3 Arrested In Connection To New Jersey Cross Burning

BASS RIVER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — Three men have been arrested and charged in connection to a burning cross spotted off the side of a highway in southern New Jersey.

State Police spokesman Stephen Jones says three men were seen near the 8-by-4-foot wooden cross, which was set ablaze off Route 9 around 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

Jones says troopers patrolling the area stopped the men to question them.

Jones says Nicholas Comis, 22, of Tuckerton appeared to have gas stains on his pants and was arrested Wednesday night. The other two men, Daniel Enders, 22, of New Gretna, and Christopher Hurrll, 21, were arrested Thursday.

All three are charged with bias intimidation and conspiracy to commit arson. The charges carry a three- to five-year sentence upon conviction.

Investigators say an African-American family lives near the area where the cross was found.

It was unclear Thursday if the men had attorneys.

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One Comment

  1. Bousan says:

    J- Evidently you’re as ignorant as they ever put out of Tx. I know now why you moved to Hollywood. Everybody knows Hollywood is not a town to the average American, but a movie making industry. (My son lives in N. Hollywood) Get a life and get over yourself. You are right about the ara being a slum thogh. Thanks to Californians and their idea of givng the country to the South of the border crowd. You’re an expert because you come from a state that had strong Klan influences? I guess I’m an expert on oil and coal because I come from Pa. lol

  2. yogiman says:

    Was that an African family or an American family?

  3. MikeB says:

    So burning it is a crime, but if Christ is on it and it’s in a jar of urine, well we call that Art. And liberals wonder why we call them insane…

  4. skippynoe says:

    In other news Orleans courts rule that black people are allowed by law too throw bleach in white peoples faces.

  5. willy culley says:

    No one can help the “color” they were born only their deportment, which as a process of free will, not always successful ,and apparently by design, never ending PERSONAL journey. I sorta started where these boys’ are @, and scarily don’t know how/when things will end, but I have hope and PRAY for the future for all of us, It’s all i can do. I can only add that I’m originally a West Virginian, for those that must attack my syntax, grammar spelling and simple-mindedness,(I prefer illiterate rube) I wish to give you a leg-up , but if you would do a favor in return, please read the story of the teacher who’s being assailed for her comments…. look in the mirror while you read aloud her “observations” of her students, if any seemingly just might apply or if you can better,(undoubtedly) feel free to use one/all for personal rumination. There is infinite minutiae that could/should be discussed, mostly on who/what is the REAL ENEMY. I must now finish “basic economics”, It’s taken an inordinate amount of time, and I can’t wait to see my perceptions then! Willy

  6. Bousan says:

    BS. African is not a race, any more than black is a race. Next thing we’ll have questions on the cenus like “are you “. a. A Brother or Sister b. Not a Brother or Sister…… I’m a hard core believer in equality. Equal treatment, equal resoponsiblity. Race should not show up anywhere except when giving a description of a susspect on a BOLO.

  7. COLE says:

    Why can you burn the American flag but you can’t burn a cross..hmmm. Gotta love Libs.

    1. poor richard says:

      Burning the cross was a common practice of the KKK to intimidate members of the minority communities, Catholics, and Jews. In case you were not aware, the KKK is a terrorist group, much like Al Queda. You should read more history, and eat fewer

      1. Bousan says:

        And you should realize the KKK barely exists outside the lame brained and Hollywood. I’m guessing you’re not Catholic or Jewish, and the story would not have been a story if it had been one of them living “near”.

      2. j says:

        As somebody who grew up in the Texas end of the Bible Belt, the wuppin end and home to the last slaves freed under the Emancipation Proclamation, where we did, in fact, have Klan rallies, big Klan rallies, where I do remember many, many fires, and who, coincidentally, is sitting in beautiful Hollywood, California right now, I can speak with full authority of experience, Bousan, when I tell you you’re ignorant and you have no idea whatsoever what you’re talking about, and while I do find Klan members lame-brained, guess what, LAME-BRAINED PEOPLE HAVE JOBS. Like Judge, DA, Policemen, and so many other jobs, except judges, DA’s and policemen ENFORCE THE LAW. Are you comfortable with that? Cause that’s where I grew up. And Hollywood is mostly El Salvadorean, I can tell you they get a little itchy when they see a white dude. I don’t blame them. In this neighborhood, I do, too. So, to recap, you’re wrong and you’re ignorant, and if you think I’m being petty then you just took time to justify why someone burned a cross, downplay its significance, and it’s because you think you have something in common with the people who did it, or you think we think you do, or you know you do.

    2. Gazor says:

      One s a political statement, the other is racial intimidation, or that too subtle a distinction for you?

  8. Howard Pinney says:

    pay your taxes

  9. Howard Pinney says:

    dear jesse, al, louis: please pay your taxes like the rest of us.

  10. Denlevi says:

    Is this like the law which states you can’t sell drugs within 1000 feet of a school? (which is a good law) However you can’t burn a cross within 1000 feet of a black persons home? Just Saying!

  11. Robert Hayles says:

    Arson? How? I’m making an assumption here, but I would think they made, and own, the cross. It is against the law in NJ to burn your own property? Really? One more reason NJ should fall in the ocean. The only thing there worth saving is the governor.

    1. poor richard says:

      Burning a cross was used by the American Terrorist organization known as the KKK to terrorize innocent people. You, too, should read more and eat fewer boogers for lunch.

  12. howardfrombroward says:

    when will jesse jackson, al sharpton and louis farrakhan pay their income taxes like the rest of us do?

  13. Kenny West says:

    These guys probably aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box, but now their lives and the lives of their families will be destroyed for what amounts to a dumb prank by some young guys, probably for a laugh. In a sane society, they might have to clean up the mess, apoligize to the black family and maybe pick up trash for a few weekends, but PC America won’t be satisfied until these guys get out of prison as middle aged men.

  14. Joey says:

    They need some rim

  15. bigbiz2 says:

    These poor White pranksters will be sacrificed at the alter of political correctness no doubt.theyre families will be drug through alot of pain and money..In the meantime how many blacks were killed by other blacks in NJ while the PC police were looking to see how far away “a black familily “?
    Oh and you can bet the worthless FBI will be on the cae looking through there kids hardrives.books etc.What a joke this country has become.

  16. troy says:

    so what if they burnt a cross, next time they should burn a flag and then they will hailed as true patriots by the left. This PC BS is just ridiculous. we have to punish people because someone is offended. liberalism offends me but they wont let me press charges against all the liberals. by the way to you liberals your movement is bankrupt of any reasonable thought or rational ideals. to the liberals you are a minority in this country. most people believe this is a great country, we have a problem with the clowns that run things but we believe this country is still the greatest place in the history of this planet. you liberals will be extinct in the future, its starting to happen now. the Patriots have awoken and are joining together to defeat you and your communist utopian ideas.

  17. Bousan says:

    “It was unclear Thursday if any of thre men had lawyers”. You can bet there was a line of lawyers looking to have that black family.

  18. bigtimeliberal says:

    i doubt seriously if there were any africian americans near the cross. may have been black families there.most blaCKS WANT TO BE CALLED BLACK NOT SOME PC NAME LIKE AFRICIAN AMERICAN.

