By Steven Strouss

The calendar may read February but it feels more like May. Today’s high temperature of 66 degrees was the highest temperature, in Philadelphia, since November 14th of 2010. With high pressure sitting off the coast and warm southwest winds, temperatures will climb even higher tomorrow. We expect the mercury to touch 70 degrees in the city, Friday, which will break a record that has been standing for over 100 years. In addition, nighttime temperatures tonight will be above the average highs for this time of year.

Don’t get too excited though, a cold front this weekend will usher in colder temperatures and windy conditions. There is even a chance for snow showers early next week.

In other weather news, if you are traveling north for the Presidents’ Day weekend you may see something that is truly amazing at night. Look up in the sky after sunset and you may see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Due to recent solar flare activity, this could be visible across parts of New England so if you are headed that way be sure to bring your camera and if you get any cool pictures you can share them with us at

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