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79-Year-Old Man Charged In Sex Abuse Of Child

NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) — New Castle County Police have charged at 79-year-old man with sexually abusing a 7-year-old.

Frank Williams of New Castle was arrested Friday and charged with sexual abuse of a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child. He is being held on $300,000 cash bail.

Police were called to Christiana Hospital for a report of a sexual assault. Officers say Williams had sexual relations with the child several times during the past year.

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  • buford

    That old man is the criminal. Do you really think repubs are different than Dems? If you do then your ignorant.

    • Audie

      Give this guy a shave…and he could be the next democrat senator from Delaware.

  • dan tran

    If Republicans were to get their way – this old sick pervert will get castrate as the poster boy. If Democrats were to get their way – this old sick pervert will do again!

  • a Conservative

    I could call you a name as all Democrats do but, we Conservatives have more class. I know no Republicans who think such a thing. You are only on here to create the wrong message. But then again all Democrats have the wrong message.

  • MJAY

    Lynch mobs have always fascinated me. And this hang ‘im high crowd is of the same cloth. Why bother with law, rights, money and all those dreamy things. A tree is always nearby and rope is still cheap. After all, why would the good police officers arrest anyone if there was no guilt?

  • davec

    Your father practiced Sharia Law?

    We dont want your kind in THIS country.

    Maybe you should move to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan where they practice your particular kind of abuse.

    Were a nation of Laws, Reason, and Justice, not your self absorbed, self righteous insanity.

  • J. Everson


    • Kenneth

      Pedophiles like little boys. What does that have to do with Victoria’s Secret models?

      • Greg

        Pedophiles like children – not just boys Kenneth.

      • ProudInfidel

        Pedophiles like children both male and female. Unless Victoria Secrets has started using prepubescent girls as models there is NO relationship.

      • What a shame

        Kenneth you should know your facts before you comment…Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder. A “true” pedophile has a primary sexual interest in underage children, often there is no gender preference. This man if guilty of what he is accused, is a child molester(legal definition) guilty of child sexual assault, child sexual abuse or numerous other infractions. He may or may not be a pedophile, the crimes, as rape could be motivated by many other emotions, social or mental disorders and or life issues. Child molestation and pedophilia is no joke and nothing to be taken lightly.
        The point the commenter was making, sexual crimes should not be associated with acceptable sexual images.

    • mobe

      Why are you using all caps?
      Why are you screamingt?

  • Bambi

    This guy is a pervert, most likely. But how does he have on-going access to this child? Where are the parents? We have laws that parents can be prosecuted if their children get access to a gun, but no responsibility for parents that let perverts get to their children over and over?

    • ProudInfidel

      maybe he is her grandfather or something.

  • slobo

    ..I think it’s .29 cents now…inflation…

  • wddb

    This is dementia.

  • tommy boy

    Off with them and the a trial with a fixed juey.

  • CPMJohn

    Probably gets his Viagra via Medi-Care too!

  • Joe Doaks

    Never before have I seen commentary from an obvious member of the “Man-Boy” pedophile perverts’ club that is so blatantly obvious. What a
    disgusting sick-o!

  • Nursetjo

    Oh yeah, that’s right, blame the kids. You are sick. Do you happen to be a member of NAMBLA? If you’ve been accused four times–you’ve acted inappropriately and shoud stay away from children. I believe that anyone that would rape a 7 year old should be castrated either mechanically or chemically.

    • Stanley Brinkman

      But how do you know it was rape Nursetjo? Unless you were there? And what is with all this hate rhetoric? Love is the answer, love everyone, love love love. Free Frank! Hugs, Uncle Stan

  • Ivan

    OK uncle pervey we believe you………

  • Janah Dugan

    Why do physical crimes involve monetary releases? Why anything involves money is a true look into our judicial system. Money wins–always, and no matter the crime. I can’t wait ’til the world collapses inward and we all go down like quicksand; money won’t matter then.