  19. Sal Chip Saccoccio Jr says:

    Are u drunk?

  20. Jack says:

    You should read Diverse News for truth in reporting.

    Soo, cbs3 will force you to register in order to post.

  21. j says:

    I disagree that they have had all the breaks, and I don’t doubt that they weren’t too keen to put their necks out since they’ve usually been the first cut. But I love the fact that you say they need 100 Malcolm X’s. I think we all need 100 Malcolm X’s. I’d put 1000 in each city.

    1. Bousan says:

      Malcom X yeah, there’s a real American hero. He wasn’t good enought o shiine MLK’s shoes.

  22. whiteyward says:

    So What, paint it red paint it black, cover it with Christmas tree ornaments or turn it upside down, put candles on it or tie your dog to it..it is just the symbol of a form of Jewish torture enjoyed by the Romans. The rest is Myth and superstition.

    1. Peaceuntou says:

      Wise men still seek him.

  23. oldgraymare says:

    Nobody would have their shorts in a knot if these dopes would have called their action “performance art.” People would screaming that they have “freedom of expression.”

  24. Jno says:

    Would they go to jail if they had burned a swastika? I hope you “Politically Correct” bozos finally get meds that can help you overcome your idea that “everyone is a victim”. I am of German descent and was occasionally trashed when I was serving our country in WW2. I didn’t get my panties in a wad as I realized it was Germany we were fighting. I hven’t noticed any lasting effects of those “Politically Incorrect” statements. Get a life. Please

  25. TILIYEAH says:

    OH MY GOD,PEOPLE, we are talking about ”people, of which GOD created and loves,He created .blck,whit,yellow,red,…some of you sound so hateful towards the human race..please this is very upsetting to my heart to realize hothate speards like wild fire…STOP IT IN JESUS NAME..we shall be accountable for every word ..your hearts neet to turn to GOD..those creeps have no right to burn anything..regardless of who lives nearby..that should have not even been mentioned by the media..but they always want to start trouble…

    1. Apolitically Correct says:

      And you think calling these boys “creeps” is showing Godly love for them. I am sure he created them as well. I agree that the cross should not have been burned as it is obvious what that was meant to signify. This is not about political correctness, it was the work of some very immature and uncharitable young minds, who should have been taught better. The point of all this, I believe, is the results of the investigation, stating the cross was near an African American family which lives “nearby”. That sounds so spurious. I am sure that, unless there was only one black family there, are a whole communit of only blacks, that would be an allowable description, but otherwise it reeks of “bias intimadaltion”. And speaking of politically correct,. what is “bias intimidation”. Talk about ambiguity! Wher do they hold court on that charge…at a “fortune teller” or a mind readers convention? They should have been charged with “burning in the cross” by the civil authorities, but only God can judge their hearts and only He knows the truth.

  26. j says:

    The fact that I have to consider ignorant fools such as yourself members of my own race leads me to believe that our concept of race is so far beyond reality that I cannot have anything more in common with you than I do a black man since there are so many ignorant fools like yourself who look like we do. Or that I am black. Hyper-albino. And not an ignorant fool, like you.

    If you knew anything about anything besides being ignorant, you would know that black people had proud, functional, model communities in every large American city until the manufacturing plants started shutting down. Then all the white people left. And they didn’t just leave, they took their businesses. And the property values followed. And then the drugs came in. If you knew anything about anything besides being ignorant, you would know that this situation was not created by black people because they love to be poor and live in violence, and it was not created to benefit anyone but whites. If you had an ounce of sympathy you’d see why black people saw this as a war of genocide against their people, and if you studied your history you’d know that they have shown remarkable grace and patience and restraint through their tribulations. But you’re ignorant and you’re a fool and no human alive can turn your foolish heart joyful because you want to be hateful and stupid.

    Way to go, fool. Burn that cross. Burn what offends your ignorant heart. God’s black people build towers in ashes. Fools like you turn into dust.

    1. Bousan says:

      Are you saying without white people the blacks can’t live?

    2. Incitatus says:

      What’ wrong with burning couple of crosses every now and then?

  27. Jay says:

    What this ignorant country needs is an all out civil war to remove stupid.

    1. Roger Snowden says:

      Okay, so what we need to respond to irrational violence is more irrational violence?

      Is that the rationale of your suggestion?

  28. bewolff says:

    Well it is black naacp month,they wanted to rub it in AGAIN & AGAIN!

  29. Alex says:

    As far as I can tell, only one guy gets it on race – Ramzpaul!


  30. Alex says:

    Not likely – Blacks are the biggest cowards on the planet.

  31. jestemwpolsce says:

    Hey Drake, how is u doing in life? I bet you are contributing, inventing and creating, non?
    Give us more info on what are you doing to make the world a better place.

    Just don’t tell us that those damn blacks are stopping you and ff it weren’t for them you’d invent Internet and fly to Mars. LOL

  32. Jim Mc says:

    Did I Jewish family live nearby too? I bet there’s an athiest somewhere close too the cross too. Obviously there are no muslim families or that would have been the headline.

    1. Alex says:

      You got it. This is Orwellian. What is “near”? What a joke this country has become.

  33. Dan says:

    They will get out & reek of coconut oil

  34. kat38 says:

    Racial problems will always be with us. It will never be over

  35. Jane_D says:

    The real crime is that white men have ran this country for over 300 hundred years and look where we are now. Blacks have no power over banks, businesses, derivatives, mortgage loans, media etc., etc. So who ran the country in the ground with greed, hatefulness and weapons killing their own women and children.

    1. whiteyankee says:

      That is correct, what you do not say is that most of the spending has gone to support the Black babies that have been born out of wedlock so the family can have more Government money. Also Blacks are in charge of everything in Africa and that whole continent is always in chaos.

    2. Darwin says:

      Jane D: Blacks have no power because every place they’ve ever been has turned into a pig sty. Their culture is animal-like. They are pigs and slime and have never built a civilization. Not to mention it was blacks who sold blacks into slavery, honey. Darwin even said they were not human, but another species altogether, closer to the apes and chimpanzees. Deal with it.

    3. Drake says:

      Jane.. Blacks have no power in America for the same reason that women don’t.. They are both dumb, simple and weak… Facts.

      Now, go find a tight shirt to put on and then paint your face with make-up.. LOL!

      Typical dizzy women :)

    4. Joe Blowder says:

      LOL, you must be kidding.

      Yes, it’s too bad we’re not AFRICA. Idiot.

    5. Jane sucks says:

      Shut your dumb chick mouth, Jane.

    6. Veritas Rex says:

      “white men have RAN this country……” Even Caesar is not above the grammarians.

    7. Incitatus says:

      Negroes run every government to the ground. Detroit, New Orleans, St Louis.
      Haiti, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Liberia, Somalia, Sierra Leone.

      South Africa was a beautiful teaming country as it was Rhodesia, look at them now. So you want them in charge in this country to turn it int excrement as they turn anything they touch? Usa la cabeza, pneumatic head with a bleeding heart full of socialist talking points and face reality. It might be uncooperative reality but it always is.

