3 Arrested In Connection To New Jersey Cross Burning

BASS RIVER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — Three men have been arrested and charged in connection to a burning cross spotted off the side of a highway in southern New Jersey.

State Police spokesman Stephen Jones says three men were seen near the 8-by-4-foot wooden cross, which was set ablaze off Route 9 around 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

Jones says troopers patrolling the area stopped the men to question them.

Jones says Nicholas Comis, 22, of Tuckerton appeared to have gas stains on his pants and was arrested Wednesday night. The other two men, Daniel Enders, 22, of New Gretna, and Christopher Hurrll, 21, were arrested Thursday.

All three are charged with bias intimidation and conspiracy to commit arson. The charges carry a three- to five-year sentence upon conviction.

Investigators say an African-American family lives near the area where the cross was found.

It was unclear Thursday if the men had attorneys.

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  • dennit

    The gut on the far right does not even look 100% white.

  • Bill Simpson

    google “knoxville, tennessee tortlure killing for interesting contrast. i feel certain that those two young people would gladly have traded having a “t'” burned near their home as oppposed to the indescrible agony infllicted on them by fiour black men and one black woman.

  • g-man

    i’m sorry but building a box around george washingtons statue was as uncalled for as burning a cross…..you can’t have it one way! ……..yeah! ACLU back at yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Seaman

    They should have burned a US flag instead. That would have the lberals flocking to defend their right to protest.

  • Ceasar Johnson

    I am African American. I was a slave from 1852-1865 when Sherman and the blue bellies came through Beaufort SC. I left with the Union Army for New Jersey in 1865. Can I be compensated for this cross burning?

    • davec

      No, because dead people cant take legal action, kinda hard for a pile of dust to sign a complaint.

      Oh, youre being sarcastic. I C…

      But your 7th generation can claim some non-existant right as long as some Politician profits from it.

    • Leroy

      Yes, but you will also receive a bill for food, housing, clothing and medical care. Many non-slaves worked in the mills and mines, and at the end of the week, owed more to the company store than they made in wages. It is only fair that you be treated financially equally.


      Mr Ceasar Johnson, Yes. You are one of the very few that should received reparations for your plight and pay for your service. But be careful what you ask for, a windfall like this may be a challenge for you at Your advanced age;^).

  • lu e lu e

    I would like to know EXACTLY HOW CLOSE WAS IT? This case is full of holes, get a good attorney and sue the sh#^ of of them.

  • Joseph L Cooke

    It’s an American family, not an african-American family. What nonsense.

    • Leslie Lamar Mcleod

      Yeah why do they say African and the a / American? are they African’s first?

  • jnsesq

    Silly people. Don’tcha know you can only burn American flags with impunity in order to make a statement? First Amendment only applies to liberals, you know.

  • Xpat Ron

    Well if you look at these goofs no wonder, hey dude let’s go burn a cross by the side of the turnpike, duhh, ok, I thought that was only allowed south of the Mason-Dixon line anyway, and crazy redneck might be write, it could have been a lower case t, yee haww, I love Amerikkka.

  • Gary

    Cross burning Bad. Cross dressing OK.

  • sean patriot

    Burning a cross is not illegal. Setting fire to property thats not theirs is though. This is just simple arson. Had they burned it on their own property, noithing could be done about it

    • Jay

      Thanks, good point. it is funny how journalists will take a boring story and put a spin on it to gather viewers/readers. As I read this I thought “Arrested because they burned a cross NEAR a black family’s home?” Then you made this point. Journalists are sick.

      • davec

        I live “nearby” and I AM OFFENDED that they arrested them. Wil they then DROP THE CHARGES?

        Nope, not when its an AGENDA. It just happens my “nearby” is a couple thousand miles, but thats irrelavent.

    • Pete

      All three are charged with bias intimidation

      Not according to the article. “Bias intimidation” sounds very subjective and quite an ominous charge if you ask me.

      • Cowboy

        Most of the world lives on ‘bias intimidation’. Bias doesn’t have to be based on race.

  • Guess Who

    I suspect the black fambly lives miles away from the site and never saw the cross.

    • Leroy

      There is no evidence otherwise. They probably had to read about it to know it happened.

  • mas4492

    Oh my god! That;s horrible. As to the poor family; What country in Africa did they emigrate from, and when did they attain citizenship?

  • Jim

    Did anyone notice, this was not done on the lawn, or in front of a black family’s home, it was done on the side of a highway, idiots should be charged with simple arson, case closed……Don’t blac people live everywhere?

  • Crazy_Redneck

    How do they know it was a cross? It could have been a lower case “t”.