    • Duhhhhhhhhhhhh

      Hello Marxism spewer Janah: The answer is because we are all innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law. We are not guilty upon arrest. Funny how so many only want this right only for themselves upon reading a story in the newspaper.

      • Amber

        Marxists believe that a lack of money ALWAYS causes crime.

    • Opie Fierro

      JD, you are one real sick puppy

  • Douglas C Gruesbeck

    My hunch is that this man has a history of this behavior going back at least 40 years or more. There was a man about the same age in central michigan tried and convicted of a similar crime. During the trial many more people came forward to tell how he had been at this for nearly sixty years. What punishment does a judge have that would fit this crime?

    • Arby

      A bullet to the head.

      • Anonymous

        That’s too good for this guy. I say shove the a DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN up his @$$ and pull the triger.

    • ThamasD


      • opief

        That is the only thing that will stop him

  • Janah Dugan

    Why do physical crimes involve monetary releases? Why anything involves money is a true lok into our judicial system. Money wins–always, and no matter the crime. I can’t wait ’til the world collapses inward and we all go down like quicksand; money won’t matter then.

    • JBH

      Hmmm, Jana, maybe, just maybe, because the U.S. Constitution requires reasonable bail . . . I dunno.

  • ruth

    this will not stop these people from abusing children. It is much more than sex

    • CPMJohn

      Sorry Ruth, but I disagree. I’d say for him, and others like him, it’s just plain sex. But I’m not a Dr., just a 66 year old who’s evaluated a lot of bad folks I’ve read and heard about.

    • Will Coats

      We men who are the only ones who own the male equipment know its sex. Funny how women who will never have our equipment believe they know its not sex without bothering to ask a man. Do women just think they know men better than we do?

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  • Dave

    I don’t remember seeing he was convicted of anything, a charge is not a conviction. Is there no longer a court system in this country? You may be next

    • dave

      Kiss my ass, the Constitution says you have the right to a trial. Read it you idiot before you call me or anyone else a lib. I’m sorry I don’t have a mob mentality like you and most of friends. Can’t you wait till he’s found guilty to hang the guy??? Knowing something about the law is not a political thing

    • Greg Kellogg

      True enough Dave. But clearly there was enough evidence to report the story. Unfortunately, we will probably be on to the next story by the time his fate is sealed by a jury.

      • fingered

        The Virginia tech boys had enough on them to get a news report.

      • ProudInfidel

        You trust the News Media? Talk about naive. If it bleeds it leads, nothing about it being settled guilt.

    • CroMastro

      Oh brother. Get off your high horse. The guy is a total sexual deviant.

      • ProudInfidel

        You must be a really well trained and intelligent Criminal Profiler. Do you work for the Police or FBI? There are problems that develop in older people. If he is a Sexual Deviant why has he never been caught? You should have more respect for the Rule of Law, you never know when a girl is going to get made at you or another member of your family and so she “says” you were having sex with her for the last year, does that make YOU guilty. Never underestimate the female mind.


    @waltc: Let’s just call it ‘long suffering’.

  • Jim Chappelle

    There is not a dark enough pit that could be dug for this discusting creep. The hell that his victim(s) – because I’m sure this child was not his first – will go through for all of their lives is heartbreaking. GENPOP is too good for this piece of slime!

  • Bill Herrin

    this guy has probably done things like this for a long time… put him out of our misery, and put him in the general population…agreed, if DNA is confirmed, then let the guy face his own fate in jail.


    I hope he can’t make the $3,000 bail. I hope he is put in prison in the GENERAL POPULATION where he will know what that little child was feeling. And I Pray that the child will recover and get counseling because I’m sure the child will be scarred for life in more ways than one. PLEASE PUT THAT GUY IN THE GENERAL POPULATION IN PRISON. PLEASE!!

    • Pat

      The bail is set at $300,000 cash. That means just that – cash. Not $3000, or the customary 10%, that means the whole thing. He won’t have the money.

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