  36. Jackolantyrn356 says:

    I’m sorry, but this either is Obama hiriing Out of work Citizens and forcing them to do his bidding, or this is hires=d actors, or these clowns already work for” Mr Kreepy”

  37. snake says:

    Who cares? I sure in hell don’t/

    1. Alex says:


      1. Why Tea says:

        Me neither. It sounds like no one was hurt anyway. I don’t see anything wrong with the symbol of the Methodist Church, and they love African Americans.

  38. Rowdy Boots says:

    Dumb Young Men who burn crosses “near” an African American Family should go to jail.

    However, “near” ain’t gonna cut it Law Enforcement–IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?


  39. johninlongmont says:

    not enough bad things can happen to these “kids”…sad, very sad

  40. Joey says:

    An “African American” family lived “near the area where the cross was found”? An “African American” family probably lives “near” most places… it’s not like they’re a rarity anymore. Good lord. I once said the “N-word” within a 10 mile radius of an “African American” family home; I guess I’ll be going to jail soon.

    But yeah, if you’re going to burn a cross, do so on your own property. Only You-Klux-Klan can prevent forest fires.

  41. DJH says:

    We can stipulate what burning a cross means and that they’re clearly idiots regardless of why they did it – but the article mentions no where that they specifically targeted the family, only that a black family lives close by. That is a pretty tall leap and pathetic journalism at best to include that if there was no other indication that the family was targeted.

    1. Bousan says:

      I just watched “Hang ’em HIgh”. If I were black, I’d be offended the movie had a noose in it. I’d sue Eastwood for traumatizing me.

  42. Teresa Davis says:

    so they burned a cross, the are just being stupid, but on the other hand they go to jail ,prison learn how to hate even more and are freed too spread more hate they got there, and all this time we have to pay for them while they get even worse. and how close was a black family? in Dallas Texas the city council man looked and a crowed and said ‘your all white go too hell,” and nothing happen, now close you’re eyes and imagine it was a white man saying “your all black go to hell”,would it be a different outcome? yes.

  43. cybersal says:

    White Trash can really be twits.
    A black family in the vicinity of a cross-burning needs to load the guns and be prepared to evacuate. House burning comes next. These boys are barely a generation above Neanderthal – and that is giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    1. whiteyankee says:

      Show me a place where an “african american family” does not live near by. Also, what part of Africa did they come from???

  44. Bee says:

    Investigators say an African-American family lives near the area where the cross was found.

    How near…?

  45. bubba says:

    We should have picked our own cotton.

    1. artemis133 says:


    2. Gina says:

      My Grandpa did pick cotton as a child. White folks picked a lot of cotton. Times were hard and money was tight. There was no free ride in those days.

    3. Kim Bailey says:

      amen, Black savages are destroying America and the World

      1. bigbiz2 says:

        Blacks themselves and they’re self promoting community organizers are alive and doing quite well at destroying the once proud black family wherever they lived ..near a burning cross or not.

  46. Jack says:

    3-5 years for a childish prank is stupid. How many people committing real crimes, such as assault, theft and burglary, get a lot less time in jail than this? Levying harsh sentences for petty crimes is just an attempt to discourage any criticism of the politically correct paradigm.

    If some sort of ‘black power’ totem had been erected instead, the police would simply have removed it a week or 2 later without incident, or perhaps even been accused of ‘silencing freedom of expression’ for removing the expression of ‘black power’ from public property. Certainly no criminal charges would have been laid, especially not those with 3-5 years in prison.

    1. Sailor Mike says:

      Your right bro’. Mark Furman did time for saying “nXXger”…and OJ killed two whites and went free. Often the media downplays white murder victims in my town when at the hands of blacks, but play up a white public official that mis- speaks about blacks.

      1. LindaB says:

        Good point!! Well said!!!

      2. goodreverend says:

        Mark Fuhrman did NO time: he got probation for perjury. Saying he served time for saying a naughty word is like saying Bill Clinton was impeached because of sex: both of them went down (ahem) because they committed perjury.

    2. ngoloyi says:

      i was tempted to reply but the silly invective does not merit one.

      1. franklythatsfoolish says:

        yet you did anyway – kudos for you in being a half wit

    3. Jason says:

      Cross-burners are the real victims in America.

  47. Kim Kaplan says:

    I love slaves,I think everyone should have two.

  48. Proud black mang says:

    I am black and once glanced at New Jersey on a map, and even noticed the town the flag burned on said map. I feel violated, where is my check?

  49. phillysmart says:

    New black panthers can openly intimidate and spew racial hatred..OK ….a couple of white kids burning a cross NEAR an African american home …major crime….is it me or is there something unfair about this …seems to be if your black you get special privileges …don’t have to follow the law….and your hateful rhetoric is free speech…not so if your white…wake up folks whites are being relegated to second class citizens right before your eyes

    1. Earl says:

      Ni666er please, Obama works for the Jevvs, not for you.

  50. LanieLou says:

    What ??? They burned a cross & a black family lived within 200 miles so its a hate crime? Gotcha. Me thinks they are probably Satanists.

  51. Wyatt Kaldenberg says:

    People have the freedom to protest. People should be free to burn the Bible, burn the American flag, burn the U.S. Constitution, burn crosses, burn pictures of the President, etc. If this wasn’t directed at anyone individually, then how is it terrorism? If this was just out in some field and these three guys were holding some KKK event, this is legal. It is un-American to criminally single out certain people, because they majority hates their politics.

    1. manomanachevitz says:

      how is it that you assume the majority has any particular opinion on the matter – because that way it would validate yours? Here’s the scariest part charged with “bias intimidation”. I hope the police swung by to let that black family know it happened so they could be properly bias intimidated.

  52. phillysmart says:

    Different responses for a different race…I do see prejudice here against whites

  53. SammieJo says:

    Flag burning, OK
    Cross burning NOT OK
    define “near”!
    Next door, a block away, 1/4 of a mile??????

    1. Wy Tea says:

      What if I burn a flag with a picture of a gay negro on it? So, much for free speech.

  54. imarko says:

    i’ll pray for all of you to enjoy life. oh, and ps: don’t burn things. it’s not nice…

  55. Armyant20 says:

    I’m neither liberal nor conservative; I’m very much an in depended thinker. Ignorance is still ignorance. These guys are about as ignorant as they come. But those of you that justify their ignorance are actually no better than the idiots that burnt the cross. The number of slaves through the building of this was not 400 million but it was a significant number. Though the number will truly never be known, what was counted was over 12 million, and yes this nation was built on the backs of slaves but not just slave also Indians, and Asians which at time also made up a percentage of the slave numbers.

    1. ryan says:

      This nation was built upon the backs of a great many more people than blacks and indians. Miners, farmers, sailors, industrialists, small businessmen, railroad workers…this country needed all these to thrive, not just slaves. Slaves were an integral part, but they were one part of a infrastructure, not the entire structure itself.

