Philly Businesses Squawking At Huge Increases In Water Bills

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some local business owners told Philadelphia City Council today that recent big changes in their water bills is anything but water under the bridge — they say it may drive them out of the city.

Beginning last July, the city’s water department began phasing in a new way of charging local businesses for water.  The firms are going to be charged based on their estimated impact on storm water runoff and actual usage costs phased out.

Water commissioner Howard Neukrug told Council it is actually a more fair system.  But owners like Stuart Parment, of American Box and Recycling Corporation, said his is among one thousand firms that will pay more — much more.

“This tax of a $40,000 increase per year, without any discussion, is outrageous,” Parment said on Tuesday.

Other speakers called the increases they face “devastating,” and said they’re being forced to consider leaving the city.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau chief Mike Dunn.

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One Comment

  1. kate says:

    weak story or not feel the business owners pain

    residents received across the board $300 real estate taxes or trash fee? and the water bills we also received an across the board storm water charge which supposely has always been there but just not broken out to show it.

    i think the city leaders need to show how much comes in via taxes, etc and how much goes out AND WHERE IT GOES.

  2. JJ says:

    weak, agreed. this is from a CBS station? the story has holes all over it. PATHETIC

  3. PhilB says:

    Weak weak weak report

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