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Milton Street, Lacking Campaign Funds, Turns To Facebook

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The only person so far ready to challenge Mayor Michael Nutter in the May Democratic primary is none other than Milton Street — former state senator, brother of former mayor John Street, and most recently a prison inmate.

He launches his campaign on Wednesday.

Milton Street was released from federal prison only last year but he insists he can mount a serious challenge to Michael Nutter.

“You won’t have anyone out there not taking me serious,” Street said.

Street admits taking on Nutter won’t be easy: “It’s going to be difficult, because he has the power of the mayor’s office.”

Street admits he has no money to run a campaign, but says that in the Internet age you don’t need it.

“You’re able to have text, and you have Twitter, and you have Facebook — the need for money is not very great,” Street says.

When asked if he is already on Facebook, the elder Street, 71, said he just got out of a halfway house last November and hasn’t had the chance.

Street was sentenced in 2008 for failure to file tax returns. He says because the charges were at the misdemeanor level, he’s still able to run for office.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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One Comment

  1. Peter Goesinya says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH Republicans are the greatest. BLAH BLAH BLAH Democrats are the greatest. Whatever happened to “Country First”

  2. harry jones says:

    This guy is the typical Philly democrat, he has a good chance at winning.

  3. Linda D Bryant says:

    So much for this being the CIty of Brotherly Love–where you have folks from the NE wanting to form a separate city!!!

    Milton Street should have been mayor instead of his brother John. However,
    Milton is considered too militant and obviously frightens some White Folks!

    If he can raise enough campaign funds—let him have a go up against the Nutman!

    Like it really matters who becomes mayor, This entire city is one giant CESSPOOL!!!!

  4. ETHEP says:

    Another great way to loose more of that Philly tax base. Girard College 1974 to Tampa Bay 2010. AAAAAHHHH, got to love it. BTW… No state or city wage tax in Florida if you didn’t know.

  5. Tyrone Shoes says:

    Could Milt be any worse than the losers who have run this city for the past 40 years of my life. At least you know what your getting with him, instead of chicken head talk from the demipublicans and republicrats.

    1. Old Timer says:

      Funny Tyrone, I can’t recall any republican mayors in Philly since the 1950s. Seems to me things were pretty good in the neighborhood back in the 50’s.

  6. Just Go Away Man says:

    This clown couldn’t run a hot dog stand.

  7. nah says:

    Democratic Change You Can Count On !!

  8. Shannon says:

    He reminds me of Uncle Fester from Adams family. If he actually runs Nutter won’t need any more either. I don’t think anyone would vote for him anyway.

  9. Alec says:

    I’m sure the liberal philadelphians will vote for this guy too. They can’t help themselves. Ed Rendell, John Street, Michael Nutter, next Uncle Milty. Good luck, some day you’ll learn, the democrats have been horrible for philly. 50+ years of democrats, what’s changed??? Nothing…….

  10. John Smith says:

    God help the city if this loser gets elected!

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