      1. j says:

        Nobody asked you about slavery, AYN RAND. WE GET IT. YOU LIKE AMERICA. When they start burning crosses covered in money I’ll start celebrating Capitalist History Month.

    2. licmahsk says:

      Agreed. They could of responded that it was a “lower case t “.

    3. artemis133 says:

      Don’t forget the Eastern Europeans-Irish, Italians, Slavs, Polish, that worked in the coal mines to enrich the coal barons. I think most of our ancestors, if they came here as immigrants, were slaves. NOT JUST BLACKS.

    4. URapparentlyignorant says:

      so one would assume then mr. free thinker that you thought to look up the word “ignorant” before using it incorrectly? Go pound sand. This Nation was built by ALL of its inhabitants – when you get back from your hate tour to Spain (since they originally enslaved the so called ‘native’ Americans) you can head to the Netherlands and voice your discontent with the Dutch for buying the slaves in Africa that the other Africans were running down and kidnapping and selling them. Then you can wrap that up with a lecture to the NAACP telling them how they should give each other reparation checks since the first black slave in the US was owned by another black man. I will then personally help you onto your high horse whilel you spout even more PC garbage.

    5. Bousan says:

      Better check your hiistory sources. Those 12 million came to the “Americas”. Only about 5% came to what is now tlhe USA.

  56. Ryan Wessling says:

    So lemme get this straight: You libs are all for burning the flag, but oppose burning the cross?
    Got it.

  57. Whitey McPherson says:

    Yes, these three guys look like champions of free speech to me.

    You can’t indiscriminately burn things off the side of the highway. If they held a rally in that area, it would be protected by the First Amendment.

    1. meso says:

      actually it would be covered by the Right to Assemble.

  58. quazimoto says:

    This is really spooky.

  59. gomerspile says:

    your an idiot , race baiter or both, and yes I am a white Conservative

  60. cabobby says:

    Wow it is just amazing. Reading these comment and you wonder why there is still racia problems in this country.

    People and justify and excuse a cross burning

    1. מיכה בן דוד נזירי says:

      Exactly. Loads of disgusting responses here from disgusting bigots.

      1. russ1449 says:

        F–k you!

  61. Ousal Dove says:

    Let us not forget the black men with billy clubs who were standing outside a VOTING place!!! NOW that was intemidation, BUT THEY got off scott free!!! These boys and their cross might be stupid, but it should be dropped immediately.
    We have people in charge who are idiots…. Take for example the little girl who was suspended for coloring her hair!!!! THAT”S what little girls do…. hell that’s what big girls do.! What kind of moron’s do we have running our goverment!!! God help us, we have no leadership!!!.

    1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good. ” ~ H. L. Mencken


    2. Darrell Goodman says:

      Yeah. It sure would be great if we could have somebody to run the country who sought the approval of uneducated, barely literate good ol’ boys who burn crosses to frighten blacks.

      1. heehAW says:

        He’ll have to wait his turn – first we have to endure the current one supported by uneducated, pantywaist, mooching leeches who can’t do the math and seek to assuage their well deserved guilt complexes by promising other parasites things they can;t responsibly deliver on. Real compassionate that.

  62. nellpost says:

    What would Jesus do????

    1. godsmotive says:

      I don’t think Jesus likes crosses

    2. thinkaboutit says:

      Jesus would say – you’re all sinners, I never taught you to take from one to give to another – I taught you personal responsibility and personal charity and compassion. You were taught to give of yourself – not to force the other guy to.

  63. Drake says:

    Meanwhile, 70 whites were murderd and raped today by blacks… LOL!

    What a joke this country is…

    1. Bo Zipher says:

      You got that right. 12% of the Population 40% of the violent crime. It’s a freakin’ scandal!

  64. John Stuart says:

    An American whose family originally came from Egypt or Tunisia would be an African-American, too, just as a white from Zimbabwe or South Africa. Why is an American whose family may go back more than 300 years called an African-American?

    1. p3orion says:

      Because calling yourself simply “an American” doesn’t place you in a group, for extra sympathy, handouts, etc. Being an American means standing on your own two feet and not trying to glom onto whatever victim group, just because you happen to share the same skin color.

    2. Thomas says:

      Those that insist on being called African-American want to keep the conflict between blacks and whites going on and on and on and on….

      1. travmom says:

        But we must remember that regarless of color, if you were born here you’re an American first!

      2. Kim Bailey says:


  65. Hank Warren says:

    Where was this cross burnt? This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  66. John says:

    Hold on, were they engaged in raceism or devil worship? I’m not sure which…

  67. KIrk says:

    Hmmm, were the perps European-Americans? Wonder how long since the nearby family emigrated from Africa.
    I grew up with a boy that moved from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe?), Africa. He was whiter than I am but was a real African-American.

  68. chisum says:

    Surely this is a mistake! Everyone knows that this sort of stuff only goes on in Alabama orMississippi

  69. VJKJames says:

    A black family “lived in the area”? Really, how many miles – was it in the same county, or merely the same state? Bias intimidation, based on what law? Charge the little idiots for the actual crime, not some made-up BS because somebody’s offended by what THEY think the twits were thinking.

    1. davec says:

      This is a function of the inherent incompetence of the legal system, in one theory.

      Lets say parking is a problem in town. 500 cars attempting to park in 475 spaces. Merchants and irate Citizens get all worked up over it, when their being behind on past due bills is the real driver, and go to Gubmint for “redress”

      government gets a thrill of having more power handed to it, so they make some stupid law about parking.

      Turns out that law is not practical to enforce, or has been tried and thrown out of court.

      so, they have to make another law. Since the first one didnt have enough “teeth” if you will, they make a stronger one. For another example, Govt is FORBIDDEN to infringe on the Right to Bear Arms. They have failed miserably in stopping convenience store break ins, so they fabricate up some forbidden laws like “you cannot carry a gun into a C-store” in a vain attempt to get a conviction in the future.

      The entire charade is collapsing.

    2. GVHWOW says:

      Can’t burn a cross, but give me an American Flag and we can cook some marshmellows.

  70. SickOfPoliticalCorrect says:

    Good one Dumb sAss LOL.” An African American family lives near the area” Another words, a black family lives in the state.

  71. davec says:

    Apparently youve got it figured out…

    Speaking of, “cross burning” is actually a comment /ac towards Christianity, isnt it?

    “Crosses” arent “a black thing”. Crosses dont come in colors.

    Black and White churches have the same cross.

    Now, if theyd hung a stuffed effigy (correct term?) that they painted black, then I might agree to some connection, but thsi is nothing but pure, unadulterated harassment and manipulation on the part of the Legal system.

    1. dsimon64 says:

      Davec: You need to remove your head from your butt for a second: Cross burning has a VERY SPECIFIC HISTORY in this country. Are you REALLY so stupid that you do not know this or, more likely, are you merely PRETENDING not to understand the long and storied history of cross burning as an assault against blacks?

      WHY is it that conservatives are so willing to pretend to be ignorant just to score political points?

