Embattled Bucks County Teacher: ‘I Stand By What I Said’

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — People waiting to hear some kind of an apology will have to keep waiting.

The teacher is not backing down. She’s hired a lawyer and is claiming she was just being honest in her blog and the controversy surrounding it amounts to political correctness run wild.

Engulfed in a blogging scandal that could cost her a teaching job, Natalie Munroe is not wavering.

Her controversial blog entry about what she wished she could write on students’ report cards included comments such as:

“Frightfully dim,” “Rat-like,” “Am concerned your kid is going to come in one day and open fire on the school,” “I hate your kid,” and “Seems smarter than she actually is.”

“I stand by what I said, and I don’t regret it because it’s the truth. People need to take a look at what’s happening in this district and any district,” Munroe said.

However, parents and students we spoke with at Central Bucks East High School aren’t buying the English teacher’s explanation.

“Anything like that shouldn’t be on the internet in the first place,” said parent Judy Velcheck.

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“I don’t know why she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong since she used foul language towards students,” said Kevin Magee, a senior at Central Bucks East.

Last week, the 30-year old teacher was suspended with pay after the blog, which she wrote a year ago, was posted on someone’s Facebook page. (see previous story).

Word spread quickly throughout the school generating national media attention.

Her attorney Steven Rovner contends Munroe did nothing wrong and her suspension amounts to censorship.

Munroe points out she didn’t name a specific student or the district she worked for.

She is arguing that she wasn’t referring to all students and that her posts were only meant to reach the handful of friends who followed her blog.

“My intent with the blog was to keep in touch with the friends and to go home at the end of the day and rant like on a diary and be done with it,” Munroe said.

The school district suspended Munroe pending the outcome of the investigation.

Munroe was previously scheduled to go on maternity leave next month.


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  1. ranger1rg says:

    I posted the following on Natalie Munroe’s blog. You won’t find it there because she censors the posts that appears. She apparently wants only support for her actions. My post to her:

    Pretty sad that you wouldn’t publish the comment I made earlier today.

    You must be very insecure to have to post only messages that support you.

    I hope you won’t use your “support” as evidence you should return to the classroom. That school is better off without you and your insults. You don’t like kids and you burned out a long time ago.

    Stay home and teach your children to become RESPONSIBLE adults who are aware that there are CONSEQUENCES in life.

  2. ranger1rg says:

    Weezie, you accused me of contradicting myself in my posts. Why am I not surprised that you failed to provide ONE example?

    You say I’m not privy to “the whole story.” So YOU know the whole story? Well, what part of it haven’t you told the rest of us?

    The truth is that you don’t know ANYTHING more than the rest of us know. You’ve just chosen to defend a teacher who insults kids on a blog and act as if she’s the second coming.

    1. jules says:


      I am convinced the more I read her posts that she is either related to, or a friend of Ms. Munroes. She doesn’t know any more than we do. She just wants to talk all high and mighty. She is laughable at best.

      1. WEEZIE says:


    2. WEEZIE says:



  3. Richard says:

    Here’s what Natalie Munroe blogged in Jan. 2010 while she was AT SCHOOL:

    “I’m being a renegade right now, living on the edge and, um, blogging AT work. However, as I’m blogging about work stuff, I give myself a free pass of conscience.” The timestamp on the post was 9:01 a.m. on a Thursday.

    “When I was first teaching, I put a lot of time and effort into the comments because I felt it was a great way to communicate the students’ efforts. Then it got to be a complete pain in the ass, just one more thing standing between me and being done with the report cards, and suddenly I realized why I’d always gotten the same comments from my teachers: they didn’t want to do them any more than I do,” she wrote.

    “Also, as the kids get worse and worse, I find that the canned comments don’t accurately express my true sentiments about them. So now I pretty much choose ‘Cooperative in Class’ for every kid (or, in some instances, will speak in other codes. For instance, if they talk a lot, I’ll put ‘is easily distracted’ or ‘talks persistently’; if it’s a kid that has no personality, I’ll put ‘ability to work independently’). For some kids, though, my scornful feelings reach such fever pitch that I have a hard time even putting ‘cooperative in class’ and have, sadly, had some kids for which none of the comments fit.”

    Does this sound like someone you want teaching your kids? It’s simply not defensible.

    1. Jules says:


      I had been looking for this blog to see just what she wrote, and had been unable to. I am completely appalled that someone who calls themselves a teacher could write such hateful things. Who does she think she is making such judgements? If a child is quiet or shy, it does not mean they have no personality. Kids are preceptive, and they probably realized that this teacher didn’t like them, so they didn’t want to open up in class. Does she even have any GOOD students in her class, or are all students bad. Get her out of the educational field immediately, she has no business there. Heaven help her if she were my son’s teacher that’s all I have to say.

    2. WEEZIE says:

      You didn’t put in your 33 yrs (I note that you got out as soon as possible )

      In Mass.Conn,or Virginia circa 1692 did you ?

      1. ranger1rg says:

        Weezie, what’s up with the insults??? Is this your way of showing what an adult YOU are? Don’t take lessons from Natalie Munroe.

        Jules, believe it or not, Munroe is blogging AGAIN:


        She takes responsibility for NOTHING and mixes in her discussion of education with supposedly cute and witty comments about getting her makeup and hair done for tv interviews. Unbelievable.

        Of course, she won’t post the comments I made. This supposedly wonderful example of a teacher practices censorship, too.

      2. Jules says:

        @ranger…I know she is blogging, and I left her a nice note. I doubt she will publish it because it doesn’t glorify her, but calls her out for the terrible teacher she is. I had a teacher like her in the 4th grade. I was that”dimwitted” kid who just didn’t get math. Later, we found out I had a LD in math. She would say cruel things not to my parents, not to me directly, but in front of the class. Things like “Are you really that stupid? Do I need to speak slowly for you to get it?” or my personal favorite “Oh look the ugly girl is raising her hand. Maybe she’ll actually get it right this time.” My parents went to the school, and they sided with the teacher. They did pull me out and put me in special ed, but the damage was done. I never raised my hand in class, I never looked a teacher in the eye, and I have a hard time believing that I can get a concept. I second guess myself allt the time. I can only imagine what her hatred of her students has done to them.

      3. WEEZIE says:

        A question is a question..If you read all of Richard’s comments, you will see how often he contradicts himself…why ? … because he is not privy to the whole story, and he makes only personal, judgemental speculations

  4. weezie says:

    How do you know she made zero effort.? …her frustration came from somewhere …

    1. Richard says:

      So your answer to making an effort and failing is to rip people apart on a blog?

      And listen, EVERYONE gets frustrated with their job at one time or another. You have to handle that frustration like an adult, not like a raving child. She took her frustration to the INTERNET, for God’s sake — where everyone could see it.

      Wrong choice, foolish mistake. Now she wants a big money payout, most likely. I assume she doesn’t even want to return to the classroom.

      1. WEEZIE says:

        ” A big money payout, most likely ” ? You’re not certain ? You seem to be

        certain about a lot of stuff that’s only your personal spectulation !

  5. Barbara says:

    As a high school teacher, I get frustrated by my students, too, but I wonder about the level of venom in this teacher’s comments. If she hates kids so much, what is she doing in the classroom?

  6. Stephanie says:

    As a current high school student, I can say with complete confidence that students nowadays are not as academically motivated or willing to challenge themselves education-wise. They ARE disrespectful to teachers, curse with pride, and act obnoxiously on school grounds. This teacher is saying what I’ve thought my (so-far) entire high school career. It’s difficult for people to understand that teachers are NORMAL PEOPLE too. They have things that annoy or frustrate them and sometimes they just need to vent. If she can’t do that, then the countless number of people online who post on facebook, twitter, or tumblr should be prevent also. This is a hypocritical thing to say that she can’t be able to comment on certain topics especially when people in other fields do that exact same thing.

    1. Jerry says:

      “As a current high school student, I can say with complete confidence that students nowadays are not as academically motivated or willing to challenge themselves education-wise. ”

      And how would you know this? What are you comparing this to? You’re only in high school, you haven’t even experienced the world, and when you say that students aren’t “as motivated”, you’re invoking a comparison that you don’t even provide (which is bad grammar, BTW). And it’s “educationally”, not “education-wise”. Maybe you need to get more motivated, “education-wise”, yourself.

      1. Elliott says:

        Oh, way to be Mr. High and Mighty, acting like you know more then her and trying to show off in some type of arrogant way. “How would she know this?” Really? you asked that? She goes to high school, she can see with her own eyes what’s going on around her.

    2. Richard says:

      Stephanie, it’s not hypocritical. This teacher doesn’t own her own business. She has others to answer to, and others she needs to work with. She should have vented with her friends and family or therapist. Instead she lumped all her students in one ugly basket.

    3. Granny says:

      If you see this as a student I applaud you because it shows that you have ethics that many students lack. and who knows what was happening a year ago to have a bad day. I am encourages as you appear to have better concepts than most people appear to have much older than you.
      Good luck in your future. I am sure with the ethics you display now will take you far.

      1. Richard says:

        Ethics??? What ethics does Stephanie have??? That’s not clear from her post.

