Embattled Bucks County Teacher: ‘I Stand By What I Said’

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — People waiting to hear some kind of an apology will have to keep waiting.

The teacher is not backing down. She’s hired a lawyer and is claiming she was just being honest in her blog and the controversy surrounding it amounts to political correctness run wild.

Engulfed in a blogging scandal that could cost her a teaching job, Natalie Munroe is not wavering.

Her controversial blog entry about what she wished she could write on students’ report cards included comments such as:

“Frightfully dim,” “Rat-like,” “Am concerned your kid is going to come in one day and open fire on the school,” “I hate your kid,” and “Seems smarter than she actually is.”

“I stand by what I said, and I don’t regret it because it’s the truth. People need to take a look at what’s happening in this district and any district,” Munroe said.

However, parents and students we spoke with at Central Bucks East High School aren’t buying the English teacher’s explanation.

“Anything like that shouldn’t be on the internet in the first place,” said parent Judy Velcheck.

Watch the video…

“I don’t know why she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong since she used foul language towards students,” said Kevin Magee, a senior at Central Bucks East.

Last week, the 30-year old teacher was suspended with pay after the blog, which she wrote a year ago, was posted on someone’s Facebook page. (see previous story).

Word spread quickly throughout the school generating national media attention.

Her attorney Steven Rovner contends Munroe did nothing wrong and her suspension amounts to censorship.

Munroe points out she didn’t name a specific student or the district she worked for.

She is arguing that she wasn’t referring to all students and that her posts were only meant to reach the handful of friends who followed her blog.

“My intent with the blog was to keep in touch with the friends and to go home at the end of the day and rant like on a diary and be done with it,” Munroe said.

The school district suspended Munroe pending the outcome of the investigation.

Munroe was previously scheduled to go on maternity leave next month.

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  • Dave Wood

    First of all, Ms Munroe was not teaching at Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown, she was teaching at Central Bucks East High School located in Buckingham. (CBS please get your facts right – check GPS – there is a difference)

    Secondly, I was not in the classroom to observe Ms Munroe or her students therefore I have no right to judge her or her students. I may not agree with Ms Munroe but she is entitled to her opinion. I do know some teachers that have taught a few students and have shared privately the Ms Munroe was truthful. Should Ms Munroe be fired from her position as a teacher at CB East in Buckingham, then students should be suspended from school should they write on their own Fb pages, RateMyTeacher (which is anonymous) or other free speech venues if they denigrate other education professionals. Would parents, administrators and students be as passionate about defending a teacher if roles were reversed or would a high school student’s statements be washed away and dismissed as “child’s play”?

    The burning question is who failed Ms Munroe’s class this January and made this old blog such a big story?

    • another teacher

      “Should Ms Munroe be fired from her position as a teacher at CB East in Buckingham, then students should be suspended from school should they write on their own Fb pages, RateMyTeacher (which is anonymous) or other free speech venues if they denigrate other education professionals.”

      Teachers and students are and should be held to different standards. They fill different rolls. Students need to learn that they are not the same as the teacher. They don’t have all the same powers and privileges that a teacher has. (My students sometimes seem to think they do.) We have to teach them that by differentiating ourselves from them by always being “the adult in the situation.” I know it’s hard. I know kids need to take ownership of their own educations a lot more than they do. I know they need to learn to be responsible for themselves. I know it’s hard to teach them. I know we all need to vent. I do so privately. Even at that, there has only been one time that I have even privately said a kid was “dumb,” and even though I had said it to no one, about a half hour later, I privately took it back. No kid is dumb. People thought Einstein was dumb. You don’t know who the next Einstein is. I don’t hold this against this teacher, but I do think she might be happier in another profession. Even if she is a good teacher. I have seen good teachers become bitter people because of their feelings toward kids. You might be passionate about education, but if you find yourself resenting kids, you gotta get out. Thats’ my advice.

      • Richard

        Excellent response, “another teacher.”

        I agree with you that she should leave the classroom if she’s resentful of kids.

  • http://cbsphilly.com Roxanne Hoag

    Isn’t blogging a form of social media? Maybe not as big as Facebook. Employers should think twice before restricting workers from talking about their jobs on FACEBOOK & other social media……..it was in the newspaper, and all over internet. Feds settled case of a woman fired over Facebook posts, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled in the workers favor….go file a suit Natalie~you have rights to speak what is on your mind. For those parents who don’t like the internet being used like this….life goes on! There is so much on the internet~No one has control….

  • Martha

    Certainly we have ‘freedom of speech’ and certainly some speech should be protected. Thus writing on facebook when it doesn’t threaten life/limb we should have some ability to communicate freely.

    That said – the teacher’s comments are the problem! To complain that the children are lazy, unmotivated etc – is more indicative of her poor teaching skills and her need to vent is likely an indication that she needs to be in another profession. She might be advised to take her family leave – to take leave of her school family and focus on teaching her impending child.

    The school board should terminate her for poor performance and lack of motivation towards teaching, her students and their subsequent poor performance.

