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Holy Family Coach Resigns

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The embattled basketball coach at Holy Family University, who came under fire after a videotaped incident at practice, has resigned.

John O’Connor met with his players Thursday night and told them he was stepping down.

This action followed a whirlwind day Thursday in which the coach and sophomore Matt Kravchuk appeared on Good Morning America (see related story).

The coach apologized for knocking Kravchuk to the floor during a January 25th practice, bloodying his nose. Kravchuk refused to accept the apology.

Also Thursday, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office announced there would be no criminal charges in the case. Jack S. Cohen, Kravchuk’s attorney, says O’Connor’s resignation is unfortunate for everyone.

“It’s a sad situation for my client who didn’t want to be in this situation,” he said. “It’s a sad situation for the coach. And I had wished that the university would have dealt with this in the appropriate measures early on.”

Cohen says if the university had acted sooner, the incident would not have become the media frenzy that it did.  The university had no comment.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Chip Snapper says:

    Well put Yusuf…..You are obviously a smart & rational man. I totally agree with you!

  2. Yusuf Stridiron says:

    This was bologna!!!!!!!!!! I’ve seen kids, teenagers get hit harder than than that, and if people is calling that a kick then they never have been kicked before. if you are a parent and you want your children to play sports let me advise you of this. Its a contact sport. If you don’t want your “baby” to get hurt don’t have him play sports especially if you know your child have no heart! let him be a cheerleader or play an instrument just do something else besides sports.

  3. LockJaw says:

    Grow some stones, Mr. West………………………………

  4. Chewbaca says:

    Andrew, maybe you can coach the cheerleading team or pep band this kid should join. It’s a PHYSICAL sport……PLEASE quit whinning!

  5. Andrew West says:

    I can’t tell u the number of times I have seen this happen or have had it happen to me…all with the excuse of “toughening the kids up.” I don’t play sports as an adult because of the abuse I faced as a youth and teenager. It’s time more parents stood up for their kids and coaches were brought to task for this stuff.

  6. flynnstones says:

    Again..O’Connor ACTIONS set this in motion people, your all guilty as the Coach-take some personal responsibilty for it! Read Holy Familys Philosophy on their team sports page…I rest my case ( take personal responsibility is a core value) This Coach is done! I coach youth sports and if that stuff happened–your gone period. Why? A coaches action sets it all in motion-understand now? Case closed! Kravchuk isn’t the fall guy, O’Connor is…..

    1. sween01 says:

      flynnstones: Through all of your bluster, it appears that you are pro-Kravchuk and anti-O’Connor…so it comes as no surprise that you don’t even appear to know what “fall guy” means. “Fall guy” means “victim”, or “scapegoat”. You contradicted yourself, genius.

  7. george says:

    what a bozo… this guy must have been watching videos of bobby knight… if bobby knight were an teacher instead of a basketball coach, he would still be in prison… but, no, he was a winning coach… i want all parents to stand up who would allow anyone to treat their son this way… i promise you this, if that was my son, that man would be in a whole lot of real trouble… and i do not mean with the law… i am from the street… i would settle this my own way….

  8. sween01 says:

    OK, here’s the deal: The coach was just trying to teach the player to be tough when battling for a rebound. The force with which he shoved him was no worse than a hard shove that he might face in a game. The coach did not kick the player. He used his foot to nudge the player, encouraging him to get up and get back into the action, because in a game, the whistle isn’t necessarily blown when someone goes to the floor. You can clearly see that the coach neither wound up with his leg, nor followed through with his leg. He held back. That said, the coach did a poor job of expressing himself on Good Morning America. He contradicted himself, probably because he didn’t really believe that he did anything wrong. I don’t believe he did anything wrong either. The player now claims that he’s too injured to play. Maybe so, but if sounds fishy. If he’s too injured to play, how/why did he continue to practice in the days following the incident? He’s being a litigious wuss. The whole thing really should have been a non-incident, but the coach is now out of a job, and the player is going to find it very difficult, if not impossible, to be accepted onto another team. I certainly wouldn’t want him on my team.

    1. Yup says:

      Couldn’t agree more sir. Well said

  9. Look again says:

    I rewatched that video. I saw the coach grab the ball, throw elbows, then extend this arm to shove the kid. That would have been a personal foul in any refereed game, maybe even a technical foul. He then took two steps toward the kid and kicked him twice. Nudging him to get up, PLEASE! A good coach would have extended a hand and helped him up. Those kicks would have gotten a player thrown out of the game and benched for two or more games and fined. What gangster, street rules were you brought up with?

    I also saw the “apology” on GMA. O’Connor should receive an Honorary Master’s Degree in Spin Doctoring. He could make it big as a used car salesman or a politician with his obvious skill in Spin Doctoring.

    1. Yup says:

      Whether you think I’m from the hood or not is irrelevant, as is your opinion of what a good coach does or what a kick is. All I know is that was ONE nudge with his foot. There was contact made once with the foot. Still not a kick IMO. Re-watch and re-count

  10. Yup says:

    If this were hockey or football it would have never made the news. It’s basketball, sneeze on someone and its a foul. Watch the footage very closely. The coach grabs the ball like the kid should have been rebounding. Grab it, flare your elbows and create space. Furthermore, there was no “kick” he was nudging him to get up. I felt really bad for both people in this situation but the coach was so remorseful and upset (watch the Good Morning America Clip) and the kid was so indifferent with the apology. The coach apologized right after practice that evening and all the kid wanted was for the school to fire him.

  11. clare G says:

    The coach had no right to lay his hands on the student! If you are at work and not doing your job right does your boss have the right to treat you that way?! I don’t think he’s a momma’s boy and I wouldn’t except the apology either. He never should have knocked him down, kicked him, or given him a bloody nose!

  12. Phillyboi says:

    If you can’t coach a sport without assaulting your players then it’s time for you to leave.

  13. Vom Brunhaus says:

    The poor injured kid talked it over with his parents and they went to the yellow pages looking for a Lawyer. Wont get much from the coach but the University will be the target for the big bucks.

  14. CAPS says:

    O please how many of us got a bloddy nose playing basketball growing up. This kid is a mommas boy baby ! He proved how immature he was by not accepting the coaches apology.

  15. Carl Diffenbaugh says:

    O’Connor(I can’t call him coach), could have made his point to the student the old-fashioned way, namely the English language. That is what I have to say on the matter.

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