NJ Governor Uses Veto Pen On 3 Bills

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has used his veto pen to try to change a civil service reform measure and to reject outright a move to force the state to apply for federal funds for family planning services.

Christie has been urging the Democratic-controlled Legislature to reform civil service laws to help municipalities stay under the new 2 percent cap on annual property tax increases.

On Thursday, he conditionally vetoed a civil service reform bill to let municipalities opt out of civil service and allow them to impose local furloughs across the board. The bill goes back to the Legislature for consideration of the changes he wants.

He also rejected a bill to establish limits on chemicals such as nitrogen fertilizer that can be allowed to enter the Barnegat Bay.

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  1. Guess Who says:

    Cut, cut and keep on cutting, Christie. I can hear the useless gubmint workers squealing on this site. Apparently they want to chase away the eeevil rich people who are footing the bill.

  2. Frustrated says:

    The people who support Christie are so blind to his true purpose. He Does Not Care! Not about New Jersey or the people who live here. Cutting funding for medical services or laying off people who work hard but leaving behind the people making six figures and don’t work at all. I understand trim the fat but keeping people who make six figures in their sixties and seventies who are out of touch with the mainstream demand of public service. But lay off three people who make 38,000 and do more work in half a day then their six figure counter parts do all week. How is that fair? Open Your Eyes

  3. Ron Zale says:

    IITZ has no real idea what goes on in the family planning clinics. The latest “LifeAction” undercover expose’ gives you a real picture of what our tax money is being used for in the clinics. If their work was just cancer screening and health (most of which is covered by a normal health plan anyway) that would be fine but abortions and STD testing on underage prostitutes most of which are the product human trafficing are included in the services. Our state and federal taxes support state and public services not healthcare related to birth control and abortion, std testing in support of human trafficing and on underage girls is way out bounds. I do not support his investment in gambling but at least it creates jobs and generates tax money both of which this state needs unlike the family planning clinics (What ever happened to morals, values and personal responsibility in family planning anyway?).

  4. Alec says:

    Not bad Governor. Now sign a bill to change these ridiculous NJ firearms laws and while you’re at perhaps you can keep the Hammonton Police from arresting 7 year olds.

  5. frustrated says:

    This man only puts on performances for the Republican Party. So now after putting thousands of people out work for his budget, he wants to cripple the medical needs for theses people and their family. He’s a Dictator! Plain and simple and he’s going to leave the people of New Jersey in a depression as well as living in a recession. He won’t create jobs, He won’t help the working class or the middle class. He just wants to ride us all the way to the White House! He’s not a what we as a people need for New Jersey or the Nation.

  6. gofurself says:

    I love him! cut baby cut! State an municipal workers are as useless a +i+s on a bull!

    1. ricksouthjersey says:

      yet he managed to find enough of your money to spend on a staff of six figure state employees to work for his wife as “first lady” of the state

  7. itz says:

    So one term Chris Christie doesn’t want family planning or womens health service or medical needs like pap smears and cancer screenings paid for with federal funds, not that he was going to use NJ funds. The man of No, no ideas, no money except when it comes to Atlantic City and gambling, then all of a sudden the state has money to restart Revel gaming and to take over 55% of the tourist area of AC.

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