  72. Jax says:

    “bias intimidation”? Is this really a crime? I see “bias intimidation” every time I switch on the tv and watch msnbc,ABC or CBS. What ever happened to freedom of speech, demonstration? Was anyone assaulted during the cross burning? Why is cross burning outlawed while American flag burning is protected under the first amendment?
    I just want to see if these pension protesters who will descend on the state capital and burn the American/New Jersey flag and chant bias intimation speech towards Chris Christie will be facing 5 years in prison. I will be waiting to see it!

    1. davec says:

      You ask the most critical question here:

      “Why is cross burning outlawed while American flag burning is protected under the first amendment?”

      Flag burning is illegal in the US under Federal Law.

      The answer is a little complex. Governments goal is totalitarian power, its inevitable. Its human nature to manipulate and control, as too many people arent satisfied with their tiny little lives, they get off on power trips by playing games with others.

      In other Governments, they just raise up allies in the Military and take over. (Cuba, prime example)

      In the US, our Constitution and history have placed the power in the hands of the people, backed up by FIREARMS OWNERSHIP.

      They cant take over until that system is eliminated, but they cant come right out and do it in the open, they have to SUBVERT IT. So, they peck away at it from behind the scenes using Straw Men (straw arguments, etc)

      The Civil Rights movement had legitimacy, there was no excuse for blacks to have to sit in the back of the bus. Its not about “black” or “white”, its about “where the bus is going.” Bus going the same place? Then who cares where anyone sat?

      But, people in Government who are bent on totalitarianism like to use SUBVERSION to accomplish their goals. They seize on situations like this to enhance the scope and power of the Legislature and Police State. the ultimate goal is total takeover, they just cant be caught doing it directly.

      So, they go behind the scenes and invent and inflame situations like this, then use their willing accomplices (some special interest group demanding “redress” for their private cause like “civil rights” never-minding they ALREADY HAVE THEM) to fan the flames, cause a ruckus, then act in concert with Legislature and the Police State to retaliate.

      Again, the Govt cant just step out and do this, so they have to find a willing group to appear to legitimize their agenda.

      Flag burning ts illegal under Federal Law. But thats a simple matter against the United States (a symbol of) and not charged with and does not fan the flames of some RADICAL AGENDA that can be MANIPULATED to increase the Police State. Put another way, Govt cant get any Hitler like thrills by prosecuting a flag burner, they cant get any Citizens group all worked up over it, except gun owning Patriots which are the group they are trying to SUBVERT in the first place.


      1. NYNorth says:

        Although I disagree with it, burning the American Flag is viewed as Constitutionally protected free speech, and as such it is not illegal.

      2. g-man says:

        fantastic….davec, I completely agree with you. I have felt this same way for along time and have shared it with many of my family and friends. good job.

  73. Jay says:

    I too was attacked by urban youths of color while riding my bicycle in a bike lane on a 5-lane highway. I heard the loud bass from their subwoofers blasting rap music before I heard the car. As I turned to see how close they were, I was greeted with a racial slur and an energy drink can to the face. I crashed down an embankment and laid there stunned for 20-minutes. The police officer of color put in the report that I was struck when “litter” was tossed from a moving vehicle. No mention of the racial slur was recorded. I let it drop.

  74. Gassy says:

    I think they burned the cross because they hate jesus.

  75. Pat Childs says:

    A black family lives nearby? Sorry. That is not good enough. This is either poor reporting or the police have hyped the story.

  76. g-man says:

    ha….ha….ah…..slavery built this country….ha…ha….ah…..400 million blacks died building this country……ha….ha….ah…..stop your hurting my belly! look Anthony, blacks have played a major role in the building of america, but don’t over state it because your angry! millions died so blacks can be free, just read your history books on civil war, not only did blacks live and die for freedom, but whites died right along with them. and the founding father were friends with many. George washington, Abraham lincoln, and others were always confiding in there black freinds. If you want to know how this country was built go to the library and get [ how the Catholic church built western civilization]….and be educated, MY BOY!

    1. Anthony says:

      Status arguments don’t cut it, America was built on the backs of 400 million black slaves. Your library is either insufficient to carry the information or your to foolish to research it. Catholic church my ass! The Greek were the foundation of western civilization. They created the word democracy, it first appeared in ancient Greek political and philosophical thought. The Catholic Church had nothing to do with it. Secondly, I will never be angry as i discuss these points, perhaps you need to Google slavery and transatlantic deaths. Your catholic education has failed you. I am not surprised.

      1. g-man says:

        just lokk it up an be educated….unless your like every other liberial I know and only want to believe what you want to believe…..keep searching, the truth awaits you my friend!

      2. Jhonnie B says:


        Yor number is about 100 times off the mark. It was closer to 4 million slaves (less than 700,000 actual brought to the US and not all black by the way). And did you know there were free blacks in the US that also owned slaves. Have you ever wondered where they got the slaves they brought over? Oh that’s right they were sold by other Africans to the traders. History is nasty stuff but it is HISTORY as in behind us. Grow up and live in the now.

      3. Patrick says:

        When YOU googled slavery did you miss the part that there were also millions of WHITE slaves? [ called indentured servants ] Did YOU not study the part where black slaves usually cost 3x’s more than the white slaves and therefore were usually treated better? Did YOU study the part where WHITE slave mothers were taken away from there families and forced to have sex with black male slaves in an effort to create a better ‘mixed’ slave? This happened in the Brittish Virgin Islands. Our great schools do not teach this because the whites were called indentured servants. They were poor and they were arrested for crimes such as loitering, begging, trespassing, and petty theft. You SEEM educated on the subject so I wonder why you failed to mention THAT aspect of slavery.

      4. gomerspile says:

        The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain
        I think if all those who cry about slavery would read this, the whole slavery thing about this country was built on the backs of one certain group, then we could finally put it to rest, otherwise I want my reparations for my ancestors being enslaved…..


      5. AVM says:

        You should really invest in a really good history class. First of all, you should learn that “your” people are the ones that sold your ancestors into slavery. The white man did not come over and scoop up a bunch and toss them into a ship. So if you and the rest of the black men in America want to be angry, then be angry at your ancestors in Africa that sold you. Also, I hate to break it to you, but African Americans are not he only race in the world to ever be used as slaves. Did you know that the Alba, Scots, Irish and Pics have been the longest race held in slavery. GASP! That’s right, a WHITE race has been enslaved longer then the African Americans were. ALSO white slavery was alive in America as well. Thomas Burton recorded in his Parliament Diary 1656-1659 vol. 4 pp. 253-274 a debate in the English Parliament focusing on the selling of British whites into slavery in the New World. (aka AMERICA) Close to TWO-THIRDS of the original colony came in against their will, to be used as slaves. It’s a shame this information will always remain OUT of the text books in our local schools.

        The point of this my friend, is that the slavery excuse is old, unfounded and well, quite boring. You didn’t suffer, your grandparents didn’t suffer, your great-grandparents didn’t suffer and well, quite far back didn’t suffer. You weren’t the only race to be enslaved and your own kind is what put you in that position. This is the main issue of your race today, you are too concerned with crying about what happened to your ancestors and using misbelief to justify your disgusting and unruly actions today. As far as your question about racism being alive today, I absolutely believe there is. However the tables have turns as I see and experience more racism from blacks to whites, then I do from whites to blacks. Read the statistics on the amount of hate crimes committed and that may shut you up

      6. artemis133 says:

        400 MILLION SLAVES??!!?? Hey doofus, the entire populatioin of the United States TODAY isn’t even 400 million! What are you smoking?

