Eagles President Joe Banner On WIP

Eagles President Jow Banner stops by WIP studios to chat with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese. To listen to the podcast, CLICK HERE

Eagles President Joe Banner In studio with Howard & Ike…
banner 004 Eagles President Joe Banner On WIP

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One Comment

  1. Chewbaca says:

    Joe, after listening to your spin doctor rhetoric, I’m convinced you belong in politics. You TRULY fit the “blowhard” stereotype…………….”Times Yours”, wannabe President of a “Gold Standard” team………hahahahahahah

    p.s. Maybe you should consider running against “Milty” for Mayor…….

  2. Elias Stansberry says:

    Based on what I listened to, Joe doesn’t know football or Eagles fans. What he does know is ‘NOTHING” about what counts in this town! I’d like to know where this guy was born and raised. The only way the Eagles will go anywhere is if the Eagles fans start hitting in the pockets. The Eagles worth a billion just shows a great marketing plan.

  3. Ex Season Ticket Holder says:

    Hey Joe, I just wanted to say Thanks for billing me on Feb 1st for the upcoming season. Guess what…..I’ve been a season ticket holder for 12 years and I AM DONE!!! I don’t care if you DO take my SBL away and re-sell it, but you and Lurie will NOT get another nickel from me. You dummies call yourselves the “Gold Standard” of NFL teams…….far from it……not even close. You need to wake up and listen to the fans, the people who pay YOUR salary…….UNREAL!!

  4. Knute-Scoot says:

    Lance, I think a Junior College is more in line for this guy….at BEST. Time to hit the pasture Big Red……it’s over dude. Watch out for those cow pies (like the ones you’ve given us fans}.

  5. Lance says:

    Hey Andy, the SOUL is probably looking for an assistant coach…….hit the bricks Jabba……..enough is enough! Hmmmm Hmmmm, cough…..Hmmmmmm…….Time’s yours.

  6. Chewbaca says:

    When is “Jabba The Hut” Reid leaving town for good, Joe??

  7. Joe Planner says:

    I guess the CBS3 moderators aren’t allowing any negative chat about the Eagles????? Another JOKE………

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