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Beasley’s Commentary: Dallas Green Addresses Media After Loss Of ‘Princess’

By: Beasley Reece

CLEARWATER, Florida (CBS) – The nation met Dallas Green’s granddaughter too late. Christina Taylor Green was murdered in the Arizona massacre. Six people died at the hands of a madman who will be forever nameless under this reporter’s pen.

Dallas addressed the media at spring training Wednesday for the first time since losing the girl he called Tina, Princess, and second baseman. Christina was the only girl on her Little League team.

The press conference was difficult for me to watch. I too am a grandfather.

Dallas is as big as his name. A towering giant of a man. Tough guy former manager of the team he now serves as Sr. Advisor. But that was not the man we crowded around Wednesday. This man was shaken and stooped. His lips quivered as he remembered Christina. He wanted to weep but couldn’t, so I cried for him behind dark glasses.

Dallas thanked those of us who reached out to him during his nightmare. He says he is “long in the tooth” and doesn’t have enough time to recover from this. He promises to “love on” his other grandkids and pour his energy into baseball as escape routes.

There is a finite number of good days promised to all of us. We have a precious number of days of good health for ourselves and our loved ones. We will all face dark Angels and Demons at some point. Whether this day is listed among the good or the bad, tell the people in your life how much you care. Grab a hug when it’s available. Don’t miss a single opportunity to let your friends know that you will never take them for granted.

That thing you plan to do one day, do it.

In many, many ways Dallas lived the dream. Ball Player, Manager, Sports Executive, a lot of guys would trade in their hand for that one.

Now this larger than life figure needs our prayers for healing.


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One Comment

  1. kate says:

    the saddest thing for any parent to suffer is the loss of their child and i just can’t imagine how a grandparent would feel.
    God help the entire family work through this mountain of grief– surely not understand the reason why but help them through the daily reminders

  2. Steve says:

    The Phillies should wear Christina’s Little League number on their uniforms for this coming season.

    1. Mimi Shapiro says:

      As a retired teacher & victim of bullying and abuse myself…I would like to volunteer to help the Phillies develop a progarm for children of abuse, bullying etc and a support group for those who suffer as Dallas is from the loss in their life. It is seriously needed everywhere. Dallas my thoughts are with you.

      1. Rick Tweed says:

        What we need to do is treat the root cause by funding after-school and summer programs to keep children from developoing into sociopaths like the one in Arizona. We should challenge not the government/s to fund this but the Billionairs that are wiping out disease in Africa. Why not wipe out illiteracy at home.

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