    2. Digits says:

      For Dennis X. Really?? No, I mean it, Really?? How can you semi-educated bufons actually follow this drivel invented by some “internet expert” simply because you want to believe there is some sort of conspiracy. There would have to be some sort of consipracy if people didn’t believe that you and your opinions were absolutely correct…. wouldn’t there??? Please get a life and quit trying to be the uni-bomber.

    3. K13J says:

      The Catholic church has only built a monument to itself(Vatican). I love how you Catholics never identify yourselves as Christian, but only Catholic. You are a single denomination, and at this point in history I don’t consider anyone following the teachings of the Catholic Church a Christian. Why? They place their faith in works and church tradition rather then Jesus. I’ve never met a Catholic who gives a rip about Jesus. If you do, then you’re not a true Catholic.

      1. g-man says:

        I love when non catholics try to tell me what I believe….does it make you feel better about your self when you do that or something? Anyway the truth is catholics are the first true followers of Christ, read the letters of Ignatius of antioch, he called the true followers of Christ catholic before the bible was even comprised. He wrote them on the way to his death in 110 AD. 200 and some odd years before the catholics put our bible together. you should also read James 2:26 to see how faith without works is dead…..and Jesus also asked Peter 3 times if he loved him inorder to give him a chance to repent for dening him thre times…..did jesus then say believe in me, NO he put him to work….feed my sheep! also read John 17, 9-19 and see how God prayed his followers would remain as one….not 30,000 protesters all trying to make God into someone or something he is not. You are entiteled to your own opinion, but know one is entitled to there own truth! Also Vatican didn’t just build a monument unto itself, everything the church has is because people have supported Jesus and his church throughout the entire existance of it. You would be suprised to know there wealth has been shared with more people thoughout the world thru missionary work, and the building of hospitals, and feeding of the poor……more so then all other faith denominations combined! But it is not of the church to boost since God has said it is wrong to do so. And you should also know that heaven is a Catholic place filled with saints like Mary, and Peter, and those who died for there enormous love for Christ. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

      2. Rufus Choate says:

        Are you a Creedal Christian?. Meaning do you recite the Apostle or Nicene Creeds?

        Try it some time and report to the class the number of times the term Christian is spoken and the number of times Catholic is used to identify Christians.

        Protestantism is grouping of heresies founded after 1500 years of Catholicism (at last count 32,000 sects) and they dare to act like they have a leg to stand on after being founded by Deceitful Monks, Psychotic Sociopaths and a Syphilitic King?

    4. Theresa says:

      There were 1/2 millioin per the 1775 census.

    5. Drake says:

      I guess that’s why africa is still a trash dump..

      Blacks have never done a thing throughout history but pick plants and stand around with their paws, er, hands out.

      Oh yeah, and rape, murder, shoot people and sell drugs while spreading AIDS…LOL!!!!!

  77. Cowboy says:

    “Investigators say an African-American family lives near the area where the cross was found.”

    HUH? Are people charged with possibly offending somebody if they happen to go that way ???

  78. John says:

    OMG! racism in the north?!!! where the majority of ghettos are? whodathunkit.

    1. Leroy says:

      People who complete their education and then work for a living usually don’t live in ghettos.

    2. kat38 says:

      John said:

      OMG! racism in the north?!!! where the majority of ghettos are? whodathunkit

      I say: LOL! The South is like paradise now in comparison.

    3. dave says:

      Racism and (lets assume African) slavery were a function of the NORTHERN INDUSTRIALISTS, NOT POOR SOUTHERNERS.

      Was it the poor hicks in GA who sent ships to Africa to steal people to work on plantations? NOPE!

      did the Northern Corporations get this done while the Federal Government was fast asleep? they just managed to pull this off right under the nose of the US Navy which was either the highest power on the seas or second (G.B. had been)? They just managed to sneak slaves in through US ports when everyone was out to LUNCH?

      No, slavery was a deliberate ploy of the Northern capitalists and the US GOVERNMENT. Its convenient to blame it on the South.


  79. Anne Frankenstein says:

    It was 2 pieces of wood on fire, what is the problem?

  80. rexreddy says:

    This is no way to express your displeasure with the social upheaval that you are at odds with.
    This only serves to exacerbate the problems.
    This type of behavior and the posts here are counterproductive as it only serves to rally those who oppose your view.

    Think before you write.
    Is it useful content?
    Or can it be characterized as hate speech.
    Hate speech is counter productive from either side.

    What are the facts?
    Display the facts in a non threatening manner.
    Clear and concise dialog of the facts will be much more effective than threats or hateful rants.

    1. Troy says:

      There is no such thing as hate speech. Hate speech is a fabrication of those who seek to demolish the right of free speech. Get it, it’s a man made PC concept, only acknowledged by those who are soft headed, the Legal Profession, or the Politician trolling for votes from the ignorant nanny state loving fools who are unwilling or unable to care for themselves.

      Don’t like that definition, well I’ve watched all kinds of my rights taken from me in the past 60 years, by well meaning idiots and fools. Alas, it seems we have more of each every year.

      1. Rex Reddy says:

        You have a point but the term is coined and will not go away.
        We can better convey our ideas in logical and civil tones yet still be assertive.

        If a person sounds like some KKK thug, no one is going to listen to them.

      2. de la says:

        So your right to spew hatred and vile racism has been curtailed? Your right to intimidate people who aren’t the same orientation, race, creed as you? You’re right, how can this be America?

        So sad for you.

      3. Browncoat says:

        @de la
        You mean like the media and the Tea Party movement?

  81. Anthony says:

    Slavery built the US economy, why shouldn’t the ancestors of those who died, live in the country they helped to make, with dignity. 400 million blacks died to build the US economy;have 400 million whites died at the hands of blacks. High school dropouts like yourself should not be posting. Your statements lack foundation. Now the US economy is faltering, they are relying on 400 million Chinese to produce cheap goods. Alas, you still can not see, what you enjoy was not made on your sweat, but the sweat of others. This is happing today. You need to travel the world and get educated, my boy!

    1. Leroy says:

      Please substantiate you claim that “400 million blacks died to build the US economy”. It sounds like an outrageous, unsubstantiated claim.

    2. billybudd says:

      400 million? Get a grip. The population of Africa today is only 900 million to maybe 1 billion. Best estimates in the 1700s come in at 65 to 70 million.

      1. Thersa says:

        The census states 1/2 million

    3. Tiberius says:

      hey moron, the number of slaves in the United States never exceeded 4.1 million. You just sound stupid right now.

      1. Anthony says:

        Dude, before you call MORON, on yourself, perhaps you should read what I wrote:”400 million died to build the US economy…” I did not imply or state that 400 million blacks died in the US. I am talking Slavery directly and indirectly related to the US economy. The US traded with other slave possessing nations. As a result of this foundation slavery the US became the dominant economy.