        She sounds like a nice girl who is a good, respectful student. That’s not ethics, my dear.

        And please, stop excusing the blogging teacher for having a bad day. She did much worse than that.

  7. larry says:

    Well, it appears she spoke the truth. Of course, nobody wants to hear the truth about their little darling, unless it that they’re wonderful.

  8. jules says:

    I’m getting so sick of the people who keep saying that her first amendment rights have been violated for this. The fact is that, this wasn’t something she did in the privacy of friends and family, she posted a blog in a public forum….the internet. While you CAN say whatever it is you want, it doesn’t mean you should and it doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be consequences for your stupidity. What if your child was using his first amendment rights to slam you on facebook. What if he said what failures you are as parents and used expletives I won’t put on here. Are you going to sit there and say “Oh Johnny, what a great way to take advantage of your right to free speech. Kudos to you?” No, you would probably spank your kid and/or ground him. What this teacher did is just as bad. What if it was your child she was talking about? Are you still going to defend her?
    A perfect example of how there should be consequences for free speech. On facebook there was an event called Kill a Jew Day set for Martin Luther King day. It encouraged people to kill not only jews, but any other race that was not white. Is that acceptable use of free speech? Should he not be held accountable or have consequences? What about the kids who cyberbully and in turn cause a child to commit suicide? Is that acceptable? Should those kids not face consequences. This teacher is inadequate, she obviously hates her students, and I hope they fire her.

    1. Richard says:

      Good post, Jules. You make a lot of good points.

    2. Granny says:

      Yes I defend her . I visit class rooms and activities often and am appalled as to the
      actions of students. and yes I have grand kids that misbehave at school and yes I expect to be told about it. If you aren’t an abused teacher and your kids are not perfect then put on her shoes and see how you feel at the end of the week
      but if you have not been in her position then you have no knowledge as to what her day consist of. I live my kids but that doesn’t give them the right to walk over people regardless of who they are. . I didn’t see any names mentioned so I am assuming that your children may be guilty. and you are like many parents who encourage and enable such negative behavior. Sorry to burst your bubble but kids will be kids and can be viscous as a wild dog when in a pack. heads swell when encouraged by peers and regardless of kids behavior in front of their parents that all changes when friends are present.
      Don’t underestimate kids. most have their parents trained pretty good and it is sure obvious here.

      1. Richard says:

        It is really ridiculous to accuse every person criticizing this teacher of having bad kids and of enabling bad behavior.

        NO ONE supports kids behaving badly in school. NO ONE.

        When you visit these classrooms, granny, do you ever REPORT what you see? If it’s that bad, you have the responsibility of reporting all of it to the administration. If you don’t, why are you visiting the classrooms in the first place?

        If schools you visit are the zoo you say they are, you need to do something instead of supporting a teacher who insults kids on the internet.

      2. Jules says:

        You have no idea what kind of parent I am. My son KNOWS that if he were to cut up in class that there would be consequences for his actions. However, I don’t have to worry about that because I raised my son with something called MANNERS! My son is a straight A student, a peer tutor, and is extremely intelligent. At 11, that is a great thing. Yes, I know that there are kids out there who are disrespectful and act out in class, and treat adults in ways that would have got our teeth knocked in by our parents. However, that does not give this teacher the right to say such hateful things on a blog. She needs to be held accountable for her actions. If you want to vent, talk to a friend over coffee. Don’t post it somewhere that is in a public forum, but can be found by anyone on the internet. I’ve worked with unruly students myself as a moderator for a K-12 distance learning charter school, and those who were disrespectful got their chatting privileges taken away. Some hated me, but most thanked me later for doing that. This teacher could not control her class, she could not engage her students, and lets be honest kids are pretty perceptive. They can tell when an adult does not like them. If she couldn’t handle her class, or engage them then the fault likes with HER inadequacies….not her students.

    3. Granny says:

      and I Jules am a little tired of society thinking that kids have not the ability to think or take consequences. speaking in general is not a crime. today society is enabling kids to be less than responsible for their own behavior. It was probably a student that didn’t get their way that posted her comments . people are human and I have not run across 1 yet in 70 years that is above losing their temper. So you tell the kids why that behavior is wrong or politically not correct then teach the child how to deal with it so they won’t be doing the same. so many comments imply the teachers have no rights because they are educated to be teachers. then why is it they are expected to be parents , police officers, nurses , and rugs.sorry I disagree and yes I spend a lot of time at my grand kids school. they are monitored daily and when there is a problem it is took care of by the parents and do not expect the teachers to take care of it for us. We have meetings with the counselors and the teachers and the principal and any others involved in our children. yes we are lucky enough to have 2 over achievers and 1 underachiever. and she is 16 year old. I thought school was useless at that age too but i learned through work and my own experiences that it wasn’t so useless after all. I know many students leave school and come back later better students because they accept their own responsibilities and re think the adolescent years, as long as society is always blaming others for problems anywhere it will never change. kids want to be adults at 12 -15 then let them experience the responsibilities and consequences of the adults they think their age makes them. some never grow up but that is not society fault until they enable them, I don’t know of any parent that hasn’t got angry and yelled at their kids. does that mean they hate them and should be destroyed. after all parents are the first and most important teachers. No one is perfect and I am sure everyone here has never been in this teachers classroom. this idea that others are responsible for others behavior is the downfall of society. when people accept their own responsibilities to themselves instead of being followers and excuses. this will all continue. If people accept that individuals make their own choices and should be responsible for their own choices then maybe they will have enough backbone to stand up.

      1. Jules says:


        The fact that your grandchildren need to be monitored daily leads me to believe that they are the same kinds of kids Ms. Munroe is bashing on her blog. I totally agree that teachers don’t have the ability to discipline their students effectively. When I was in school back in the 70’s-80’s teachers were allowed to give swats. I had one teacher that would box your ears if you got out of line. If you cut up in class, were rude to a teacher or student, you were taken out into the hallway and given 2 swats. That was nothing compared to what our parents did to us when we got home. This teacher needs to be held accountable for her actions. If you want to slam your students personal blog in a public forum, be prepared for that student to find it and then turn you in. What she did is nothing better than what she claims her students do. She needs to be fired, plain and simple. Oh, and before you say that your grandchildren probably have some sort of mental health issue and can’t help it. My son got diagnosed with Apsergers Syndrome and has never been in trouble at school, maintains straight A’s, is a peer tutor, and is going to run for class president next year.

      2. Richard says:

        So you agree that this teacher should be responsible for what she wrote on her blog? She’s an individual who made her own choice — now she has to face the consequences.

        You might also stop exaggerating, granny. I don’t recall anyone saying that teachers have no rights. If you’re going to argue your point, tell the truth.

    4. WEEZIE says:

      So you think , even controversial blogging, is as bad as SPANKING ! .. What ?

      1. jules says:

        Actually Weezie, I see nothing wrong with spanking…as a last resort. I think that all other options should be utilized before resorting to corporal punishment. I also am appalled that you, as a teacher, commends another teacher for demeaning and degrading her students. She doesn’t have to name names, her contempt is quite obvious. I worry for your students that you think it is perfectly acceptable to call students dim-witted, no personality, that she HATES certain students. You are no better of a teacher than she is. I can only hope that my son would never have a teacher like you. While I know some kids are bad, most kids want to be there. Do you have students who have disabilities in your class? Do you have kids who need IEP’s or have issues like Aspergers? Do you put them down and make fun of them too? Both of you are cut from the same cloth, and to me neither one of are teachers….you’re bullies.

    5. WEEZIE says:

      Let me get this straight… you feel that blogging is as bad as SPANKING


      1. jules says:


        You misunderstood what I said about the spanking. I said that if you (and I am making generalizations, not you specificially) found your child had said the same kinds of things about how you failed as a parent or said something worse, would you be thrilled that they were exercising their first ammendment rights? If a parent were to see their child doing that, they would more than likely spank their child or ground them. I would ground my son and take the computer away from him. I don’t spank him. Not that I am against spanking, I just found that taking away things away from him works better. I don’t think that Natalie should have said what she said. Sorry if you misunderstood what I was saying.

    6. WEEZIE says:

      blogging is as bad as SPANKING ?, REALLY JULES ?

      1. jules says:

        Where in ANY of my posts did I say that blogging was as bad as spanking? Where? I never said it was as bad as spanking. Put the pipe down and go do something constructive. Maybe learn how to be a compassionate person instead of defending a teacher who is nothing better than a bully.

      2. weezie says:

        Jules… you said just that in your post 2/16/11 9:19 pm

      3. WEEZIE says:




      4. WEEZIE says:






      5. jules says:

        “What if your child was using his first amendment rights to slam you on facebook. What if he said what failures you are as parents and used expletives I won’t put on here. Are you going to sit there and say “Oh Johnny, what a great way to take advantage of your right to free speech. Kudos to you?” No, you would probably spank your kid and/or ground him. What this teacher did is just as bad. ”

        Yes, WEEZIE, what that teacher is just as bad as if a child were to go on Facebook and use that forum to bash his parents. If it was your child who went on facebook and said similar comments, that child wouldn’t be commeneded for saying what every child thinks about their parents, they would have to face whatever consequences their parent felt fit whether it be spanking (which judging from what I’ve read, most adults feel kids need) or grounding them. People, both adults and children, need to face the consequences of their actions. Just because Ms. Munroe did not name names, does not make what she did any less wrong. How you as a teacher can find the good in what she says makes me ill. What if the students she is bashing, have some sort of learning disability? That Shy kid with no personality might be going through some serious issues at home like abuse. Ms. Munroe would rather label than take the time to really educate her students.

