Burglars Target Home Of Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Tackle Jason Peters

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Burglars target the home of a Philadelphia Eagle and get away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of items.

Police say it happened at a condominium development, near the Lincoln Financial Field, that is home to a number of Eagles players.

The victim in this case, Jason Peters, the Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle. Police say Peters returned home Wednesday evening. He had been away since mid-January. Police say concerned neighbors alerted Peters his damaged garage door. Once inside, Peters found his home ransacked. Peters told police the thieves got away with an estimated $60,000 worth of goods including:

– Designer Watches
– High-end Diamond Jewelry
– Camera equipment

Neighbor Ted Pirolli said, “Usually doesn’t happen in this area. Not only this development, this area.”

Pirolli was surprised but another neighbor who wished to remain anonymous was convinced this was no coincidence.

“Nobody has any other problems.”

The only other incident he can recall from the development was from August of 2008. That’s when the home of another Eagles player, defensive lineman Broderick Bunkley was burglarized. At the time, Bunkley was also out of town.

The neighbor added, “This is just the place where they live when they’re playing and after that, they leave so they’re vulnerable. I would say that there is a little bit of concern because somebody knows they’re not there.”

Police say they don’t have any suspects and the investigation is continuing. In the meantime, investigators do ask anyone with information to contact the police.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. anon513 says:

    People have a false sense of security, and then there are those who think they are ‘untouchable’ to the point that they don’t need security alarms and motion lights. I hope the upper crust society learn from this.

  2. DJmore says:

    For about 35 bucks a month, an alarm system, especially ones having motion sensors, would have had the police there in minutes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ real: You are so right. People ‘watch’ things happen and don’t do anything about it. People are so quick to look the other way, not get involved. Yet, if something happens to them or their loved ones, they’d want everybody to come to their aid. People need to get a heart and stop being afraid to speak up, step up, and get involved. It takes a whole community, not just one person. Although, one person CAN make a difference.

  4. real says:

    “Usually doesn’t happen in this area. Not only this development, this area.” ummm how about u just say come rob us because were so stuck up we think were untouchable….crime happens everywhere there is a person dumb enough to let thier guard down, sadly money doesnt buy brians. Lol and theres always someone who saw it and gets on the news to say i told him his garage was damaged, well cheers to you,observeing does so much let me tell you , just like all the people who watched the girl get beat at traffic court…on the news talking about “we heard them screaming, its a shame this city” yea because your all dumb as rocks and do nothing to stand up to the crime except watch it so you can run your mouth in front of the cameras later

  5. mike in Philly says:

    Was there an alarm system here?? kind of strange if not…wouldn’t you say??

  6. Pamela Bunting Lewis says:

    Terrible. I know how you feel. They were stealing from me in my own home too. You had it all insured I hope. I know that some things are hard to replace. They stole from me too. Some you find hard or impossible to replace. Just remember they are things. If you had been home, it could have been your life or injury. Philadelphia has a lot of crime I am sorry to read. Pamela Bunting Lewis 2/24/11

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