    And since it has been made clear that the social media is adverse to your career – wise-up and move off!

  • Wakeuppeople!!

    Parents really have to wake up! You don’t realize how your child acts while at school. Its hard on teachers and they don’t get paid enough to raise your children for you. Students these days are REALLYout of hand.;

  • Paul Winkler

    This teacher clearly doesn’t know the skinny on blogging. You post things on the web expecting that anyone and everyone can read it. Like they say in “The Social Network,” “it’s engraved in stone.” Based on the clips I saw on CBS News, she’s not smart enough to win this case.

  • Kevin R. Consolo

    I read some comments saying she needs to be fired. Your probably the same type of parent that says” Not my Kid” She was writing a personal online journal. for followers of her blog. Obviously someone with an ax to grind took a year old blog and made it something bigger than what it was. Truth is she called the kids on the carpet and the parents need to stand up and PARENT better. Restore values back to the kids and they get a better future because as of know what your instilling in your kids is auwful.

  • Robin

    I feel this woman did nothing wrong. She speaks the truth about a lot of these kids today as the parents just don’t discipline the way they need to. They get away with back talk & bullying & the parents just don’t seem to care. You go teach!!!

  • mel

    This woman needs to be fired. It is teachers like her, who have this attitude about their students, that are part of the problem. If this is how she feels about these students, how is she going to help them? She won’t, if she does not believe in these students and strive to help them, then she does not belong in the academic field.

  • Brian

    I wouldn’t want my child in school judged as a “rat” or disparaged in his/her educational environment by a judgmental teacher with a grudge.

    The comments on this article suggesting that one’s social class or race needs to be “corrected” or “punished” are downright scary.

    If any private sector employee posted identifying comments about his customers or coworkers on a public blog, he’d be fired. Of course, since this is a government employee protected by a powerful union, they’ll insist that there’s no problem and will fight tooth and nail to protect her. Further, the attitude of utter contempt and hatred that she has for her students will continue to manifest themselves every day — and education will continue to decompose as a result.


  • Marg

    hmmm, the original article i read that quoted her blog said a lot more than what she is claiming…but alas that is the news and one can never be sure what is actually truthful anymore. And in reading about this case and reading the comments on this page I have learned there are many shoes that should be worn when your dealing with the public..

  • Phillip

    It would be nice to have more teachers like this. Just imagine if some one like her would have been at Columbine, Virginia Tech and other schools that were subject to shootings and violence. If some one there had spoken out perhaps these attacks wouldn’t have happened. Political correctness is going to be the death of this country yet.

    • Jules


      You have got to be kidding me. The 2 kids at Columbine were being BULLIED in school and decided to get back at the kids who tortured them. This teacher is nothing short of a bully herself. What kind of teacher talks like that about her students? If she were teaching at Collumbine, she would have been the first teacher shot and killed there. This woman has no business educating our youth.

  • Eric Kasitz

    All the fuss about whether she was on school time writing this blog, I have 2 words NCAA Brackets, you’d probably have to fire 1/2 the school district.

  • Bill Storm

    She is right. The way some kids dress and act a teacher almost has to be armed. I’ll bet if some of these kids went missing , the parents would not be able to give a discription of their own kids, particuilary what they are wearing. There are way too many parents out there who have no idea what their kids are doing or who their friends are. All Natalie is trying to do is WAKE UP SOME PARENTS. Since when is that a crime.

  • Chrissy

    Where I many not agree with the wording she may have used, I don’t see where what she wrote is any different from anyone complaining about their job! Everyone needs and outlet for frustrations and as long as no names were used then where is the problem!

  • CAPS

    YOU ARE DEAD ON Teach ! You spoke the truth as a former teacher you are 100% correct ! FREEDOM OF SPEECH Is only when you say what others want to hear !

  • cemego

    I don’t blame her. It’s not the low income parents that are the problem is ALL THE PARENTS. Kids don’t want to be accountable for their work. If a student does bad, it suddenly is the teacher’s fault. The parents do nothing and act completely blameless. The parents have just as much influence on the child’s success as the teacher — IF NOT MORE! It is very frustrating to teach people who dont want to learn and who cant be held accountable for their own laziness and failure. This teacher has every right to say what she wants.

  • lisa

    she was getting the respect she deserved kids today are lazy and parents dont care.i see it at college level. give teachers respect and maybeb they wont need to write stuff like she did

  • Stan

    Sounds to me like she speaks the truth about alot of teenagers, I also know of 20 and 30 yr olds with the same issues. I don’t understand why parents have an issue with her speaking out unless they think she’s directing at thier kids. I’m sure she’s a good teacher just trying to do her job to a bunch of kids who’s parents don’t get involved with thier own kids education. Wow a teacher who states her opinion (and truth), now that a real reason to fire her.

