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David Akers On Sportsradio 610 WIP

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Long-time Philadelphia Eagles kicker David Akers was interviewed on the Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team show Wednesday morning.

Akers talked about the controversy surrounding coach Andy Reid’s comments singling out Akers after the Eagles playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers.

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After a 21-16 loss to the Packers on January 9, a game in which in Akers missed two field goals, Reid said: “We can all count. Those points would have helped.”

However, Akers revealed that only two days before the game, his family was told that his six-year-old daughter, Halley, was diagnosed with cancer.

Akers told WIP that his daughter was diagnosed with a sex cord tumor with annular tubules. Akers’ daughter had surgery on January 13 to remove her left ovary and the tumor.

When asked by Cataldi whether he knew on that Friday if it was malignant, Akers said “You can just tell. Why am I in oncology for this? They had an idea what it was, but they weren’t for sure … I had a pretty good idea that’s what it was.”

Akers said his six-year-old daughter is doing “very well right now.” He said that his daughter is going to have to be monitored for years to come.

Akers was asked about how he tried to balance the news about his daughter and performing on the field only days later.

“In my job, I’m to go out and perform at all costs when there’s pressure on the line for the game and when there’s pressure in life. I will never use any excuse other than the fact that I just didn’t play well that day.”

Akers acknowledged that the two missed field goal attempts “affected the outcome of the game.”

Cataldi then asked Akers his thoughts on Reid’s post-game comments.

“Anytime you get talked about, yeah it’s going to be hurtful. I feel like I’ve given my heart and soul to the Eagles organization … I understand he’s my boss, he can make those comments.”

Akers said he didn’t hear Reid’s comments either after the game or that Monday because he met with the surgeon that day.

He said he received text messages from Reid Monday evening asking him how his daughter was doing.

“When you take the personal side out and just think about the game – it’s the way I have to assess the way I played on the field – I think Andy was doing the same thing is what my point is.”

Akers also said he has heard Reid “make many positive comments about me.” He said he received tremendous support from the entire Eagles organization from top to bottom. Akers said Reid’s wife even offered to set up a meal supply at the Akers’ house.

Akers, who is a free agent, said he “would love to stay here in Philadelphia and finish my career.”

Several times during the conversation, Akers made it a point to thank the doctors and staff at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where his daughter was treated.

Reported by Steve Beck, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. Always wears #2 says:

    5 ProBowls.
    Highest scoring player in ProBowl history.
    Akers is headed to Canton.

  2. Bob BoDean says:

    Opps, I meant to say both the Phillies and Flyers shoot for the stars every year.
    Sorry about that!

  3. Bob BoDean says:

    Anyone with half a brain should have known that after the Eagles blew that Super Bowl to New England that Andy Reid was never going to win the big game. He’s a good coach that can take his team just so far but not get it over the top. Now what 6 years later people are realizing it’s time to go? Eagles fans have set their goals so low, that having a winning season is a success to them. That’s why it’s now 51 years since a Eagles championship. It will probably be 151 a hundred years from now too. Both the Eagles and Flyers shoot for the stars every year, the Eagles sadly are happy with a winning season.

  4. Carol says:

    Any coach who relies on field goals to win a game, should not be a coach. Sure, points were taken of the board, but come on…….where were the TD’s?? Why wasn’t the offense singled out?

    Andy Reid needs to go…..we will never be in another SuperBowl as long as he makes excuses for his bad coaching.

    Carol, Philadelphia

  5. Bill K says:

    Reid covered for McNabb and the lousy offense for years, but never identified a specific plsyer by name. Targeting Akers in the Green Bay game was another stupid comment made by a stupid man. Reid’s poor game management has lost many games over the years for the Eagles….but never identifies himself as a reason for a loss. McNabb is gone….Reid should be next. Lurie and Banner should wake up and smell the coffee. Reid will never bring a Super Bowl to this city. We are tired of his ridiculous press conferences, his idiotic comments, his lack of responses when questioned. Akers is a class act……God bless him and his family as they go through this difficult period. Reid……time’s yours.

  6. Elaine Espinosa says:

    David Akers deserves our respect for the job he has done here in Philadelphia for the Eagles and just for the person he is. He has done alot for children and for CHOP in the past. I hope his daughter is doing well and makes a full recovery.

  7. Terry says:

    Eagles Website spins the story & defends Coach Andy. Again, Again, & Again!

    Angelo, I would love a couple WingBowl-19 Tickets, if you would be so kind.

  8. Mrs. Knight says:

    Andy Reid needs to go! He should have left eith Mc Nabb. The City loves Akers and he is one player that seems dedicated to the Eagles. I pray that his baby girl recovers well and if there was nay hospital in the world that can make that happen it is CHOP!! God Bless Mr. Akers and I hope to see you next year.

  9. kate says:

    first– prayers for a full recovery for his daughter

    second- he missed the field goals that day but what about the other players? you can blame everything on this man.

    third- reid should have first done more than text an inquiry on his daughter and second thought before speaking and blaming the loss on akers
    i believe reid needs to go

  10. Chuckt says:

    Where was the running game? Where were the touchdowns? Is being a brilliant coach practical for the types of games other teams in the leagues are playing? They have no one else who can score?

  11. Jack T says:

    Who cares what Andy Reid has to say. He’s proven he either can’t be trusted or is not in control and is cow tails to the front office. It’s time for Andy to move on!

  12. judy williams says:

    David Akers is a gift to the Philadelphia sports family. His kicking ability has won us many games over the years. THose two missed kicks were not the only reason we lost that game!! There were other players on that field!! It would be a disgrace to lose such a fine man and greta player. We will pray for his daughter and whole family

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