31 Firearms Seized At Convicted Felon’s Home In Delaware

NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) — New Castle County police say they have seized 31 firearms, 10,000 rounds of ammunition and marijuana at the home of a convicted felon.

Twenty-five-year-old Thomas Mottinger has been charged with numerous weapons and drug offenses. He is being held on $540,000 cash bail.

Police went to a home early Sunday for a report of a domestic dispute. Police did not find anyone arguing, but the front door of the home was open and officers found the firearms and other contraband throughout the residence.

Police persuaded Mottinger to turn himself at police headquarters.

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  1. best brands says:

    Excellent post. Thanks.

  2. Ridiculous! says:

    Don’t comment on things you don’t know about! You are mistaken if you think you have any right to post a comment like that….what happened to innocent until proven guilty? God is good and knows the truth……

    1. K-K says:

      People don’t know what they’re talking about. They speculate. To make matters worse, the news reporters will write anything to make a good story even if it’s at the expense of an innocent mans life.

    2. K-K says:

      The truth is that people should be honest. They call themselves friends but they won’t be loyal and do the right thing. You’re right; this is ridiculous. SMH!

  3. mom2five says:

    Over 10 years of this P.O.S. causing terror and getting away with nothing more than a little slap. Someone please throw away the key!!!


    1. K-K says:

      By your response, it furthermore let’s me know that people don’t know what they’re talking about. You don’t know him and you don’t know the situation. Why don’t you do some research of your own instead of eating the BULL the news has to feed you. By the way, God is good and he will make sure that this innocent man is released.

  4. Terrence Ragin says:

    This is outrageous.

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