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Family Devastated After Mother Of Two Killed In Cheltenham Hit-Run Crash

CHELTENHAM TWP. (CBS) – Michelle Powell’s sudden death has devastated her family.

The brutal collision that ended her life combined with the fact that the driver left her behind to die are more than the family can stand.

As police search for a hit and run driver, Eyewitness News heard from the family and a co-worker of a woman killed in Cheltenham Township.

53-year old Michelle Powell was hit on Cheltenham Avenue between Mt Airy Avenue and Easton Road.

Powell, by all accounts, was a loving and devoted wife and mother of two grown children. Her family is now pleading with the public for answers.

Powell’s sister, Deborah Wisher, said, “Somebody knows who he is, please turn him in, please turn yourself in, you have to be made accountable because you have destroyed a family.”

Powell’s family members rushed to the scene Thursday night only to discover the 53-year-old laying lifeless in the middle of Cheltenham Avenue. Police say Powell fell victim to a hit and run driver. Powell had just left work at Walmart at the Cederbrook Shopping Center where she worked as a manager.

On Friday, friends and coworkers set up a roadside memorial where Powell lost her life.

Watch the video…

“I don’t know if they caught the person or not but if they didn’t, they need to turn themselves in because that affected a lot of people in this building,” Tyrese Larke, coworker, said. “The way she had to go, she didn’t deserve that at all.”

According to eyewitnesses, the driver got away in a ’96-’98 Buick Le Sabre, either gray or white in color with a Pennsylvania license plate of J75-840J

“Unfortunately, it’s a dealer’s tag. They do go from car to car so you may not have it on the same car all the time, so that’s an issue for us,” Cheltenham Police Chief John Norris explained.

Tracing the tag, no easy task, police say leaving family members more desperate and defiant.

“It’d be something different if she was sick and she left here but you just took her life with no regards and for that I’ll never forgive him,” Wisher added, ““We are devastated. We want this fool off the street so he can’t hurt nobody else’s family members.”

Eyewitnesses told police the suspect is a Black male, in his 20’s with bushy hair, last seen wearing a tan jacket.

Anyone with any additional information is urged to call Cheltenham Township Police at 215-885-1600 ext.0 or Anonymous Tip Line: 215-885-1600 ext. 777

Reported By Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Guess Who says:

    I checked the video. She was playing nogger and lost. Crosswalks are there for a reason.

    1. Kiaera Keekeemoney Briggs says:

      That was my boss for 1 she was crossing at the light and it was her light the car knocked her back that fear no what your talking about be for you open her mouth! and that is real rap!

  2. ford says:

    what a wonderful thing say….i hope her family reads your comment and gets a litle comfort that strangers care

  3. Terrence Ragin says:

    This is such a trajedy. People do not care about human life anymore. How can you hit someone and then take off. Where is your conscience? Lord I Pray for the family and friends of the victim.

  4. Dey says:

    I was coming home from class last night & was upset because the bus detoured due to a road blockage from police on Cheltenham Avenue. I was upset I had to walk the extra block or so because of the cold and hunger I felt until I came upon this tragic scene…a body lay in the middle of the icy road with a white sterile sheet over it & I thought to myself “So that’s it?” Your rushing home to your family with a kazillion things running through your head & then…it’s over. This unfortunate victim will never walk the block I complained about. How many times do we ask God to get us home safely or even to our destinations? We take for granted that we will, not realizing that this thing called “Life” is so much bigger than us…How sad for this family, I pray that your pain is lessened & that your fond memories will carry you through….

    1. nikita says:

      Thank you for sharing this. We all need to remember that it could always, always be worse.

    2. Char T says:

      well said Dey, Thank you!

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