    4. kat38 says:

      Millions of Chinese died building railroads across this country. Why aren’t they screaming for freebies? Our ancestors of ALL nationalities who helped build this country in the 19th Century are DEAD! No blacks living in this country today were slaves. For the last 50 years, blacks have been given the very same opportunities as every citizen of every nationality in this country. Other nationalities have taken the ball and run with it. WHY are Blacks still blaming others for absolutely everything that is wrong in their lives? It’ long past time for them to take care of themselves.

      1. Oscar says:

        Good comment. The Irish were treated as an unequal underclass, working in the mines to keep the country work and feed coal to the steel mills. At the end of the week, they often owed the company store more money than they made that week in wages.

    5. John says:

      You are making a more broad and sweeping assumption than the post to which you reply… You have no idea who posted, color, race, creed. Your numbers by the way, have no factuality (400 million). Anthony, you response makes you worse than the “boy” you are calling out… Quit hating “whites” or more accurately persons not of dark color.

      1. Anthony says:

        Read my reply to Tiberius.

    6. Lacretia Ballance says:

      Anthony, dude, apparently the “Give me liberty or give me death!” idea didn’t work for most slaves. Liberty wasn’t worth fighting for, so a whole bunch of mostly white people had to die to free the ones who didn’t value freedom so much. So I’d be willing to bet that more whites died freeing blacks from their own fear than blacks. Especially, given the notion that it was blacks who sold their own into slavery and blacks who kept blacks for slaves along with the white people who kept whites for slaves.

      Then again, it was cheaper to pay the Chinese to do the work that needed done than it was to keep a slave, so slavery was on its way out with or without a war.

      Time for black people to step up alongside all the suffering of all other races and stop demanding special treatment for their failures.

    7. Jhonnie B says:

      Still making up numbers, if you say it enough is it true? NO

      400mm is incorrect, try 4mm. I totally get your point; blacks have as much right to live and prosper in the USA. But racism sucks and should never be allowed but it is not a one way street.

    8. Anthony says:

      Catholic go read your bible and go to sleep. This is for non tv watchers.

      1. tsco106 says:

        Catholics don’t know what a bible is.

    9. Drake says:

      Prob is, blacks cause 82% of crime.. Prob is, they rape, murder, shoot, sell drugs and spread AIDS more than any other of the lower races.

      Anthony, get an education… LOL.. Turd.

  82. Mike says:

    They shouldn’t have done that, but they probably did it just for kicks. To say “a black family lives nearby” doesn’t prove anything. Black people live all over the place, they’d need to prove they did this to intimidate that black family.

    Maybe what they should have done was put an American flag on top of the cross, then according to the Democrats it would be protected by the First Amendment.

  83. Willie says:

    ..and yoi would not have this problem if the Indians had welcomed whites with arrows instead of a Thanksgiving dinner.

  84. Dan American says:

    You just hate for the sake of hating, don’t you? Uncivil and un-liked by any other human can be the only reason for such a hate-filled life. Are you proud of listing your screen name as jewbag? Go pop another zit and sit in front of your xbox and rot.

  85. g-man says:

    last thought……blacks are always championing equality right? well answer this, whats equal about getting the best oppurtunity for education? Or how about food stamps to buy stuff most of us only dream of….I see it everytime I go shopping….one cart for basics and another for extras, paid for by, you guessed it….the tax payers….mainly me and you! They have had access to the lions share of governments money for a long time and still they complain about there terrible existance. Please Martin Luther Jr. would puke if he could see how blacks have become takers and not givers. I believe this is what we are seeing as a response to all this, the tides are turning now and the blacks should have been happy with free food, free housing…free cell phones….free educations….free child care….free medical…..etcs. etcs. Micheal Jackson made a song called man in the mirror…. in it he says if you want to make a change …take a look at yourself and make a change. God made you black ,,,,not whites…..don’t like what you are start with the man in the mirror. don’t like the color, blame God not whites!

    1. Brandon Pitts says:

      Its clearly not about African Americans having a complex on their skin color, its the reaction of the community of none colored people that reminds them of a time when this country wasn’t equal. If that’s hard for you to piece together maybe you don’t need to make any comments my white brother.

      1. phillyspacecommand says:

        we prefer europeon american

    2. miller says:

      I sit here trying to reply to your inane comment. But a point comes when one just has to figure out that blind ignorance.

      So your right, African Americans live the life of Riley.

      But if it so great, why don’t we all live that life of Riley.

      1. g-man says:

        have you not been paying attention, everday I here reports of more and more people going on the DOLE…. both blacks and whites. but mostly blacks. I can’t tell you how many times I here from people that they don’t want to take a job making 7 or 8 bucks an hour, when they can remain useless and get twice as much for doing nothing. And it’s more than that …I don’t know of any father or mother that would want teach this type of attitude to there children, come on what parent after there child comes home form school and asks how there day was wants to reply oh, I just sat around doing nothing today while some hard working person of unknown color or gender worked so I didn’t have to. Gee hunny isn’t America great! the life of Riley is catching on!!!!!!

    3. Armyant20 says:

      g-man, check this out http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1077/is_n2_v48/ai_12970819/ there are far more whites on food stamps then blacks my friend.

      1. Jhonnie B says:

        Not as a percentage of the total number of their race. Numbers are funny that way; you bend them to your point of view if you use them incorrectly.

  86. dennit says:

    The gut on the far right does not even look 100% white.

  87. Bill Simpson says:

    google “knoxville, tennessee tortlure killing for interesting contrast. i feel certain that those two young people would gladly have traded having a “t'” burned near their home as oppposed to the indescrible agony infllicted on them by fiour black men and one black woman.

  88. g-man says:

    i’m sorry but building a box around george washingtons statue was as uncalled for as burning a cross…..you can’t have it one way! ……..yeah! ACLU back at yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. John Seaman says:

    They should have burned a US flag instead. That would have the lberals flocking to defend their right to protest.

  90. Ceasar Johnson says:

    I am African American. I was a slave from 1852-1865 when Sherman and the blue bellies came through Beaufort SC. I left with the Union Army for New Jersey in 1865. Can I be compensated for this cross burning?

    1. ZMEEKER says:

      Mr Ceasar Johnson, Yes. You are one of the very few that should received reparations for your plight and pay for your service. But be careful what you ask for, a windfall like this may be a challenge for you at Your advanced age;^).

    2. Leroy says:

      Yes, but you will also receive a bill for food, housing, clothing and medical care. Many non-slaves worked in the mills and mines, and at the end of the week, owed more to the company store than they made in wages. It is only fair that you be treated financially equally.

    3. davec says:

      No, because dead people cant take legal action, kinda hard for a pile of dust to sign a complaint.

      Oh, youre being sarcastic. I C…

      But your 7th generation can claim some non-existant right as long as some Politician profits from it.

  91. lu e lu e says:

    I would like to know EXACTLY HOW CLOSE WAS IT? This case is full of holes, get a good attorney and sue the sh#^ of of them.

  92. Joseph L Cooke says:

    It’s an American family, not an african-American family. What nonsense.

