just one person.

    2. lol says:

      Typical union thug making threats and name calling. I am posting because I am retired not because I get a bunch of free sick days regardless if I am sick or not.

  76. KarlQ says:

    Must have education vouchers …. with the power flowing to the parents to determine school for their child. End the government monopoly on education and the teacher’s union strangle hold in response to that monopoly.

    Kids would be better educated, schools would multiply and specialize, parents would become more involved, responsible and satisfied…. and the best teachers would be better paid!

    1. TeachersUnionsHurtKids says:


  77. +1 4 Cristie says:

    Even FDR had sense enough that it would be a big mistake to allow unions into the public sector, and next to Carter, he was one of the worst democratic presidents we’ve ever had.

  78. SirGareth says:

    The taxpayers need to form a union and make their own demands. If we don’t like the offer then we go on strike. We withhold our tax payments until our demands are met.


  79. Gus Davis says:

    Do unions ever get any work done? This explains why it is so expensive to use union labor and why the jobs take forever. Get back to work and maybe you’d get more respect.

  80. Greg Miller says:

    These union guys just don’t get it…their day is done…the public realizes what thieves they are and the public (aka majority) is getting tired of it.

    1. Paco says:

      I could not agree more. They don’t seem to get the fact that the party is over, and they must now do what non-union workers have done all their lives….Pay their own way.

  81. BrainWashMePlease says:


  82. JK in Joizey says:

    I say we should ALL unionize. Anyone, anybody, all kinds of workers, and all ask for the SAME pay and benefits as the public workers. That way who are they going to squeeze? Surely, we can’t squeeze ourselves to prosperity?

  83. Chris Riley says:

    One can only wonder how much longer members of LABOR unions which represent workers in the private sector such as the teamsters, carpenters steelworkers etc, will support the political activities of LEISURE unions like the NEA,AFSCME SEIU etc. that are working to destroy the private sector that LABOR unions workers depend on.

  84. fedup says:

    If they don’t show for work then FIRE THEM. The gravy train has left the station and it is over. We will no longer support the government workers who PRODUCE NOTHING. We should cut the size of government in HALF and they should end the pension program altogether. They should start 401Ks for the government workers and not contribute more than 3%– like in the private sector. It is over and there is no more money to make the government workers wealthy on the backs of the taxpayers.

    1. ranbo says:

      fedup – anyone hired by the Fed Gov in the last 30 years is on a type of 401K retirement now. The old retirement system was revamped in the ’80s.

  85. stevens says:

    There is a SERIOUS tail-wagging-the-dog problem in this country. Labor unions will, eventually, be exposed for the thugs and criminals that they are. More and more MEMBERS will start to admit (as I have) that the unions methods and motives are not honorable. Public service employees will have to admit their rights are protected by law, not by thugs. They should keep their money, unio dues are merely a political mechanism, they do not help their members. To other union members…do NOT buy into what union leadership tells you.

  86. Guess Who says:

    Are these thugs playing hooky on the taxpayer’s dime while they are protesting? Well, they’re next.

Comments are closed.

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