      6. WEEZIE says:


      7. Jules says:


        You agree with me? That’s really great. Just out of curiosity, which part do you agree with?

  9. J Jones says:

    Pat on the back for this teacher. My wife taught in the 90’s until she was sick and tired of BABYSITTING under achievers, whinny, snobish and elititst type students.

    Many times they had no respect for teachers, the system nor their classmates. The parents in this story should take notice and police their own children.

    NOTE: My wife got out of teaching so we could have children and she could BABYSIT our own children. By the way, they went thru the public school system as model children because they knew what is was to study and to be respectful to educators. They are now young adults with college degrees who were educatated by teachers who cared.

    We also attended every parent – teacher get together and we always asked for the GOOD and the BAD info on our children. Maybe if the kids and the parents in this storyline took an interest in what was going on; they could have heard it face to face. Pity this teacher who may have had to lay down the real info a student. Their whinny parent would have still wanted to get her fired!!!!!!

    1. Richard says:

      J Jones, your wife sounds like she was a good teacher, and you both sound like good parents.

      What I don’t get is why you think this teacher deserves a pat on the back. For what? For getting ugly and insulting kids online? I’m guessing your wife never did this, and I’m guessing you didn’t raise your children to deal with things this way.

      She could have gone to friends and family and administrators to complain. She could have changed her teaching methods. She could have looked for a different job. She could have quit. Instead, she attacked kids online, and that’s not what good teachers do.

    2. Granny says:

      sound like she is a good teacher or she would go home at the end of the day and not even think twice about those whinny misbehaved kids who don’t want to learn anything anyway. Don’t blame the school or teachers for spoiled kids failure. it comes back to the parent failing to instill success, manners or self respect for others. or themselves. All kids don’t fall in the category but if the shoe fits wear it.
      accept your own shortcoming and quit blaming others for your parenting failures.

    3. Granny says:

      Richard and jules,
      No we keep tabs because we know that children at different ages do things when parents are not visible that they would never think of doing in front of their parents.
      and the reason I am so involved with the schools is due to the fact that my son-in-laws dad was a well respected teacher for several years with higher and lower level grades. I myself have until recently work with the extra curriculum activities and I know that if kids do not have knowledge someone cares enough to know what they are doing they will do what their peers entice. I am not saying all kids do because the individual kids have their own take on what they want to do in their life. the reason I say teacher have no rights is simply because not many parents can except they do have normal children that will try things when mom and dad are not watching . Teachers put up with a lot to be teachers and it isn’t because their paycheck is astronomical but there are always parents who cannot accept that kids will try
      anything once to see if they can get by with it, . It has always been a part of growing up and I am sure you as well as anyone growing up has done things that our parents did not approve of but when I went to school behavior that is acceptable today was not when I was growing and I believe ( which is my privilege as a taxpaying American born and raised ) should not be acceptable today. No I do not know this teacher , I don’t know the school , I don’t know anything except what you see. we just have different opinions due to the fact that I know good teachers who did quit teaching in public schools due to the fact that they could not teach children what school is suppose to teach because the politics were the primary concern and parents like to turn their heads when any neg. concerns are brought up about their children. We keep open communication with all the teachers and we support them . and the kids know it. so therefore they know that whatever they do the better be sure it is not neg, just because kids are criticized does not mean they are hated. It is more due to the fact that people care enough to notice. media today just lets info travel farther and faster.
      and YES all parties need to be responsible but today kids are encouraged that it is always someone elses fault and they use it. maybe not in front of the parents but they are very open while the are out with friends . I do not hate kids but I sure feel sorry for a lot of them due to the fact I feel they are getting cheated. in many areas. not all kids are the same and neither are adults but 1 thing in common. common respect and responsibility for own actions are not what they used to be. and if this is the only unacceptable situation with this teacher then the school should be to people to decide. after all they are responsible for the children all school hours.as I understand this incident is over a year old. If the school has had no problem with her then who is the public with no connection to the school to decide as you say, you don’t know her or the school nor do I know you or anyone that side of the country. but Teachers still deserve more consideration than they are more often than not given in todays society,
      then to fire her would be

      1. Richard says:

        As a retired teacher, I want the public to support GOOD teachers, and I want to be represented by teachers who are GOOD role models.

        Granny, your points are on many different topics and subjects, too many to be discussed here. However, defending teachers doesn’t mean you have to support them when they’re wrong — and Natalie Munroe was wrong.

        I do not want the public to think all teachers behave like this. She took a bad situation and made it worse. She helped no one — not a single soul.

        If you truly respect good teachers, you should be able to see the mistakes that Munroe made. If she had apologized for the blog, this would have all been over by now. She won’t lose her job over the blog.

        I find it despicable that she not only won’t apologize, but is standing by what she said in the blog. Does she have ANY sense, common or otherwise?

        This woman should NEVER return to the classroom. I hope she matures so she can raise her child properly.

      2. Jules says:


        Don’t you think as a parent I do the same thing? I am in constant contact with my son’s teachers via email and phone. As a single mother, I can’t always go to the school on a regular basis. I let them know that I fully support them, and if my son were to be disruptive and rude I would want to know about it IMMEDIATELY so that I can rectify the situation. Brandon knows what is tolerated and expected and lives up to those expectations. Just as not all parents take an active interest in their childrens lives both in and out of school, not all students are these bad, hateful children that Ms. Munroe describes. Does she even HAVE any good students? I certainly don’t see her recognizing that. From the tone of a lot of posters on here, they seem to imply that every kid is bad and that this generation are nothing more than wastes of space. I do know that not every child is an “angel” or model student, but I truly believe that there are kids out there who can be reached and turn their lives around. I also believe that there are some good kids out there. I have one, I know. I understand her need to vent, but she has gone about it the wrong way and to say that she hates some of her students leads me to believe that she is not a good teacher. When I worked for the school, I saw kids that were so troubled that I didn’t think anything would save them when they first got there. By the time they graduated, they were honor roll students and one even made validictorian. They thanked us for helping them get back on track. Instead of contributing to the problem by spouting venom, why couldn’t she focus her energy on helping the students who needed it most. It would have been so worth it in the end.

  10. bottomline says:

    Poor Ms. Munroe hasn’t learned that Political Correctness doesn’t include truthfulness, especially if it isn’t complementary. Suppression of reasonably factual, unpopular and opposing comments is on the increase, including some online newspapers’ comment sections. She has a right to protect her privacy and above all, punishing her for her expert opinion is totally out of the American way of life.

    1. Richard says:

      She can be truthful all she wants. No one’s stopping her.

      Would you also agree that we have to accept the CONSEQUENCES of our actions and speech? To say this case is only about free speech is simply not looking at the whole picture.

  11. Leosden40 says:

    Again the beauty of being an American – free speech! You have the right to post that as your well educated opinion just like this teacher had the right to express hers.

    1. Richard says:

      Leosden40, why are you leaving all these comments about free speech?

      NO ONE is denying her right to free speech. What about CONSEQUENCES?

      1. Sir Speedbump says:

        The tyranny that is political correctness and the slavery of deferring to the threat of lawsuits is stifling the thoughts, actions and words of far too many in our society.

        This woman did no direct harm because no one individual was named and a school was not mentioned in HER blog. The internet was developed and encouraged to grow not a new medium of expression. It was conceived of a vehicle of choice for users who both placed content and those who accessed the content. The validity of her employer’s actions will have be weighed in a courtroom and for her sake, I hope the jury and the judge have the courage and wisdom to decide in her favor.

        I have taught for two decades and I have seen a seismic shift in the attitude of both parents and teachers. Self absorption and self importance has displaced humility, concern for others and civility in general. Both parents and students believe themselves to be always right and the teacher unfair or whatever other label they want to apply.

        Ours has become a sad society where professional ball players with police records are idolized and educators and seers are scorned.

      2. Granny says:

        sir speedbump I too have seen all this happening and am very involved with the schools. I really feel that teachers today are put in a bad situation meaning the government is mandating it is their fault children don’t t want to learn. In my opinion about the 8th grade when kids don’t believe school is important they need menial jobs so they can see why it is important. kids all learn differently and no matter how much gov. threatens the school and parents threaten the kids the laws are teaching kids they do not have to be responsible for their own actions. I went through all this and went back to school for my diploma.
        My own kids had menial types of jobs and soon learned that they did want an education. I had 2 go to trade school and night school to resume their ed. My daughter went back to school to get her GED and college for an assoc degree which is now outdated so she is now back in college to get higher education.
        we have a teen that feels school is so a waste of time but now if she had the menial job to let her physically see the difference I think she would do just as my own did and get back t school and learn something instead of wasting time..
        I feel sorry for her teachers , we are very involved with effort to teach her but friends always know more than parents, I made sure not to forget that I too was once her age but I am thankful that I was raised to know I alone was responsible for my own behavior. It is sad that kids today don’t have that aspect instilled in them that they are smart enough to think and make choices.
        Wish I could turn back time to the good old days.

