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Bill To Close ‘Florida Gun Loophole’ Passes Phila. City Council

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia City Council has approved a bill that attempts to close the so-called “Florida Gun Loophole,”  though the plan’s sponsors fully expect it to be challenged in court.

Councilman Darrell Clarke says, right now, a Philadelphia resident who is denied a gun permit in Pennsylvania can easily get one from Florida.

And that permit, he says, could be used legally to carry a concealed weapon in the city, “Right now they can simply go online and apply for a gun license from Florida. Under the current law, that person is now authorized to carry that gun in Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, on the streets.”

City Council, Thursday, approved Clarke’s bill that would end recognition of gun permits that are issued to Pennsylvania residents by certain other states, including Florida. Attorney Scott Shields, who has represented the NRA in challenging other Philadelphia gun laws, says this bill is pre-empted by state law, and the state has reciprocity with Florida. Clarke says he expects the NRA to sue and believes it can withstand such a legal challenge.

In the meantime, a spokesman says Mayor Nutter is “very likely” to sign the measure. However, Clarke’s office said technical ammendments are needed first and Council will need to revise the measure before sending it to the mayor.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re incredible! Thanks!

  2. asan says:

    so did they pass the law are can you still carry in philly with a florida permit for now

  3. Bill says:

    First of all, FL permits are stricter than PA’s. You need to prove that you’ve had some training. Also, you can’t apply on line. All you can do is download forms to apply. And you can’t download the required fingerprint card. You have to have that sent to you. So Councilman Clark is a liar, straight and simple. And you “journalists” don’t do your job.

  4. Ima Packin says:

    If the commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes & honors these out of state permits, whats does Darnell Clark, Seth Wiliams, Mayor Nutter or commisioner Ramsey hope to accomplish? Tom Corbett (R) is governor now(,he’s pro 2nd ammendment)((thank God) they dont have fast Eddie Rendell to back them up on this agenda,I’D like to see how this plays out in court when its shot down! LOL

  5. J.F. Wolfington says:

    Clarke, et al. know full well their ordinance is illegal. In fact, they’re counting on it being struck down so that they can tell their constituents, “Look, we can’t do anything about crime because Harrisburg won’t let us.” This is nothing more than political theater, a cynical ploy to convince the ignorant that city council is trying to do something about crime. It is both disgraceful and disgusting. But what should we expect when we continue to elect disgraceful people to positions of power in this city.

  6. Frank says:

    I, for one, welcome gun control legislation.

    All those potential murderers, robbers, rapists, etc. will think twice when faced with an additional gun charge count against them.

    or not…..

    1. Alec says:


      Frank you’re not thinking right. Anyone who spends the time to get a legal permit is not who you’re after. Criminals aren’t getting permits.

  7. UFO says:

    Come next election I will be saying good bye to Mayor Nutter and his kind, this city needs a big change.

    1. James-Polymer says:

      I second the motion.
      Punish the criminals, not the law-abiding citizens!

  8. fineart says:

    Stop worrying about people with legal permits and go after the thugs with guns.

    Another liberal left wing, tree hugger trying to take another right from me

    1. ZZBar says:

      I’m not trying to be smart, I really don’t know, but what is a “tree hugger”?

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