  • Susie

    Rat-like? How does that term correspond to a student unwilling to put in hard workl? Legitimate complaints such a being lazy – OK. I have no problem with a teacher expressing that view. There are lazy people everywhere in the world and I am sure some of them are students (as well as teachers). However, I would hope that a teaching professional would have enough common sense to find a more constructive manner in which to critique their students. I certainly would not want my taxes paying this woman’s salary.

    • Felicia Maisey

      I agree, the use of words like rat-like and street walker are not professional verbiage for an educator to use when talking about the very students she swore to protect. I agree students can be disengaged and sometimes lazy, but so can adults–parents and teachers and even administrators–but if one were a student utilizing those same terms of rat-like and street walker upon adults, it’d be an outrage,so why she she not be held to the same accountability in her role as parents, students and administrators are in theirs. She sounds fed up, dis-engaged and bitter and perhaps teaching is not the arena for her anymore.

      • Arlissa Willingham Murphy Schober

        She sounds like a truly caring TEACHER….I am sure SHE is FED up with the students. Until you have walked in her shoes, I don’t think anyone has any room to say anything! She has a right to write whatever she wants. She did not name any child specifically, therefore there is NO character abuse.
        I support her and if she had spoken about one of my children in that manner, I would be sending her flowers for alerting me to that type of behavior.
        I always told my kids, you better NOT be in the principals office unless it is to get a handshake or a pat on the back. And guess what…Not a one out of four EVER got into any trouble and they all graduated with HONORS!! PARENTAL responsibility!

    • Charlene Ransom

      It implies they rather cheat, or sneak thru the back door to get a grade….not put in time like turning work in on time, or coming to class prepared and always expecting to be given a 2nd, 3rd, 4th.etc chance

  • asdfasdf

    We do have freedom of speech, and employers have freedom to choose who works for them. If you want to be treacherous toward the goals of your employer, he can and should fire your ass ! My guess is she is a half-assed teacher looking to become a burden on the rest of us.

    • harry jones

      My guess she is a good teacher who is fed up with trying to teach the idiot products of crack addicted welfare queens and street thugs. You have a better chance of teaching my cat to play the tuba than teaching the feral spawn of three generations of welfare how to conduct themself in a civil manner.

      • Charlene Ransom

        This would be just perfect if she was teaching in your neighborhood, but she’s in Doylestown!

    • Granny

      you are directly threatening her . she did not do that. and she did not post it someone else did. from over a year ago. unless you know her as a teacher you cannot say. and your language is unacceptable to many.

      • Richard

        No one threatened her. Stop exaggerating.

        Someone else posted it??? Are you kidding me??? Now you want to blame someone ELSE for posting this teacher’s blog??? SHE wrote it, and SHE posted it.

        Amazing that you can blame parents and kids for everything, but make excuses for this teacher.

  • liz

    whatever happened to students and Parents being held accountable?????

    • Granny

      Gov. control that feels children aren’t smart enough to take responsibility and learn
      so have to put the blame somewhere so the teachers and schools get the shaft.
      I have seen the schools deteriorate due to bringing education standard down to meet the kids instead of kids up to meet the challenge, dress codes and behavior codes in schools are so low that kids don’t don’t have any incentive to do better as so little is expected from them. I have a teen in the family that flat out told me that she would call the law . well I Made sure they got called and I have been appalled at what I have learned. . kids do what they want while decent caring parents face jail and fines. and then there are many who just give in and the kids do what they want. Sad for the future generation.

  • kim

    I must say I agree with freedom of speech, but would never allow the school to place my child in her care

    • BILLY

      why? because she speaks the truth. there are NO allegations of anything omproper. just her thoughts on pampered kids whose parents dont want to do their job.

    • Arlissa Willingham Murphy Schober

      Then you are part of the problem!

  • Stan

    Freedom of speech, she has the right to state her opinion. She did not slander anyone by name. Sue the District for all you can, they don’t have a legal leg to stand on. There was a recent case that the judges agreed and also that teachers can’t be fired because of what they post on thier websites..

  • Terry

    “And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.”

  • missdisplaced

    Whatever happened to something called FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

    • Jamie

      She told the Truth! Most of this Generation Y should have never been born! They are rude, ill-mannered, arrogant and plain stupid! Some of my Generation X is to blame, too! They don’t know how to act, dress, talk, etc and they all think they are cute..like on Facebook ( Hell a Mother ape thinks her baby is beautiful). They all look old, wear too tight clothes, obese, etc. Too many choices! Most of them are CRACK BABIES, A.D.A.H Medicated or HIV KIDS but Blame that on the “GOOD OLE USA.” She was right and I am a social service worker and I have to service their stupid parents for a living. And yes, I shouldn’t have majored in this field in College for a living! I am behind her 100%!

      The problem is the parents’ are just as stupid, too. Remember, Home is where racial attitudes, conduct, manners, etc begin! The answer “CONTRACEPTIVES”…and I am Catholic!

      • Granny

        I am not catholic but sure agree with you , 200%. too much gov. interference and not enough parental common sense. ==
        no responsibility its always someone elses fault and everyone else pays the bill.

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