West Chester Teen Admits Trying To Hire Facebook Hit Man

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Chester County teenager has admitted trying to hire a hit man through the social networking site Facebook to murder a woman who accused him of rape.

Nineteen-year old Corey Adams faces up to 22 years in jail after accepting a plea agreement Friday, confessing to the charges against him of rape, criminal solicitation of murder, and other related counts.

Investigators say Adams made Facebook postings in search of a hit man to take out a woman who accused him of rape.

First Assistant District Attorney Patrick Carmody describes how the investigation led to the plea in court. “They pretended to be the hit man. We gathered evidence. The victim was courageous enough to testify at a preliminary hearing, and the combination of all those factors led the defendant to no option but to admit that he had committed the crime.”

Adams had offered $500 dollars in one of his postings. In another, he claimed that he needed this girl knocked off right now.

Reported By Dan Wing, KYW Newsradio.

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One Comment

  1. Chanelle says:

    This “ish” is nuts! I hope he gets every inch of that 22 years. Thing is, if he would be so stupid as to solicit a hitman on facebook because of rape allegations, think of what he may to solicit once he gets to prison because of rape & solicitation of murder charges. If I were this girl, I would never feel safe again!

  2. astuartgirl says:

    Wish they would quit using ‘teenager’ for sensationalism … He is 19!

    1. Notateen says:

      Many people consider those who are nineTEEN to still be teenagers. Often the mentality hasn’t changed much anyway…

  3. teremist says:

    There should be only one sentencing option for forcible rape, the death penalty. This thug should NEVER walk the streets again. Let me amend that last statement: This genetic FAILURE should never walk free again.

  4. Justin says:

    This is the stupidest thing I ever heard of, what kind of an idiot would use a public site to try and hire a hit man??? And for $500.00 ?????

    No wonder so many cases are solved, the stupidity of the perp.

    1. Al says:

      If this moron had a brain, he wouldn’t have been in the situation in the first place! The legal system could save a lot of trouble by simply adding a charge of “CRIMINAL STUPIDITY”.

  5. zbar says:

    Clown knew that hit-men always turn out to be the fuzz. Being “stupid” he thought he would try the sneaky and cheap way. Well, that got him 11 to 22 with Bubba. Maybe Budda will teach him how to not be Stupid, with a capital S.

  6. markspin says:

    Ain’t technology great—-in the old days you would just call your mob buddy!!

  7. Jim Wilmer says:

    I guess if he knew what his sentence would be, he would have offered more than $500.00. But it is a shame such things can be attempted.

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