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Philly Couple Gets Probation In Prayer Death Of Toddler Son

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Northeast Philadelphia couple has been sentenced to probation in the faith-based death of their two-year-old son in 2009.

They chose prayer rather than medicine when their son, Kent, became ill with pneumonia (see previous story).

Herbert and Catherine Schaible have been sentenced to 10 years probation on the manslaughter conviction (see previous story), and the judge has also ordered mandatory medical care for their remaining seven children, ranging in age from one to 15.

Prosecutor Joanne Pescatore says the toddler’s death was clearly preventable.

“I think the judge clearly stated it, and pretty succinctly. She said that no matter what your religious freedom is, the welfare of your child trumps that, and it’s more important than that in the Commonwealth and the United States. Your children come before your religion,” Pescatore quoted the judge as saying.

Herbert Schaible says he and his wife will follow the judge’s orders.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio 1060.


One Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t blame the parents >>>> they are brain washed by their cult leader. It is a bad situation they are in. FCG is a cult!

  2. Anon says:

    Yes the leaders should be responsible.. They need to be educated too…. They have no reason to continue to put fear in the peoples hearts. If it is still there # 7..If you know Christ you will see the false teachings in this.. remember the Jim Jones case that made them all drink that liquid and die.. The power these leaderas have of the mind

  3. anonymous says:

    I know these people have no idea about their bodies, because they are not educated, fear has caused them to make their decision. fear of Hell. Fear that if they go to doctors will send them to Hell , They are taught this,, The Bi- laws of their church is what they follow. Go to…..they are afraid to wear a seat belt

  4. Bill says:

    i really hope these two get the same treatment when they are on their death bed

  5. kate says:

    Philip you said it very wisely

    my heart breaks over this child, did he ever know love? these parents (?) should be held accountable for his death, no God would condone their do nothing actions. i pray the child is at God’s right hand knowing what true love is.
    i pray his parents(?) are condemned to hell

  6. Philip says:

    OK now, we know a human fetus up and until the day of delivery has NO RIGHTS, now we can assume a living, air breathing normally healthy 2 year old child has NO RIGHTS…..At what age of the victim, do we hold the murderers accountable???

  7. Anonymous says:

    @tommy: Where do you get off saying that “God is a big let down?” Ok. Let’s take thir route. Breathing, Heart Beats = all involuntary actions. Do you ever wonder how you keep breathing even when you try to hold your breath? Have you ever tried to ‘stop’ your heart from beating? Truth is, YA CAN’T on both counts. Now, I ask you. Who keeps air in your lungs and who keeps your heart beating? Oh, and in case you think that alarm clock wakes you up every morning, think again. Who is it that makes your brain acknowledges that alarm clock? Hmmmm, kinda makes you think, doesn’t it? I won’t ask who do you think enables you to ‘think’….I’m sure you know.

  8. William says:

    There is NOTHING in the Bible that even implies such acts are acceptable.

  9. Char T says:

    Incomprehensible!! Well these Idiots will not ever get to meet their maker, they will burn in Hell! This was a completely preventable death! They murdered their child…Bottom line!

  10. tommy says:

    what god did not save him god let them get caught god let the judge fine them guilty the judge did not say in god we trust no the judge said thats why we have doctors thats why we have medicine so the better thing to say would have been we don’t have health care because god did not give us money or a job god is a big let down

  11. cranson says:

    Unless they are still in the uterus, then they are a “choice”.

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