  12. Leosden40 says:

    This is utterly ridiculous. This teacher is 100% correct and even if not, we are in America where one of our fundamental rights is freedom of speech. If you do not like what she says, do not listen, do not read and do not pay attention. It is like complaining that watching Dr Phil is a waste of time – – well turn the channel!!

    Bottom line is she was not inciting a riot and thus should be free to describe the students the ways she feels is correct. Maybe if parenting was done at home and not left up to the schools, this would be a moot point. If you made the time to create the children, you must make the time to parent them!!

    1. Richard says:

      You know what’s ridiculous? The idea that you can say ANYTHING you want to and not have CONSEQUENCES.

      Should she be permitted to say kids who are bad in school should be shot and killed? No one would agree with that — because some things are just not appropriate.

      Stop using the First Amendment as an excuse for speaking your mind. We all know this is America.

      Again, this is not about parenting. That’s another topic. NO ONE believes parents are innocent when kids are a problem in school. However, that doesn’t make this teacher innocent. She made a horrible mistake, and she should have apologized.

      1. Leosden40 says:

        It does not matter if you agree or not with what she said or how she said it. That is the beauty of free speech. She is allowed to say what she wants, and you are allowed to say what you want. You are allowed to agree or disagree – – it is your choice – the beauty of being in America.

        If this is what she believe’s to be true, she has NOTHING to apologize for. No one should have to apologize because they did not make their point in a nice way. If you do not like the way she made her point, that is your right to choose that for yourself. But you or anyone does not have that right to choose it for me.

      2. Richard says:

        Leosden40, i never said she couldn’t say whatever she wanted to say. I would never argue about the beauty of free speech.

        You, however, conveniently ignore my point about consequences. No, she doesn’t have to apologize. I never said she had to — I said that in my opinion, she should, because she made a situation worse.

        Kids have to be held accountable for their actions, and so do teachers.

      3. Ryan says:

        Wow, your comparison is totally off base. If she would have said that noone would be defending her, she didn’t. All she did was rant about some smart a– kids that have attitude problems and don’t want to learn. if the parents don’t like it, then home school them, after a week they would be begging this teacher to take over. This teacher wasn’t trying to start contoversy, has anyone found out how this became public in the first place? If she had named names I would say she was wrong, but she didn’t, noone knows who she was talking about except her. So I ask, what did she really do wrong?

      4. bottomline says:

        Since the teacher didn’t specifically mention a person, she didn’t punish anyone except those with a guilty conscience, probably the same people whom ferreted out her identity.
        Common sense says don’t confuse the free speech we’re referring to with crying “fire” in a crowed theater. We used to put these people in jail, but I’ll bet, today, the Politically Correct will be the first to defend their free speech right to cry fire.
        What’s important about free speech is, no matter how offensive the message just may be true aka whistle blowers, it may even save lives. I may not like what you say, or agree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it.

  13. LIZ says:

    I agree with Jane 100% this teacher talks about respect she showed she has none for those she serves and what an uneducated way for a teacher to express her self– shame on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Granny says:

      just because she is a teacher doesn’t make her a rug to be walked on. being involved in today s schools systems kids need to be held accountable for their own behavior and parents need to know they are not parents of perfect angles then these situations wouldn’t be existing.

      1. Jules says:

        No one is saying that we should allow people to “make her be a rug to be walked on”, but you speak as though the only people who have to be held accountable are the kids. If you expect kids to be held accountable for their actions, then you better have the same expectations for her as an ADULT. Where do you think most kids learn it from. They see adults get away with stuff we would never allow them to get away with. What does that teach our children? No, this teacher has to be held accountable for her actions. There were FAR better ways to vent her frustrations and say how she feels without resorting to name calling and bashing her students and their parents. It is really cut and dry. She did the wrong thing, she should be held to the same standards that anyone else would be held accountable too. The way you are defending her, I almost wonder if you are a friend or relative.

  14. Jane says:

    She is going to have a child—–lets see what kind of a parent she makes—–I don’t like that she used the word “HATE” that does get handed down to your children—she needed to have a meeting with the kids’ parents that she was having trouble with—-our school district has a don’t hate program—i think she needs to attend —-and shame on JAMIE Your Catholic beliefs are showing but like most Catholics that is all you are allowed to know most Catholics don’t know the BIBLE and think they are better than others/don’t protect their own kid’s– she is the professional here but she sure didn’t act like it I think she and JAMIE are IN THE WRONG PROFESSIONS BIG TIME—-

  15. WEEZIE says:

    In many 2 working parent households, the parents are “too tired” to make the time it takes to parent their children . Kids come to school with their own adgenda’s, and some are not tthere to appreciate education. They bring shoulder chips many stemming from the home environment.

    Perhaps they are “acting out” to get the attention.all kids need …hmmm…. In the public school system it is less a hassel to kotow to unreasonable, overly opimistic parents than to support teachers… Teacher’s “hands are tied” from
    from practicing neccessary behavior modification techniques.

    Parents need to “get on the stick ” and take responsibility for what they are hearing in parent/teacher conferences., if they even bother to show up ! How do we know that Ms Munroe didn’t speak/meet with these “picked on kids” parents and recieved no support from them because the PARENTS either don’t have the time or they themselves don’t no how to take responsibilty.



    1. Richard says:

      Are you really a teacher, Weezie? Because if you are, you need a good spell check and grammar check. Everyone makes mistakes, but a teacher making so many?

      You say Munroe should “hang tough” and that you support her. Just what are you supporting? Going on the internet and trashing kids?

    2. WEEZIE says:

      thank you RICHARD for substantiating my point… I support any person who is not afraid to recognize problems so that they can be solved WEEZIE

      1. Richard says:

        I didn’t “substantiate” any of your points. Besides, Munroe didn’t recognize problems so that they can be solved. She ranted and insulted and complained. She made ZERO effort to do anything to make things better. ZERO.

    3. Granny says:

      great point Weezie, I know a lot of good students but then I also know a lot of good students paying for other students bad behavior and rudeness. I usually ask my kids if someone jumps off a bridge are they going to follow and jump too.There is no longer encouragement to be productive individuals. which is sad for many . There are a lot of good students and they should not have to pay the consequences for others who do not want to be. hang to your convictions Ms Munroe because if politics were taken out of the schools and parents taught their kids at home to respect others there would not be an issue like you have. I would sure be inquiring who invaded your privacy and posted without your knowledge. this is against the law according to what I have been informed. good luck hang strong.

      1. Richard says:

        No one invaded Ms. Munroe’s privacy.

        SHE published her blog on the internet. NO ONE else did.

        Please tell the truth and stopp accusing others.

  16. Another Teacher says:

    Thank you, Ms. Munroe for speaking out. Student misbehavior and disrespect is in epidemic proportion. Students want to constantly text during the lesson, they want to come to class late, they try to intimidate the teacher, they want to keep their heads down during the lesson, they charge their cell phones, they complain that we teach them too much, they lack self-discipline, they are rude and disrespectful to the teacher. The students and parents run the school; it’s always the teacher’s fault. We want to teach; however, we spend too much time disciplining and dealing with behavior problems. Parents, you need to do a better job with disciplining and preparing your children for learning. This area has not been addressed in the educational process. We can’t do it all!

    1. Richard says:

      “speaking out”? what good did she do? she helped nothing and no one.

      1. Granny says:

        She probably lessened the the anxiety just like the rest of the human race does . no one professed that she was not human. and I am sure there is not a living human being that is so perfect as to never ranted and raved. including you. She did not direct it to any one specific and according to law of the land. statements regardless of interpretation by individuals can not be punished. If I was this teacher I would take my leave and quit stressing about the kids who decided they don’t want to learn anyway . I applaud her for not being wishy washy and intimidated as so many are today,

  17. Kris says:

    “My students are out of control. They are rude, disengaged, lazy whiners,” she wrote in one post dated Oct. 27, 2009. “They curse, discuss drugs, talk back, argue for grades, complain about everything, fancy themselves entitled to whatever they desire and are just generally annoying.”
    So her Students then are really Liberals? No surprise then….I wouldn’t want to teach them at all.
    The sad part is that she will be fired for this, even though she should not. Her “Freedom of Speech” HAS been violated. In this Blog of hers, she never named names and the School District itself but now that the “Cat is out of the Bag” we all know who SHE is, what the Blog title was, and the School District.
    And judging by some of the comments from “disgruntled” Students and Parents, we can surmise that THESE are the ones she was talking about. The truth hurts and this Woman spoke the truth. If anyone thinks otherwiese, you are deluded from Reality.

    1. Richard says:

      What do liberals have to do with this? You act as if liberals are against kids behaving respectfully and against parents holding their kids accountable. Does EVERYTHING have to be turned into a political argument?

      This is not about freedom of speech. If you work for IBM, you can’t expect to be praised by your employers if you tell the New York Times that everyone at IBM is a liar, cheat, and failure.

      It’s called CONSEQUENCES, and any good teacher knows that.