    1. Leslie Lamar Mcleod says:

      Yeah why do they say African and the a / American? are they African’s first?

  93. jnsesq says:

    Silly people. Don’tcha know you can only burn American flags with impunity in order to make a statement? First Amendment only applies to liberals, you know.

  94. Xpat Ron says:

    Well if you look at these goofs no wonder, hey dude let’s go burn a cross by the side of the turnpike, duhh, ok, I thought that was only allowed south of the Mason-Dixon line anyway, and crazy redneck might be write, it could have been a lower case t, yee haww, I love Amerikkka.

  95. Gary says:

    Cross burning Bad. Cross dressing OK.

  96. sean patriot says:

    Burning a cross is not illegal. Setting fire to property thats not theirs is though. This is just simple arson. Had they burned it on their own property, noithing could be done about it

    1. Jay says:

      Thanks, good point. it is funny how journalists will take a boring story and put a spin on it to gather viewers/readers. As I read this I thought “Arrested because they burned a cross NEAR a black family’s home?” Then you made this point. Journalists are sick.

      1. davec says:

        I live “nearby” and I AM OFFENDED that they arrested them. Wil they then DROP THE CHARGES?

        Nope, not when its an AGENDA. It just happens my “nearby” is a couple thousand miles, but thats irrelavent.

    2. Pete says:

      All three are charged with bias intimidation

      Not according to the article. “Bias intimidation” sounds very subjective and quite an ominous charge if you ask me.

      1. Cowboy says:

        Most of the world lives on ‘bias intimidation’. Bias doesn’t have to be based on race.

  97. Guess Who says:

    I suspect the black fambly lives miles away from the site and never saw the cross.

    1. Leroy says:

      There is no evidence otherwise. They probably had to read about it to know it happened.

  98. mas4492 says:

    Oh my god! That;s horrible. As to the poor family; What country in Africa did they emigrate from, and when did they attain citizenship?

  99. Jim says:

    Did anyone notice, this was not done on the lawn, or in front of a black family’s home, it was done on the side of a highway, idiots should be charged with simple arson, case closed……Don’t blac people live everywhere?

  100. Crazy_Redneck says:

    How do they know it was a cross? It could have been a lower case “t”.

  101. wayne says:

    They should have burned a US Flag….that’s OK now!

    1. Hoot4RE says:

      Naw. They SHOULD have BURNED Their bras because…., Oh, WAIT…,

  102. Skychief says:

    Funny, CBS did not cover the New Black Panthers calling for the killing of Crackers and their babies.

    1. George says:

      And they never will

  103. phillyspacecommand says:

    dabear is dastupid, is that rascist? Also why is this big news when black on white crime is never headline news? Reverse discrimination?

    1. russ1449 says:

      There is no such thing as “reverse” discrimination, only discrimination.

  104. dabear says:

    What I find interesting is this is the same area that I read posts from on other news blogs that always talk about how they were afraid to travel to the South in the past and how ignorant those rednecks are and how Mississippi and Alabama are just SO TERRIBLE and then I read this. Funny that lately this seems to be happening much more in this area than in the South.
    What a bunch of hypocrites!

    1. MST says:

      You’re right. The South seems more progressive on racial matters nowadays, and I plan to relocate there someday. I’m a black American who grew up in the North and I’ve faced plenty of racism. And no, I’m not a criminal, on welfare, or a drug addict, and I’ve never lived in “the hood.” I’m a college-educated, middle class woman.

      You can tell when an article links to Drudge because of all the bigoted and stupid comments.

      1. Bousan says:

        If the article is in a black forum the same ignorant remarks would be found, and you would think they were just fine. You’re as bigoted as anyone. When people stop idenitfyiing themselves as different, they will not be treated as different.

  105. kev says:

    hmm, how many Whites and others are attacked by african americans ( blacks) just because of their race? according to the dept of Justice they make up the bulk of hate crimes, yet because of political correctness they are rarely charged.

    1. momma says:

      you suck

      1. daddy says:

        be careful momma.she might suck you

      2. Jhonnie B says:

        Typical ignorant reply

    2. Ralph says:

      True, which is why you will be called names

    3. MST says:

      Two wrongs don’t make a right. Attacking anyone except in self-defense is wrong.

  106. Roze says:

    This will be national news yet any black on white crime isn’t. Drudge report needs to chunk the “African-american” couple thing because it seems like there wasn’t even one. Then again, I’m a Separatist, Nationalist Racialist myself so maybe I’m not being too objective. A pizza guy in New Orleans, where I live unfortunately, just got bleach thrown in his face while being told “you don’t belong here white boy”, but of course you won’t see that anywhere.

  107. Ray says:

    If there is no known target of the cross-burning, how are they being charged with bias intimidation? If the cross had been placed on the front lawn of a black family, it’d be more clear. But placed off the side of a highway? Sounds like stupid kids up to stupid pranks.

    1. Lou Bator says:

      Those dopes aren’t stupid kids, they are young men. How much do you want to bet that none of them has a job that pays more than $8 an hour? They’re just knuckleheads. Now, if a few black guys had done something similarly stupid, they would be misunderstood and Al, Jesse and the boys would be screaming for their rights. Go figure.

  108. PJ says:

    Wow, this is major news.

  109. JERSEY TAXED says:


  110. Joe says:

    Gee, what a shock that something like this would happen in . . . New Jersey. And NJ residents wonder why NJ is referred to as “The Armpit of America.”

    1. NJ is Just Fine says:

      You’re right Joe, no criminal activity ever happens in New York or PA. I love North Philly, Kensington,and the Bronx at night. Those places are truly heaven. You’re probably the most intelligent person on here.

      1. Dominick R. DiGioia says:


      2. Steven says:

        How true. The Bronx, and NYC in general, is a cesspool. Third world animals everywhere, especially violent blacks and Hispanics, and they all HATE whitey like myself. They smell, can’t speak proper English if their lives depended on it, they are violent, hateful, burdens of society. Flush them all down the toilet.

    2. NJ Res says:


      You are about as smart as the idiots who lit the fire. I would love to see the area that an idiot like you lives in, propbably a real great place! Why don’t you go and be jealous somewhere else.

      1. Pastor Bob says:

        Isn’t an enlightened cross a sign of Christianity?

      2. MST says:

        What can I say? Drudge readers. Whenever he posts something that has to do with race, all the haters come out. I don’t think Matt Drudge himself is a bigot, but many of his readers sure are.

    3. Brian says:

      Joe, I guess spray painting swastikas on garage doors in Montgomery County is OK? What a shock that would happen in Pennsylvania. If you don’t like Jersey , stay out.

    4. NJ family since 1640 says:

      While it’s wrong for Joe to disparage New Jersey for the acts of a few New Jerseyans, whatever those acts were, as someone else mentioned, people do that to Southerners all of the time. The same sorts of people who bristle at being the targets of regional bigotry don’t hesitate to aim their own regional bigotry at others.

      1. fred says:

        NJ family since 1640–

        As a Southerner I thank you for that. Bless you, sir.

Comments are closed.

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