Philadelphia City Council To Debate Giving Yet Another Contract To PPA

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A city councilman says he has a way to reign in unlicensed contractors in Philadelphia: have Parking Authority officers check for business licenses while they’re out writing parking tickets.

Councilman Jim Kenney says legitimate contractors are hurt by scores of fly-by-night contractors who don’t bother to get the proper permits or licenses. And he says Licenses and Inspections doesn’t have the manpower to go out and check for the paperwork.

So Kenney has introduced a bill that would have Parking Authority officers do the checking:

“All they say is, ‘can I see your contractor’s license?’ ‘I don’t have one, I don’t know what that is.’ ‘OK, no problem.’ (The officer) goes to the back of the truck, takes down the license number. That generates an address and a name of who owns the truck. That is turned over to L-and-I and (the) Revenue (Department), and they pursue them.”

Kenney’s bill will be debated in committee. He denies that this is an inappropriate expansion of the Parking Authority’s powers.

This past week City Council approved another Kenney bill that allows the Authority to oversee the dispatch of private tow trucks to accidents.

Reported By Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio.

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One Comment

  1. libertyordeath says:

    oh an did anyone ever see the show PARKING WARS (ppa) ? the show captivates you simply by being shocked by how self-important, and self righteous the inbreds that work there are ! thank god that they dont have weapons as they might not know which end to aim at the supposed bad guy. honestly the show displays how useless the ppa really is. gives the impression that most of them took the short bus to school and would otherwise now be on welfare if not for this job. what a corrupt racket the city has with this scam. keep your shytehole city, i certainly dont need any of the bs involved with it in any way shape or form. keep voting in the progressives .. not that there is much left to destroy anyways.

  2. libertyordeath says:

    to hell with philly, my company will NEVER accept a job there. btw we have every single certification , license and insurance, but the shear weight of the corruption, the arrogance and dificulty in dealing with “the machine” makes it easier to be a fly_by_niter then to be legitimate.

  3. silvia butty says:

    have the management go out and do this instead of stealing money and taking 2 hour lunches and drinking on the job with those red nose and cheeks

  4. Dredd308 says:

    As if the people of Philly don’t hate PPA enough??
    Wait until they start snitching on contractors. Mess with the wrong one, someones going to get a claw hammer in the head. This is just messed up.

  5. Dave says:

    Why stop there? Let’s give them arrest powers and guns too. They are the most hated department in the city. Yes, this makes sense to give them more authority.

  6. silvia butty says:

    why won’t kenney get them them a contract for all there work that is expected of them 3 years without 1 and at 16.97 lowest paid city employee

  7. john says:

    lets give them some long hose and a bucket, might as well fight fire while ticketing cars

  8. joe lowery says:

    keep given the peo’s stuff to do but don’t give them a contract at 16.97 a hour

  9. mred71 says:

    To think Philly council and the Parking authority are sleeping in the same bed…….wow……..making chicago look saints…..what a bunch of crooks raping taxpayer dollars and stuffing ttheir pockets.There needs to be a probe into these bed partners.

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