      I don’t think she should be fired, but praising her for this — for name-calling 00 is pathetic. We live in a society where people know how to do nothing but insult others.

    2. Jake J says:

      Haha Liberals.

      It’s true. Other people along the political spectrum never do any of those things.

      They can’t handle the TRUTH, Kris. Everything you said makes perfect sense. These whiners would complain if the teacher said anything to their precious little children. Liberal children no doubt. In our day,Kris, teachers were allowed to use corporal punishment against these punks. They still should be allowed. Kids today deserve it.

      I thought of becoming a teacher. If I had I suppose I wouldn’t have lasted long. But while I was there, the students sure wouldn’t act up.

      1. Richard says:

        Jake, it’s a good thing you never became a teacher.

        The last thing education needs is someone who thinks acting like a thug is good policy. You’re just another right winger who thinks everything is political — and blames everything on liberals.

        What makes you think liberal teachers are against discipline? Or against parental accountability? Or against schools having high standards? You make no sense — at all.

        Now go back to your Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh festival and let the grown-ups have an educated conversation.

      2. Jules says:

        You know Jake, I consider myself to be a liberal, but my 11 year old son has decided when he is old enough to vote to be an independent. He is intelligent, funny, and extremely respectful of others saying yes ma’am, yes sir, excuse me, thank you, etc. I raise him with manners because that is how I was raised. He does not talk back, and can be quite engaging in class. He also knows my expectations for his education and that a C is not tolerated unless he just does not get the material after asking for help from both myself and the teacher. He has been on the honor roll since 2nd grade, and I expect nothing less. I side usually with the teacher, but in the case of Ms. Munroe, she has crossed a line that should not ever be crossed. I would never want my son to be in her class because she is just not a good teacher. If she can’t engage her students, then that is a shortcoming on her end….not the student or parent.

  18. Jane says:

    Give this teacher a big pat on the back, for saying what needs to be said. (freedom of speech) She never said any names, so if you are offended, it must be your kid she’s talking about. Although, hate may have been too far. When my kids were in school, they had respect for the teachers and their own parents. They weren’t perfect, but they had respect. Sounds like a student was “out to get her” or just snooping. I want a teacher that cares, that our kids need guidance. Good for you, Ms.Munroe.

    1. Richard says:

      Please let me know ho this teacher “cares.”

      The one who needs guidance is the teacher.

      1. Mike says:

        As a high school teacher I can tell you, that there is no way you can tell from this whether she cares or not. I have been unable to find the full blog unfortunately.
        I love my job, however, on a Friday evening after a really bad double lesson that just has not worked, I undoubtedly say some pretty strong things. Yes, I swear and let off steam. Teaching is a stressful job where you often feel like little more than a performing monkey and you need release.
        What she should have said when it came to attention is sorry I thought it was anonymous enough that it would not get picked up by pupils. I won’t do it again. Simple.
        Having said that having a go at a heavily pregnant woman about something she wrote a year ago is never going to go down quietly. You better believe she is going to rip into you in defence of herself. This should have all been dealt with quietly. Silly management.
        I would like to point out though it has nothing to do with freedom of speech or political correctness. This is about parents getting outraged because someone might have defamed one of their children. You will find most of those parent will moan about PC as much as some of the commentators on here.

  19. Run Amok says:

    I have tons of friends who are teachers in different schools all over the area. I hear the same thing from every one of them and sometimes it is a lot worse.

    I find it amazing that people only want to hear the truth if it benefits them. I have a feeling that the very same people that are calling for her to be fired, are the same people that would blame her if there child did something wrong in school. Get real people, you cannot have it both ways. If you are afraid to hear the truth, you better make sure that you KNOW the truth.

    Have we forgotten what it is like to be kids in school? If you say “my school was never really bad” then you obviously never spent any time there. To a degree EVERY school has the good ones and bad ones. Unfortunately the bad ones are becoming the majority.

    Congrats to this teacher! You should continue to show the parents and the district exactly what is going on. Stay strong!

  20. Fire This Teacher says:

    The Teacher Needs To Be Fired

    She is Abusing Freedom Of Speech by talking about underage children on the internet also by then bringing a Law Suit Against The School District Who Is Acting In Accordance To Its Policies To Protect Its Childrens Privacy.

    1. Leosden40 says:

      You are an idiot! Freedom of speech is not something that can be abused. You either have it or not – ask the Egyptians who just gained this right! Teachers are told to teach but do not discipline because of the fear of law suits.

      My kids respect their teachers. If things happen in school with other kids, I am on the phone or in email discussing the situation. We take an active role in my child’s life. Most parents do not and complain when the school is not raising their children.

      What should really happen is, the students disobeys a direction, send them to the principle’s office. That happens enough, expel them and force the parents to home school them or at least force the parent to finally deal with their children!

      1. Ramona says:

        Fire this Teacher is NOT an idiot. This Philadelphia teacher is guilty of everything she accuses these underage children in her care of. She is rude, whiney and feels entitled. She should not work with children. I’m not even sure she should HAVE children.

    2. Granny says:

      Are you qualified to take her place????? I highly doubt it but would love to see you in her place for 1 yr and then you see it your attitude has changed.
      I bet it will. and I am about sure it won’t take a year.

      1. Richard says:

        Granny, it’s clear that you don’t have any idea about a teacher’s role and responsibility.

        Ranting about bad parenting over and over doesn’t change what happens in the classroom. You should be ranting about the awful superintendents and principals of these schools who PERMIT bad behavior in the classrooms.

        You don’t HAVE to be a teacher to know that this blogging teacher handled it all wrong. She couldn’t control her kids, she despised too many of them, and she insulted them on the internet. ADULTS don’t handle problems that way.

  21. a says:

    This sounds more like parental problems which in my opinion should have been discussed privately with the parents.
    Parents today refuse to take any responsibility for their childrens problems and will always blame the teacher.
    In my opinion the teacher shouldn’t say anything outside of class that she wouldn’t in class or to the parents face.
    Teachers need to behave professionally, since parents look to them to teach their children.

    Its a major trust issue, too.
    Who wanst a teacher posting derogatory remarks about their children on the internet.

    Jamie is a fine example of why our children are the way they are.
    Not wanting to take any resposnsibility and just pouring gasoline on the fire to make what kind of point? That your as ignorant as this teacher is.

    There are more appropriate places to handle situations than to post them on the internet!

    What your all saying is that “You Want The Right To Post Derogatory Remarks On The Internet About Underage Children!


    1. Leosden40 says:

      She was not trying to resolve an issue or even identify one. She was venting about having a bad day. Big deal. No need to over analyze why she decided to exercise her right to freedom of speech

  22. leen says:

    Sometimes the truth hurts! Althought, I dont agree with sharing every thought, picture, hiccup on the internet – this is another example of political correctness which is HURTING this country!

    1. Charlie says:

      Having worked in a public school district dealng with parents, teachers, and students, I totally agree with what Munroe said and did. As long as she didn’t mention any names, she did nothing wrong. Contrary to what parents think, their kids are not perfect angels, they may be at home but not in public. In my opinion the only thing she did wrong was not telling the parents to their faces. She doesn’t owe anyone an apology and for many parents it’s time for a gut check. As for the supposedly high school students, if they want to be treated like adults then suck it up and deal with it like an adult.

      1. Granny says:

        You got that 200% correct. I know because I have grand kids in this category. also
        It is a constant battle due to the fact in today society the kids are so protected and praised and the law holds everyone responsible but the kid themselves. but yet they expect and demand to be considered adults but yet they won’t take on any self responsibility this teacher did nothing wrong. the problem is : society wishes to believe that kids are not worth teaching self reliance and the kids grow up knowing they should get a silver spoon and platter with and the parents have to pay for their behavior. and many parent will not accept their children are not perfect . so therefore everyone else pays for their shortcoming behavior. I love my kids but I have never put anything past them either because I know my kids are normal kids who will try anything once that they can get by with, that is growing up.

  23. Richard says:

    It’s unbelievable that so many people are supporting this disgrace of a teacher.

    Blaming kids and parents? Sorry, but that’s ANOTHER topic. What she did was wrong no matter HOW many kids and parents upset her. Do you mean to tell me that it’s acceptable to post stuff like this because kids are spoiled and parents let them get away with too much?

    Sounds to me like SHE was a spoiled kid and HER parents let her get away with too much.

    I was truly disappointed when I heard her defend her actions and blog. Now I’m even more disgusted after reading all these messages of support for her, someone who needs a lesson in being a role model.

    1. Terry says:

      Sounds to me like you do not have a clue as how bad the school system is or how bad that kids and parents really are.

      1. Richard says:

        I taught for 33 years. I know exactly what the problems are in our schools — and teachers like this only add to the problems.

      2. She Is Not A Good Teacher says:

        Oh boo hoo. No job is perfect if it was then there wouldn’t be “Unemployment” You sound like that just because someone becomes a Teacher they are entitled to be treated better than anyone else Just Because They Are A Teacher!

        This Teacher Has Destroyed The Trust Between Her And Well Just About Everybody In The World Now…How Stupid Is That.

        People are not Stupid and have common enough sense to know a Good Teacher from a bad one and This Teacher is one of the bad ones along with all her supporters.

