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3-On Your Side: Claim Your Cash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Claim Your Cash! Thousands of people in our area are owed millions of dollars in unclaimed cash and property. Are you one of them?

The money is kept in state treasuries and comes from inactive bank accounts, utility deposits, stock dividends, insurance payouts, and even uncashed paychecks. The property often comes from old safe deposit boxes that haven’t been touched in years. In Pennsylvania alone it is estimated that 1 in 10 people are entitled to unclaimed property! Could some of it belong to you?

Watch the video…

3-On Your Side wants to help you Claim Your Cash! Below you will find links to search for unclaimed property in our region and elsewhere around the country. Check the states where you and your relatives have lived over the years. Good luck!


New Jersey:


New York:


Other States:

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  • Florence Daniels

    I just tried Pa link and it is not working.

    • jimdonovancbs3

      Florence, I just tried the PA link, it is OK. Jim D.

      • Nancy Halpern, Phila

        trying to email you to get a link to the story on streets’ covers shocking folks, aired last nigth. It would be great if there were a link to “recent 2 On Your Side” stories – am visually impaired and cannot seem to find this. Want to share with others. Thnaks.

  • Melinda Good

    Hi Jim
    can you please send me the other address for info on claiming your cash … can you please tell me if it is a scam? they told me that my sister had a large amount of cash and I can not find it on your other wed sites.

    thank you

    • jimdonovancbs3

      Melinda – You should be able to use the links above to search for free across most of the country. I don’t know what other address you are thinking of. Jim D.

  • Rosco1776

    I just found my mother in-law over $100, thanks! Now I can charge her a finders fee!! :p

  • Savannah Davis

    I got on and found my name twice

  • Joy

    Thank Bob I could not find any for me, but I did find 2 cash items for my niece and 1 for my sister and 1 for my boyfriend. Thanks again Joy

  • Bob B

    Thanks CBS 3 My son saw the unclaimed property information on your news show and told me to look up the Sate of Pa’s property list.
    Thanks to you and my Son I’m sending in two claim forms, from when I lived in Philly
    Thanks Again
    Bob B

  • Jolene

    PA site is not working

  • patti d'antonio

    none of the sights are working

  • Pat

    I sure can’t get on

  • Carolyn

    Jim – Thanks for the info. I didn’t find my name on the list but did find some of my relatives. My question to you is, are you charged a fee to collect your money? Someone told me you are but I wasn’t sure if it is true.

    • jimdonovancbs3

      Carolyn – If you file a claim form directly with the state that is holding the money then you don’t have to pay any finders fee. Jim D.

  • Dave Fitzgerald

    My name pops up in Jersey my exact name. I dont know if its really me or not?

  • susie

    hey ronnie it’s not a scam. there are billions of dollars at the states. companies w/uncashed checks, bank account, securites, stocks, mutual funds have to turn the money over to the states if they are unable to contact the owners for numerous reason death, change of address, inheritance. check out unclaimed property rules. companies must stay in complaince or risk hefty fines.

  • JoAnne Bruno

    Thank you for another helpful report. Consumers like myself appreciate all the research you do and the hlep you provide to those in need of assistance. This information and the site worked well for me. I am sending in my form in case there was a misspeliing. Here’s hoping!

    • Melissa T

      Thanks CBS3! Because of your report, I was able to find money for both my stepdad and grandmother! Very helpful!

  • patricia magluilo

    hi jim, first id like to say tyvm for all you do, it is greatly appreciated. second, i checked and sure enough there i “found” money that is due me, the only problem i had was that there is a special form that must be filled out and i dont have a printer; i was wondering how/what can i do in this instance.

    • jimdonovancbs3

      Patricia – If the money is being held in PA. Give the treasury a call tomorrow at 1-800-222-2046 and they can send you out a claim form in the mail. Jim D.

  • Theresa

    Jim Donovan – thanks for this information, the Pa Treasury link is working fine…I was able to type in the required information, print out the claim form, and will be going to the Notary at lunch today, along with a copy of my Power of Attorney and copy of my driver’s license to claim my family members money. The process was quick and easy, thanks for the information.

  • ronnie

    I agree this is a scam, none of the sight are working at all

  • jimdonovancbs3

    Rodney – What is not working? I’ve checked all the links and they are operating. Jim Donovan

  • jimdonovancbs3

    Shawn – What was the reason why they didn’t release the money? Were you able to provide proof of ownership? If you want to speak to a “live” person at the PA Treasury call 1-800-222-2046 today between 9 and 5. They hopefully can give you some advice to finally get the money. Jim D.

  • jimdonovancbs3

    Delores, The PA Treasury will have staff available to answer calls at 1-800-222-2046 today between 9 and 5. If your mothers name is on the PA list, they will be able to give you advice on how to claim it. Jim D.

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  • JEN R.


    • jimdonovancbs3

      Jen – The PA Treasury will have staff available to answer calls at 1-800-222-2046 tomorrow between 9 and 5. If you live or lived in PA, they may be able to assist you. Jim Donovan

      • vickie williams

        i called the number several times and keep getting a busy signal

  • cori small bus

    click on the link. man you have no brain.
    get a clue cori. nice name

  • kiesha

    Pa website does not load

    • jimdonovancbs3

      Kiesha – It’s running fine now. Jim Donovan

  • Tech

    It crashed due to server space. Too many people, not enough band width. Try tomorrow.

  • jimdonovancbs3

    Cori – click on the link above that says Pennsylvania and you can do a search. Jim Donovan.

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