  • wayne

    They should have burned a US Flag….that’s OK now!

    • Hoot4RE

      Naw. They SHOULD have BURNED Their bras because…., Oh, WAIT…,

  • Skychief

    Funny, CBS did not cover the New Black Panthers calling for the killing of Crackers and their babies.

    • George

      And they never will

  • phillyspacecommand

    dabear is dastupid, is that rascist? Also why is this big news when black on white crime is never headline news? Reverse discrimination?

    • russ1449

      There is no such thing as “reverse” discrimination, only discrimination.

  • dabear

    What I find interesting is this is the same area that I read posts from on other news blogs that always talk about how they were afraid to travel to the South in the past and how ignorant those rednecks are and how Mississippi and Alabama are just SO TERRIBLE and then I read this. Funny that lately this seems to be happening much more in this area than in the South.
    What a bunch of hypocrites!

    • MST

      You’re right. The South seems more progressive on racial matters nowadays, and I plan to relocate there someday. I’m a black American who grew up in the North and I’ve faced plenty of racism. And no, I’m not a criminal, on welfare, or a drug addict, and I’ve never lived in “the hood.” I’m a college-educated, middle class woman.

      You can tell when an article links to Drudge because of all the bigoted and stupid comments.

      • Bousan

        If the article is in a black forum the same ignorant remarks would be found, and you would think they were just fine. You’re as bigoted as anyone. When people stop idenitfyiing themselves as different, they will not be treated as different.

  • kev

    hmm, how many Whites and others are attacked by african americans ( blacks) just because of their race? according to the dept of Justice they make up the bulk of hate crimes, yet because of political correctness they are rarely charged.

    • MST

      Two wrongs don’t make a right. Attacking anyone except in self-defense is wrong.

    • Ralph

      True, which is why you will be called names

    • momma

      you suck

      • Jhonnie B

        Typical ignorant reply

      • daddy

        be careful momma.she might suck you

  • Roze

    This will be national news yet any black on white crime isn’t. Drudge report needs to chunk the “African-american” couple thing because it seems like there wasn’t even one. Then again, I’m a Separatist, Nationalist Racialist myself so maybe I’m not being too objective. A pizza guy in New Orleans, where I live unfortunately, just got bleach thrown in his face while being told “you don’t belong here white boy”, but of course you won’t see that anywhere.

  • Ray

    If there is no known target of the cross-burning, how are they being charged with bias intimidation? If the cross had been placed on the front lawn of a black family, it’d be more clear. But placed off the side of a highway? Sounds like stupid kids up to stupid pranks.

    • Lou Bator

      Those dopes aren’t stupid kids, they are young men. How much do you want to bet that none of them has a job that pays more than $8 an hour? They’re just knuckleheads. Now, if a few black guys had done something similarly stupid, they would be misunderstood and Al, Jesse and the boys would be screaming for their rights. Go figure.

  • PJ

    Wow, this is major news.



  • Joe

    Gee, what a shock that something like this would happen in . . . New Jersey. And NJ residents wonder why NJ is referred to as “The Armpit of America.”

    • NJ is Just Fine

      You’re right Joe, no criminal activity ever happens in New York or PA. I love North Philly, Kensington,and the Bronx at night. Those places are truly heaven. You’re probably the most intelligent person on here.

      • Dominick R. DiGioia


      • Steven

        How true. The Bronx, and NYC in general, is a cesspool. Third world animals everywhere, especially violent blacks and Hispanics, and they all HATE whitey like myself. They smell, can’t speak proper English if their lives depended on it, they are violent, hateful, burdens of society. Flush them all down the toilet.

    • NJ Res


      You are about as smart as the idiots who lit the fire. I would love to see the area that an idiot like you lives in, propbably a real great place! Why don’t you go and be jealous somewhere else.

      • MST

        What can I say? Drudge readers. Whenever he posts something that has to do with race, all the haters come out. I don’t think Matt Drudge himself is a bigot, but many of his readers sure are.

      • Pastor Bob

        Isn’t an enlightened cross a sign of Christianity?

    • Brian

      Joe, I guess spray painting swastikas on garage doors in Montgomery County is OK? What a shock that would happen in Pennsylvania. If you don’t like Jersey , stay out.

    • NJ family since 1640

      While it’s wrong for Joe to disparage New Jersey for the acts of a few New Jerseyans, whatever those acts were, as someone else mentioned, people do that to Southerners all of the time. The same sorts of people who bristle at being the targets of regional bigotry don’t hesitate to aim their own regional bigotry at others.

      • fred

        NJ family since 1640–

        As a Southerner I thank you for that. Bless you, sir.

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