        There are appropriate ways to handle situtations and she obviously can’t handle disputes much less being a teacher.

        She is abusing Freedom Of Speech To Get A Free Meal Ticket

      3. Leosden40 says:

        So you all are saying because she expressed a negative opinion that she is no longer trustworthy? That is an uneducated response – – – however, because we are in America you are entitled to your opinion and you are allowed to express it. Just like this teacher did over a year ago.

        I am sure you have never said a bad word about or to anyone in your entire life? If so, more power to you for having lived a more than perfect life!

    2. Toni says:

      I’m curious why you’re so vehemently denying this woman the right she has as a citizen of this great country to voice her opinions on HER OWN BLOG. No one has stopped you from voicing yours.on this PUBLIC FORUM.

      You say you retired after 30 years as an English teacher. Did you teach such vitriol to your students? Is that your definition of a “rtole model”?

      1. Toni says:

        I’ll catch it before you. “role model”

      2. Richard says:

        I NEVER denied this woman the right to post on her own blog. Perhaps you should read my posts more carefully. She can blog until the cows come home for all I care.

        I said she was WRONG in doing so, and she only made her situation and the kids’ situation worse.

        Vitriol? You’re coming at me for vitriol but you’re defending this woman who posted garbage about her students on the internet?

        I never treated kids that way, and neither do 95% of other teachers. I don’t care how much intelligence this woman has. If she feels this way about kids, she has no business in the classroom.

        We hear so much about bullying today. Well this is bullying from the other side of the desk. She is clueless about how to reach kids. I don’t think she WANTS to return to the classroom. I think she wants a payout from the district.

    3. Ramona says:

      Amen Richard. This teacher is teaching it’s ok post these bullying remarks about the very students she is supposed to nurture. What a horrible woman.

    4. Ryan says:


      1. Richard says:

        Are you one of the people commenting about free speech and about America being a free country? And now you’re calling me a jerk because I comment here?

        Nice, Ryan. I hope you’re not a teacher. If you are, you need a new job, too.

  24. Mimi Shapiro says:

    Strange society we live in. Michael Vick kills living and breathing dogs who have feelings like any other living being and we make a hero out of him. He even gets paid 6 figures to go out & speak to groups as part of his rehab work. I would speak to anyone too-for a 6 figure salary. A teacher speaks the truth & she is a horrible, evil human being. Most of today’s parents are too busy with themselves to even get to know their children. I know – I am a retired school teacher. She should contact Seton Hall Law School as I believe there is a record there of a case that one for a similar incident.

    1. Richard says:

      Wow — this has nothing to do with Michael Vick, and bringing up his name and situation is absurd.

  25. joseph says:

    When I taught at UCLA in the 70’s, things were not that different from what she describes. Of course we had many great students. Then we had a guy who plagiarized a paper. When he received a “B”, he argued about the grade, which is how we discovered it. He had been admitted to medical school and if he got an “F” in the course, he would have lost his place. The Dean, in his infinite wisdom, gave the kid a “D”.I hope this guy is not your physician.

  26. Bob says:

    Too bad a lot of the public do not like to hear the truth. Most of the negative comments are most likely from the people who she is talking about.The parents of the children she is referring to are the one’s who usually claim ,”My child wouldn’t do or act like that”! She should get a medal for having the “guts” to post
    her comments on facebook knowing that a bunch of malcontents would attack her character and motives.

  27. Guess Who says:

    I suspect that the students in question were such little $hits that they recognized themselves.

    Keep the teacher and fire the parents.

    1. granny says:

      I lived next door to parents like this . oh not my kid . my kid would never be this way , oh my kid would never do anything wrong. wake up parents . Teachers actually know your kids better than you do. why because you as a parent don’t have time for them. to see them the way they really are. this is the exact reason that kids go to school and everywhere else and act the way they do. Teach kids to accept criticize and just maybe they will amount to some thing more than a jail cell or the morgue when they are grown

      1. Richard says:

        I’m struck by how many of your posts are about bad parents or misbehaving kids — and kids who are rotten.

        Do you know ANY good kids or ANY good parents? They’re out there, you know.

  28. Bea says:

    I agree with the teacher, many of the children are total disrespectful and when comment , on the parent wants to cover up their bad behavior. Some parents needs to correct their children and enforce them to give respect, just remember they will be disrespecting you next. It is not an easy job dealing with these children today.

  29. Fran says:

    She ought to be celebrated as Teacher of the Year. Most parents can’t handle the truth about their kids.

    1. Richard says:

      Teacher of the Year? Sorry, but you know nothing about her teaching ability.

      All you know is that she can blast and insult kids on a blog. That’s hardly teacher of the year material, and it’s nothing to celebrate.

  30. Kiya says:

    I don’t think this teacher is in the wrong. Why should she have less right to express her thoughts than anyone else?

    It would be different if she Ifentified specific students. But we all have job frustrations and the constitution gives us the right to free speech.

    Her words haven’t hurt anyone so she should be allowed to say/write them just like anyone else.

    1. Ramona says:

      That’s just it Kiya. Students are NOT allowed to express opinions like this. It would be considering bullying and the students would be expelled. This rude and belligerent teacher cannot have it both ways. She should have set a better example of tolerance. Sorry, but she needs to find another career for her whining.

  31. open up says:

    It’s about time teachers, who, by the way, spend more time with these kids than their parents, vent anyhow possible. Some of these lazy spoiled brats are pretty much worthless vacuums of society. if the parents took some responsibility and looked at their children at home, instead of giving these kids cell phones, video games, etc. to waste their time away, society would improve a bit. Make these kids responsible. Make these brats do homework, give them chores. Take their drug money away. Possibly, in class, the kids would listen to their teachers, do their assignments, and pay attention. This young teacher has every right to vent! To hell with the little ones, and their parents who got their feathers ruffled. I am proud of this teacher. Least she has a spine!!

    1. granny says:

      yea yes yes yes . So glad at last to see a backbone in today s society. they have all decayed. I stand with this teacher and any others with the honor to their profession. when parents wake up to realize they are not the parents of ANGELS
      just maybe this country will have a chance of survival with BRAINS..

      1. Richard says:

        So she has a backbone because she insults kids on a blog? How is that changing anything? And how does it make her an honor to her profession?

        She’s one poor example of a teacher.

      2. Granny says:

        how do you know she is not a good teacher . unless you are in her class and then I think you may be an assumption of the problem, It makes me wonder how you behaved in school >

  32. Neli says:

    What is the problem her blog. I think she has the right to write whatever she likes in her blog; blogs are just for that…to write whatever you want. And she is right; most students are performing below their average in school; they have too much TV, video games, and there are parents that treat their kids as a peer and not their children which fosters ill for the kids attitude; these kids they can behave and treat adults without much respect. I believe she has the right to express her opinion. I have friends on FB that are teachers in another country in Europe and one of them complained to about the same thing; that do not listen in schoolroom, they are disrespectful, write slang instead of proper language, etc. This teacher has a point, many kids are spoiled; maybe under her complaining there is a point of caring, perhaps she is just venting her frustastion of not getting the results she expects from her students. But do you know what makes me upset? It is the School officials that cannot see the problem…they are thinking about themselves, trying to protect their behinds…it is easier to deal with one person than with a bunch of angry parents. Where is the freedom of speech in this country US? They tooth so much about it, but there is less freedom of speech here than in some other countries, every time someone says something that does not please someone else there is “thunder” and the media doesn’t not help; the media makes everything looks worst than it is, and many people is told “they have to apologise”… and I ask “for what”?

    1. Richard says:

      She has freedom of speech. She posted her blg — no one stopped her. Now she has to face the CONSEQUENCES of doing something that’s simply not appropriate. Good teachers don’t trash their kids in public.

  33. Dotty says:

    Let’s get real I don’t have any doubts that she is well qualified to judge these kids and parents. Anyone who can remember being in school at that grade level knows that today kids are definitely spoiled and rude. Not all but many. Teaching has to be very difficult and if patrents would complain less and pay more attention to their Childrens’ attitude at home maybe they will see why this teacher feels the way she does. Sometimes I think the parents are the children.

  34. Howard says:

    Education in America has been on a decline since the late 60s. Unless we admit to our failings we will continue to rank near the bottom as compared to the rest of the civilized world. Our lack of attention to our issues has a direct economic effect on our standing in the world. I call for more teachers t stand up and tell the real stories about how disruptive students are stealing valuable learning time from those students who really want to learn.

    1. Granny says:

      I am so with you on this . In my opinion when kids get to be about 7th or 8th grade or when they get the idea that school is useless, give them a year break from school for a job training year in the types of jobs they qualify for and they would be happy back in school. Today it is encouraged top pay for no work. I have been really disappointed in the downfall of bring kids up to meet a challenge but instead
      assuring them such an unfruitful life for free. I have spent a lot of time feeling sorry for kids today who are being guaranteed a neg. future. No Electronics is not the key to brain power or satisfaction.

  35. Howard Chud says:

    Education in America has been on a decline since the late 60s. Unless we admit to our failings we will continue to rank near the bottom as compared to the rest of the civilized world. Our lack of attention to our issues has a direct economic effect on our standing in the world. I call for more teachers t stand up and tell the real stories about how disruptive students are stealing valuable learning time from those students who really want to learn.

