PHOTOS:Dom Giordano Interviews Father Joseph Digregorio

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  1. Maria says:

    Perhaps people will say I am not qualified to give my opinion because I’ve only known Fr. joe through his sermon. He’d been one of the priest in our parish for a few months. I DO NOT KNOW HIM PERSONLLY. AND YET I DO KNOW HIS HOMILIES.. Of all the priests I’ve heard. He is one of those whose homilies really encourage to elevates one’s spirituality. I have heard him preach the gospel of GOD. in such a way that will pull someone towards holiness. Of the hundreds of priest I’ve met throughout my life he is one of the few whose homilies seems to burn with fire that penetrates the soul.. NO ONE WHO CAN GIVE A HOMILY SO PURE AND SO GOOD CAN ALSO BE GUILTY OF THESE CRIME. Yes we all know some people who are very good preachers and yet do commit adultery, theft etc. But …his homilies are not one with echos or singing,,,,nor is it one with impassioned speech of what one should do… IT IS A SIMPLE STRAIGHTFORWARD HOMILY ABOUT THE GOODNESS OF GOD. ABOUT HIS LOVE FOR US (HUMANITY) AND ABOUT KINDNESS TO OTHERS. ABOUT LIFE, ABOUT DEATH, ABOUT THE NEXT LIFE. … I feel so sad that he is being accused of this. And if he is truly not guilty of this, then may GOD HAVE MERCY TO WHOM FALSELY ACCUSED HIM.. BECAUSE SHE HAS ACCUSED AN INNOCENT MAN. AND A MAN CONCECRATED TO GOD. A MAN WHO CHOSE TO LIVE FOR GOD AND WITH GOD . A MAN WHO SACRIFICED A FAMILY OF HIS OWN SO HE CAN BE A FATHER TO THE PEOPLE OF GOD. GOD’S HAND IS RUTHLESS UPON THE WICKED…. BECAUSE THERE IS HEAVEN, THERE IS PURGATORY AND THERE IS HELL. WE EARN FROM THIS LIFE OUR HEAVEN OR HELL IN THE NEXT.

  2. Monica says:

    I believe he is innocent too, I know Father Joe for 8 years and he has been around my children, and never ever cross the lines with my kids or anyone that I known… Keep up Father Joe this is just a test to prove your Gods Love like Paul speak on to the Rome… all it happened it was later on well worth! Sorry for what’s happening to the church faith and people… won’t pass the fact that some of the accusations to some priest are true. as a mother I feel in my hart who can I trust my kids and YES I had told my kids what priest I don’t feel comfortable for them to be around… sadly!!! But true!

  3. Diane says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that Fr. Joe is innocent of these allegations. He is one of the most humble God loving person I have ever met. He is a beautiful person. He blushes if you compliment him. There is no way he would hurt anyone. Plus, he spent 30 years in the Army as a chaplain. Why would he choose that way to serve God, if he wanted to abuse children? I’m sure many of these accusations are true but definitely NOT this one!

  4. Sonia Bemak says:

    I too, know Fr. Joe and I believe he is innocent. I applaud him for speaking out. I will pray for him.

  5. Robert says:

    I have known Father Joe for ten years now and he has always shown himself to be of high moral character. He is a generous, faith filled man who has always served the priesthood with integrity. God Bless You Father Joe.

  6. Nicole says:

    One of the KINDEST, CARING, WHOLEHEARTED person I have ever met <3 My husband and I were married by him Feb 14, 2008 and he married us from the kindness in his heart <3 He is NOT GUILTY of these accusations amd I am behind him 2,000 percent <3

  7. Maureen says:

    Father Joe is a man of great faith and i believe he is innocent.

  8. Loretta says:

    I feel that anyone can make an allegation but that does not mean it is true. It seems to me that a person is “innocent until proven guilty” and this should apply to Father DeGregorio as well.

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