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Montgomery County Republican Reconsiders Campaign Tactics

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) – Political strategists in Montgomery County, with its 710,000 voters, are assessing a new Democratic team, but there is a new behind-the-scenes twist.

With Joe Hoeffel deciding not to run,  Pennsylvania state representative Josh Shapiro and Whitemarsh Township supervisor Leslie Richards will head the Democratic ticket to run the county (see related story).

And the decision is forcing Republican frontrunner, commissioner Bruce Castor (pictured), to change tactics.

Castor tells us that he’s not happy with the party’s executive committee embracing Lower Merion commissioner Jenny Brown as his running mate, and he plans to push hard for another candidate: Jill Govberg, former head of the Lower Merion school board.

What this is all about is very clear.  Castor and Shapiro will get tons of votes, but what really matters is who finishes third. That person’s win will decide which party controls the county.

Castor is concerned. Sources say that he may win all the votes, but if his running mate loses he will be relegated again to the third spot.  He’ll be a man with the votes but without any power.

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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One Comment

  1. Chantal says:

    Shapiro and Castor are both Party/special interest-owned. This past election proved that voters will no longer follow the dictates of the Party bosses. MontCo needs independent fresh faces as their public servants and not the egomaniacs hand-selected by other egomaniacs (aka Party Bosses).

  2. cliff says:

    Have an open primary then the people will have their day at the booth not the Executive committee or the committee people. AGAIN I SAY GIVE THE POWER TO CHOSE TO THE PEOPLE HAVE THE B-LLS TO HAVE AN OPEN PRIMARY.

  3. PAVOTERALSO says:

    Yo Cartman…. If that is the Case then Your Friend BRUCE Should be all about an Open Primary. I do agree with you on not pre selecting winners….However you are Wrong about saying you like anyone Bruce wants to run with…….. it is not his decision!!! Also wrong about the “FACTION,” you must be talking about Bruce Castor and Frank Bartle then…..

  4. Cartman says:

    I like Bruce and anybody he wants to run with him. And not for nothing but primaries should be open anyway,,,committee people should be getting the word out about candidates and voters to polls, not pre-selecting winners. The ‘faction’ pushing Haarper and Brown has his own agenda.

    1. Jeff says:

      Nice grammer Cartman. What agenda does the “faction” have? I suspect you have one of your own.
      This is exactly why the republicans in the county will continue to lose . They eat their own!!! Keep it up!

  5. TellItLikeitisBC says:

    I think Bruce should have a press conference telling everyone why JENNY is unacceptable. List all the reasons and then we will vote for whoever you want Bruce…. Great Job today on KWY….. Dont worry about all the anit bruce comments the Positive ones are on the way.

    1. In the fringe says:

      What you fail to acknowledge is that in Montgomery County, the committee people determine the endorsed candidates, not Bruce Castor. Bruce has NOT been endorsed. That vote is February 9th.

  6. Chips says:

    We can only hope In the Fringe…. Not sure why people can see thru Castor the “Victim ” card is getting old…… He was the Cause not the victim….

  7. KMYBC says:

    Amen JR and CLIFF……. OPEN PRIMARY bye bye BC

  8. Melanie says:

    And they say Jim Matthews is the Problem… Bruce is the one that misinformed that it is his choice. NOT….. It is the MONTCO GOP NOT THE BC GOP….hasn’t he learned anything…..When Jim and Bruce recieved the endorsement last time, BRUCE would not shake Jims hand would not talk to him and dashed over to have a press conferecne huffing and puffing that he is Not HAPPY.. No wonder Jim voted with Joe after the way Bruce treated him Now BC is not happy with JENNY …….. Jenny, Marie and Jill are all fine candidates and the COMMITEE PEOPLE with the Help of their Constituents should decide who the endorsed candidates will be NOT THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and NOT “BC”

  9. cliff says:


  10. In the fringe says:

    This is ASSUMING that Bruce Castor actually receives the party’s endorsement. There is a strong faction pushing a Harper/Brown ticket, which would leave King Bruce out in the cold to stroke his own ego.

  11. Pa voter says:

    Jill Govberg has stepped down from the commissioner race. I received a letter from her campaign manager last night by email that will be going out to all county republican committee people!

  12. jr says:


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