  36. diesel says:

    i think what is being lost in this is how did her blog get on the internet in the first place? she says she didn’t post it, so who did? if she didn’t post it then that is another issue entirely.

    children act entirely different when away from home. maybe due to peer pressure or trying to fit into the “in crowd”. all of us need to remember that we were the same way when we were away from our parents. we acted differently.

    when we become parents we believe our children can do no wrong, are angels, good kids, or say not my kid. the fact is our children are at an age where they are searching for their own identity. children are trying to fit in and take their home learned values and mesh them with those of other kids. we did it, our children will do it, our parents did it, and our children’s children will do it.

    think back to when you were in school. didn’t you see some kids who were rude, bullies, class clowns, the leaders of the all the different clicks/in crowds? do you think that type of kid doesn’t exist today? no one wants to admit. why?

    the biggest difference today it that technology allows us to see things that we couldn’t when we were growing up. our lives have become more public whether we want to believe or not.

    freedom of speech is our inalienable right. we all have the right to speak our mind. what gets lost in freedom of speech is that our actions will always offend someone, whether intentionally or not. freedom of speech bears great responsibility but nonetheless, we all our able to speak our minds.

    the fact is that everyone of us are leaving comments on here. whether agreeing or disagreeing, we are speaking our minds, exercising our right to freedom of speech. not everyone is in agreement. does that mean we are wrong for speaking our minds?

  37. ralph says:

    Did the teacher write anything that was incorrect? Parents, this is a wake-up call, your kids don’t measure up and you’re taking it out on the students. Education begins at home, turn off the damn tv, throw away the potato chips, and teach your kids how to be good students.

  38. Richard says:

    I taught high school English for over 30 years before I retired, and I find this teacher completely irresponsible. I do not want people like her symbolizing or representing teachers in any way.

    I don’t think she should be fired for writing the blog, but it was a grave error on her part. Are there kids in our classrooms who don’t work hard enough or who are problems of some kind? Of course. But a teacher’s job is certainly not to name-call and blame. What was SHE doing to make things better?

    I see that she’s pregnant. Will she find it ok if one day some teacher posts awful things about her child on the internet?

    She excuses herself by saying she didn’t name names — as if that will help her in the classroom when/if she returns. Instead she painted ALL of her students with the same negative brush.

    I was especially disgusted when I saw her defend herself and her blog on tonight’s news. She said she’d do it again and take nothing back. I find this even worse than the writing of the blog itself.

    After causing all this disruption to the district and to her students, she now claims she was right??? She might question the parenting of her students, but I question how she was raised. Perhaps she just despises teaching so much that she hopes her lawsuit gives her enough of a payoff so she can quit.

    This is not a case of political correctness, and it’s ridiculous to being that up. It’s Teaching 101 that kids do foolish things, but you don’t call them stupid. She’s there to teach and not to incite. She’s supposed to be a model adult, not some 12 yr. old mean girl who’s pounding away on facebook.

    This is not a case of freedom of speech. Because she had the right to post a blog doesn’t mean it was appropriate or intelligent. Defending what she said because some kids are “bad” in school? Wow.

    This is not about parents being accountable. That is another subject entirely, and has nothing to do with the soundness of her decision to write this blog and then support it.

    She could have complained to her husband and family about the “problems” in school. She could have texted her friends. She didn’t have to post a blog that ANYONE could see.

    And by the way, can a blog about her husband, family and friends be far behind? Someone who’s such a poor judge of what’s right and wrong would probably have no problem writing that blog, either.

    Lost in this entire discussion? The fact that there are good kids in our schools doing good things. This woman is a disgrace to the teaching profession.

    1. Guess Who says:

      “Teachers” like you are the reason why the public school system is in the sorry shape it is today. Students should be held accountable and bad students should be called just that. You have to recognize a problem before you can address it.

      1. Richard says:

        You know NOTHING about teachers like me.

        Students should be held accountable — in the classroom. What good was she doing taking her frustration to the internet??? When you recognize a problem, you do something to RESOLVE the problem. You don’t make it worse, which is all this woman did.

        You have a strange, strange way of holding people accountable. Are you holding this teacher accountable?

    2. Jules says:

      We need more teachers like you. A truly great teacher knows how to temper discipline with compassion. A truly great teacher can engage their students, even the not so great ones, because they truly love what they do. They motivate their students to want to do better. They help the students who need it by trying to find alternate ways to educate them. Whether it be recommending they be tested for an IEP, or on the other spectrum, request that student be tested for the school gifted program. If Ms. Munroe can not engage her students, then the fault lies with her…not the students.
      The fact that she is a mom writing this scares me the most. Is she such a perfect parent that she can go around bashing others for their shortcomings. I wonder how she would feel if she found out her child’s teacher was bashing her students. This woman is a disgrace to the teaching field and I feel that she should be fired.

  39. Bill says:

    We Need more Teachers like her. The school Admin people should be writing this in the hope that some parents might show interest in what people might be thinking about there Kids. I’m afraid most parents are clueless until the COPS show up………

  40. Dave Wood says:

    First of all, Ms Munroe was not teaching at Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown, she was teaching at Central Bucks East High School located in Buckingham. (CBS please get your facts right – check GPS – there is a difference)

    Secondly, I was not in the classroom to observe Ms Munroe or her students therefore I have no right to judge her or her students. I may not agree with Ms Munroe but she is entitled to her opinion. I do know some teachers that have taught a few students and have shared privately the Ms Munroe was truthful. Should Ms Munroe be fired from her position as a teacher at CB East in Buckingham, then students should be suspended from school should they write on their own Fb pages, RateMyTeacher (which is anonymous) or other free speech venues if they denigrate other education professionals. Would parents, administrators and students be as passionate about defending a teacher if roles were reversed or would a high school student’s statements be washed away and dismissed as “child’s play”?

    The burning question is who failed Ms Munroe’s class this January and made this old blog such a big story?

    1. another teacher says:

      “Should Ms Munroe be fired from her position as a teacher at CB East in Buckingham, then students should be suspended from school should they write on their own Fb pages, RateMyTeacher (which is anonymous) or other free speech venues if they denigrate other education professionals.”

      Teachers and students are and should be held to different standards. They fill different rolls. Students need to learn that they are not the same as the teacher. They don’t have all the same powers and privileges that a teacher has. (My students sometimes seem to think they do.) We have to teach them that by differentiating ourselves from them by always being “the adult in the situation.” I know it’s hard. I know kids need to take ownership of their own educations a lot more than they do. I know they need to learn to be responsible for themselves. I know it’s hard to teach them. I know we all need to vent. I do so privately. Even at that, there has only been one time that I have even privately said a kid was “dumb,” and even though I had said it to no one, about a half hour later, I privately took it back. No kid is dumb. People thought Einstein was dumb. You don’t know who the next Einstein is. I don’t hold this against this teacher, but I do think she might be happier in another profession. Even if she is a good teacher. I have seen good teachers become bitter people because of their feelings toward kids. You might be passionate about education, but if you find yourself resenting kids, you gotta get out. Thats’ my advice.

      1. Richard says:

        Excellent response, “another teacher.”

        I agree with you that she should leave the classroom if she’s resentful of kids.

  41. Roxanne Hoag says:

    Isn’t blogging a form of social media? Maybe not as big as Facebook. Employers should think twice before restricting workers from talking about their jobs on FACEBOOK & other social media……..it was in the newspaper, and all over internet. Feds settled case of a woman fired over Facebook posts, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled in the workers favor….go file a suit Natalie~you have rights to speak what is on your mind. For those parents who don’t like the internet being used like this….life goes on! There is so much on the internet~No one has control….

  42. Martha says:

    Certainly we have ‘freedom of speech’ and certainly some speech should be protected. Thus writing on facebook when it doesn’t threaten life/limb we should have some ability to communicate freely.

    That said – the teacher’s comments are the problem! To complain that the children are lazy, unmotivated etc – is more indicative of her poor teaching skills and her need to vent is likely an indication that she needs to be in another profession. She might be advised to take her family leave – to take leave of her school family and focus on teaching her impending child.

    The school board should terminate her for poor performance and lack of motivation towards teaching, her students and their subsequent poor performance.

    And since it has been made clear that the social media is adverse to your career – wise-up and move off!

  43. Wakeuppeople!! says:

    Parents really have to wake up! You don’t realize how your child acts while at school. Its hard on teachers and they don’t get paid enough to raise your children for you. Students these days are REALLYout of hand.;

  44. Paul Winkler says:

    This teacher clearly doesn’t know the skinny on blogging. You post things on the web expecting that anyone and everyone can read it. Like they say in “The Social Network,” “it’s engraved in stone.” Based on the clips I saw on CBS News, she’s not smart enough to win this case.

  45. Kevin R. Consolo says:

    I read some comments saying she needs to be fired. Your probably the same type of parent that says” Not my Kid” She was writing a personal online journal. for followers of her blog. Obviously someone with an ax to grind took a year old blog and made it something bigger than what it was. Truth is she called the kids on the carpet and the parents need to stand up and PARENT better. Restore values back to the kids and they get a better future because as of know what your instilling in your kids is auwful.

