New Jersey Workers Plan Rally To Support Wisconsin Unions

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Members from several New Jersey unions are planning to rally in support of Wisconsin workers who have found themselves at the center of a national debate over the role of public employees’ unions.

New Jersey members of the AFL-CIO and the Communication Workers of America, among other groups, are calling on people to gather at noon on Friday at the statehouse in Trenton.

Organizers say all union members should support those in Wisconsin who are protesting legislation that would place restrictions on collective bargaining or other worker protections.

Gov. Chris Christie, who has clashed with New Jersey unions over a variety of issues, declined to comment on the specifics of the Wisconsin governor’s proposals, saying only that he supports his tough approach to balancing the budget.

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  1. Susan F. says:

    The bulk of unions have been and always will be responsible for increasing the standard of living in this country. Most unions have strengthened this country and our middle class. Prior to the formation of trade unions men were treated as if they were chattel. Please take interest in our country’s history prior to unions, you will then understand the importance of the majority of unions. Our history will prove my words. Our government is very much responsible for horribly misspending our taxes. This issue is a smoke screen. lawmakers, they are EXTREMELY WEALTHY PEOPLE, look it up. In PA alone our lawmaker receive $140.00 per diem outside of their wages PER DAY Gross misuse of my taxes.

  2. Guess Who says:

    Bring it on, union thugs. You don’t have the sympathy of the general public that pays your bloated wages.

  3. dave says:

    I wonder if the taxpayers will have to pay for the time these unions are protesting against that which the taxpayers want- no unions! I agree with Dr. Drill, I hope every worker is docked for showing up (at the rally) on Friday if they miss work.

  4. Follow D. Money says:

    Dear Mr. Wilmer, in case you haven’t noticed lately, Europe is going belly-up because the governments over there promised more than they could deliver. Why do you think unions are down in the private sector? Because the union leaders don’t give a damn about the people they’re supposed to represent. They demanded, and got, concessions from management until companies could no longer afford the benefits for union employees w/o raising prices so high that consumers would be unable to afford the product or service. The same thing is happening to civil service unions. Only this time, the taxpayers (instead of the consumers) are refusing to foot the bill since they are already overburdened by taxes and insurance payments for their own families. The free ride is over. Get used to it people. The people who foot the bills are TAPPED OUT! There isn’t any magic money tree in Washington,DC, Trenton, Harrisburg, Madison, Austin, Sacramento or anyplace else. The country is broke, and the states are broke. You cannot spend what you don’t have. Time for the civil service union folks to start putting in their fair share like everyone else.

  5. Linda says:

    are they going to have buses. I would like to go. from Millville

  6. Jim Wilmer says:

    A good contract is where both parties gain, and complain they didn’t get all. But unions have taken a horrible rap over the last couple yrs. They didn’t cause the colapse of the economy. But where companies spring up with low wage jobs get applause, and where companies close with decent wage isn’t a union problem. The Gov. looked the other way when jobs left our country. European workers are noted to have more vac., personal time than us. They have more maternity time. They had Family Leave before us. And they have the jobs we lost. They have a Gov. that won’t sell out its’ people.

    1. dr. I. Drill says:

      European workers? You got your continents mixed up. It’s asia where the jobs are going. I hope every worker is docked ffor showing up on friday if they miss work. It’s about time your strongarm tactics arn’t working and you get a fair share and what you deserve and have to pay your fair share!
      Dr. Drill now if FL out of NJ

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