  46. Robin says:

    I feel this woman did nothing wrong. She speaks the truth about a lot of these kids today as the parents just don’t discipline the way they need to. They get away with back talk & bullying & the parents just don’t seem to care. You go teach!!!

  47. mel says:

    This woman needs to be fired. It is teachers like her, who have this attitude about their students, that are part of the problem. If this is how she feels about these students, how is she going to help them? She won’t, if she does not believe in these students and strive to help them, then she does not belong in the academic field.

  48. Brian says:

    I wouldn’t want my child in school judged as a “rat” or disparaged in his/her educational environment by a judgmental teacher with a grudge.

    The comments on this article suggesting that one’s social class or race needs to be “corrected” or “punished” are downright scary.

    If any private sector employee posted identifying comments about his customers or coworkers on a public blog, he’d be fired. Of course, since this is a government employee protected by a powerful union, they’ll insist that there’s no problem and will fight tooth and nail to protect her. Further, the attitude of utter contempt and hatred that she has for her students will continue to manifest themselves every day — and education will continue to decompose as a result.


  49. Marg says:

    hmmm, the original article i read that quoted her blog said a lot more than what she is claiming…but alas that is the news and one can never be sure what is actually truthful anymore. And in reading about this case and reading the comments on this page I have learned there are many shoes that should be worn when your dealing with the public..

  50. Phillip says:

    It would be nice to have more teachers like this. Just imagine if some one like her would have been at Columbine, Virginia Tech and other schools that were subject to shootings and violence. If some one there had spoken out perhaps these attacks wouldn’t have happened. Political correctness is going to be the death of this country yet.

    1. Jules says:


      You have got to be kidding me. The 2 kids at Columbine were being BULLIED in school and decided to get back at the kids who tortured them. This teacher is nothing short of a bully herself. What kind of teacher talks like that about her students? If she were teaching at Collumbine, she would have been the first teacher shot and killed there. This woman has no business educating our youth.

  51. Eric Kasitz says:

    All the fuss about whether she was on school time writing this blog, I have 2 words NCAA Brackets, you’d probably have to fire 1/2 the school district.

  52. Bill Storm says:

    She is right. The way some kids dress and act a teacher almost has to be armed. I’ll bet if some of these kids went missing , the parents would not be able to give a discription of their own kids, particuilary what they are wearing. There are way too many parents out there who have no idea what their kids are doing or who their friends are. All Natalie is trying to do is WAKE UP SOME PARENTS. Since when is that a crime.

  53. Chrissy says:

    Where I many not agree with the wording she may have used, I don’t see where what she wrote is any different from anyone complaining about their job! Everyone needs and outlet for frustrations and as long as no names were used then where is the problem!

  54. CAPS says:

    YOU ARE DEAD ON Teach ! You spoke the truth as a former teacher you are 100% correct ! FREEDOM OF SPEECH Is only when you say what others want to hear !

  55. cemego says:

    I don’t blame her. It’s not the low income parents that are the problem is ALL THE PARENTS. Kids don’t want to be accountable for their work. If a student does bad, it suddenly is the teacher’s fault. The parents do nothing and act completely blameless. The parents have just as much influence on the child’s success as the teacher — IF NOT MORE! It is very frustrating to teach people who dont want to learn and who cant be held accountable for their own laziness and failure. This teacher has every right to say what she wants.

  56. lisa says:

    she was getting the respect she deserved kids today are lazy and parents dont care.i see it at college level. give teachers respect and maybeb they wont need to write stuff like she did

  57. Stan says:

    Sounds to me like she speaks the truth about alot of teenagers, I also know of 20 and 30 yr olds with the same issues. I don’t understand why parents have an issue with her speaking out unless they think she’s directing at thier kids. I’m sure she’s a good teacher just trying to do her job to a bunch of kids who’s parents don’t get involved with thier own kids education. Wow a teacher who states her opinion (and truth), now that a real reason to fire her.

  58. Susie says:

    Rat-like? How does that term correspond to a student unwilling to put in hard workl? Legitimate complaints such a being lazy – OK. I have no problem with a teacher expressing that view. There are lazy people everywhere in the world and I am sure some of them are students (as well as teachers). However, I would hope that a teaching professional would have enough common sense to find a more constructive manner in which to critique their students. I certainly would not want my taxes paying this woman’s salary.

    1. Felicia Maisey says:

      I agree, the use of words like rat-like and street walker are not professional verbiage for an educator to use when talking about the very students she swore to protect. I agree students can be disengaged and sometimes lazy, but so can adults–parents and teachers and even administrators–but if one were a student utilizing those same terms of rat-like and street walker upon adults, it’d be an outrage,so why she she not be held to the same accountability in her role as parents, students and administrators are in theirs. She sounds fed up, dis-engaged and bitter and perhaps teaching is not the arena for her anymore.

      1. Arlissa Willingham Murphy Schober says:

        She sounds like a truly caring TEACHER….I am sure SHE is FED up with the students. Until you have walked in her shoes, I don’t think anyone has any room to say anything! She has a right to write whatever she wants. She did not name any child specifically, therefore there is NO character abuse.
        I support her and if she had spoken about one of my children in that manner, I would be sending her flowers for alerting me to that type of behavior.
        I always told my kids, you better NOT be in the principals office unless it is to get a handshake or a pat on the back. And guess what…Not a one out of four EVER got into any trouble and they all graduated with HONORS!! PARENTAL responsibility!

    2. Charlene Ransom says:

      It implies they rather cheat, or sneak thru the back door to get a grade….not put in time like turning work in on time, or coming to class prepared and always expecting to be given a 2nd, 3rd, 4th.etc chance

  59. asdfasdf says:

    We do have freedom of speech, and employers have freedom to choose who works for them. If you want to be treacherous toward the goals of your employer, he can and should fire your ass ! My guess is she is a half-assed teacher looking to become a burden on the rest of us.

    1. harry jones says:

      My guess she is a good teacher who is fed up with trying to teach the idiot products of crack addicted welfare queens and street thugs. You have a better chance of teaching my cat to play the tuba than teaching the feral spawn of three generations of welfare how to conduct themself in a civil manner.

      1. Charlene Ransom says:

        This would be just perfect if she was teaching in your neighborhood, but she’s in Doylestown!

    2. Granny says:

      you are directly threatening her . she did not do that. and she did not post it someone else did. from over a year ago. unless you know her as a teacher you cannot say. and your language is unacceptable to many.

      1. Richard says:

        No one threatened her. Stop exaggerating.

        Someone else posted it??? Are you kidding me??? Now you want to blame someone ELSE for posting this teacher’s blog??? SHE wrote it, and SHE posted it.

        Amazing that you can blame parents and kids for everything, but make excuses for this teacher.

  60. liz says:

    whatever happened to students and Parents being held accountable?????

    1. Granny says:

      Gov. control that feels children aren’t smart enough to take responsibility and learn
      so have to put the blame somewhere so the teachers and schools get the shaft.
      I have seen the schools deteriorate due to bringing education standard down to meet the kids instead of kids up to meet the challenge, dress codes and behavior codes in schools are so low that kids don’t don’t have any incentive to do better as so little is expected from them. I have a teen in the family that flat out told me that she would call the law . well I Made sure they got called and I have been appalled at what I have learned. . kids do what they want while decent caring parents face jail and fines. and then there are many who just give in and the kids do what they want. Sad for the future generation.

  61. kim says:

    I must say I agree with freedom of speech, but would never allow the school to place my child in her care

    1. BILLY says:

      why? because she speaks the truth. there are NO allegations of anything omproper. just her thoughts on pampered kids whose parents dont want to do their job.

    2. Arlissa Willingham Murphy Schober says:

      Then you are part of the problem!

  62. Stan says:

    Freedom of speech, she has the right to state her opinion. She did not slander anyone by name. Sue the District for all you can, they don’t have a legal leg to stand on. There was a recent case that the judges agreed and also that teachers can’t be fired because of what they post on thier websites..

  63. Terry says:

    “And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.”

  64. missdisplaced says:

    Whatever happened to something called FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

    1. Jamie says:

      She told the Truth! Most of this Generation Y should have never been born! They are rude, ill-mannered, arrogant and plain stupid! Some of my Generation X is to blame, too! They don’t know how to act, dress, talk, etc and they all think they are cute..like on Facebook ( Hell a Mother ape thinks her baby is beautiful). They all look old, wear too tight clothes, obese, etc. Too many choices! Most of them are CRACK BABIES, A.D.A.H Medicated or HIV KIDS but Blame that on the “GOOD OLE USA.” She was right and I am a social service worker and I have to service their stupid parents for a living. And yes, I shouldn’t have majored in this field in College for a living! I am behind her 100%!

      The problem is the parents’ are just as stupid, too. Remember, Home is where racial attitudes, conduct, manners, etc begin! The answer “CONTRACEPTIVES”…and I am Catholic!

      1. Granny says:

        I am not catholic but sure agree with you , 200%. too much gov. interference and not enough parental common sense. ==
        no responsibility its always someone elses fault and everyone else pays the bill.

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